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Here you get a very short interview with Thomas Gurrath from DEBAUCHERY. Unfortunately it is ... monosyllabic I think, and some questions are unaknowledged, therefore the following could be a little rough. Hmmm ...the heck with it, here we go!

Cheers you boozehound, I have your BIG BALL show on CMOA in still good remembrance. Do you grudge your fans the pleasure of alcohol or why have you destroyed a bottle of Whiskey all alone?

Hey, I don`t think I have drunk a whole bottle alone, but I can`t remember.

What is the state of play after the last years steeplechase through the German Yellow press?

Everything`s the same. Debauchery is still rockin`.

One of the songs of the new album is an direct result of it I think. “School Shooter”, or am I wrong?

Yes the theme is a result, but the song is about a fictive school shooter, not about me. So it`s nothing personal.

Is the mainstream not able to deal with the ironic and sarcastic depiction of violence?

Oh, the mainstream is able, some of the metal press are not.

Do you love your country with patriotism and stuff like that or do you have an disenchanted point of view?

I live in Germany, so my music is German Death Metal. But I`m no fan of Germany, I like US or UK more. Most things I like come from over there, films, books, tabletop, everything.

You have decided for the band against your job as teacher. Was it a decision from the heart or the brain? Have you ever had a real choice?

What do you think?

Ok, enough of that, let´s talk about “Germanys Next death Metal”. Is the new album BIG BALL with Death Metal sound?

It`s more like Death Metal with a Hard Rock sound. Just 2 Marshalls, very rough, no samples - like a Hard Rock production. But the music is metal.

Maybe you have thought about putting both bands in one pot? I mean in the musical way you have executed that step!

In fact I have separated the two bands last year, because they are too different.

How much Death Metal actually is involved with the album? Does it still play a role?

No more than before, but most influences come from Judas Priest, Metallica and Slayer.

What will you reply to your reviewers who see you again as similar to SIX FEET UNDER?

I don`t care anymore.

The album title is refreshingly swanky. Do you like puns?

Yes, like Back in Blood…

Please explain the title to the readers who have no idea about the German media environment!

It´s because of television and Germany`s next Top Model. But the title says more, it`s for Debauchery. Debauchery is German, and we play German Death Metal. It`s something different to Sweden Death or US Death Metal. It`s the Debauchery way.

What thought is behind the new album and how much tolerance do you expect from your fans?

I think all Debauchery maniacs will like the new album. The album has everything the band stands for: groove, the voice, blood and tits.

What the hell is “Zombie Blitzkrieg”? Zombies and flashes fit together like slugs and

There are two types of zombies. The slow ones and the fast ones. This is about the fast ones. The rage zombies destroy the US civilization in 2666. In a few days the state as we know it is gone. It`s a fast and hard strike, with zombies killing everything. Ok, it has not so much to do with the original Wehrmacht concept of Blitzkrieg, only the part of a hard and fast strike remains. But it sounds cool.

You like to play with sex and violence. And you have done it again this time. Am I right?

Yes, it`s obvious…

Do you describe your 7th studio album as a new chapter of the band?

No, not really. I tried to make a good album, and gave everything I could, but it`s no real new chapter. I always try to improve…

Last spot is yours!

Blood for the Blood God!!!

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