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OFFAL from BRAZIL have released their killer album “Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages” last September via Black Hole Productions. This gory old school piece of friendly Death´n Grind terror has blown me away and I entrust it to all people who still love the whole AUTOPSY thing and to people who are into Giallo flicks with their unique European horror feeling. I have talked about that combination (and some more) with singer André and guitarist Tersis.

Tell me the story of OFFAL! Who had the idea for this band and why was the band born? What do we have to know about you guys?

André: Well, we start our activities late 2003 as a trio just playing some Autopsy’s covers and originally called ORGY IN EXCREMENTS (Autopsy’s Acts of the Unspeakable song homage). Some time later we start to do some own songs and when we got some good trax we decided that we must record that stuff! So, we did and I sent it just to some local friends, we really didn’t have any plans to put that stuff out as an official release or something else! Some months later my friend Renzo of I SHIT ION YOUR FACE start his label (The Hole Productions) and I sent him the stuff, so he said that would like to release it as your number one release! It was really awesome, so we start to produce the whole cover / layout and some months later our 1st full-length was finally out, Offal – S/t full-length CD – The Hole Productions, 2004. Later we got few line-up changes and recently we put out our 2nd full-length CD via Black Hole Productions, try to check it! A split MCD with BOWEL FETUS (The Hole Productions/2008), a split 7“ep with ANATOMIA (No Posers Please Records/2010) and a split maxi-single 12“LP with DECREPITAPH (Grind Block Records/2010) where also released and still available!

You had some new releases in 2010, tell me about!

Tersis: We have released a full-length called “Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages” (Black Hole Productions/Brazil). We also released two splits with exclusive tracks from the same studio sessions: “Over There, Guts Everywhere” split 7”EP with Anatomia limited to 515 copies (No Posers Please/Norway) and “Bloodshed From Beyond” split 12” Maxi-single LP with DECREPITAPH limited to 500 copies (Grind Block Records/Italy).

Any special songs on “Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages“ that you prefer?

Tersis: I like the whole album, of course, but I think “The Cold Grips of Death”, “Mortuary Waste”, “Onslaught of Dismemberment” and “Terrore in Giallo” are my favourites.

I like “Feast For The Dead”, but what song is best qualified to break some bones on stage?

Tersis: “Putr-essence” always make people crazy, but on our last gigs I notice that “Death’s Curse” was very qualified to break some bones...

What about “Terrore In Giallo”, is it more than an ordinary outro?

Tersis: The idea behind this track came to us before it was composed. We thought it was cool to mention those classic Italian movies with all that crime fiction and mystery. When I came with the riffs, we thought it could be an instrumental track with some samples from the movies. The positive aspect was that when we first played it on our rehearsals, we could feel that mystery atmosphere, so we decided to put it as the final track.

Who came up with the “GOBLIN” adaption. Give my readers, who have no idea about Giallo and Argento, some info about it!

André: Well, I’m always trying to get the sound tracks of some cult horror flix I’ve enjoyed, it’s not easy to find at all but… when I got to listen that Deep Red’s sound track I think that would be great to do a Death Metal version of some track of that mighty Goblin’s soundtrack, so… I said to Tersis about this plan, he enjoyed the idea and so we choose the track! He did the whole work on it, making the version for the original one and we got really surprised with the final result, AWESOME! Many people comment about it and ask us if we’ll do another soundtrack song but we still didn’t know what will be, we’ll choose it only when we start to work on some new stuff for a possible 3rd full-length CD, 2012 or later! The Italian term Giallo (Yellow) is a series of cheap paperback novels with trademark yellow covers about horror fiction and mysteries that inspired the directors to do the movies called Giallo. Dario Argento is one of the main early 70’s Italian movie directors who did some of the greatest and classic Giallo ever, some of them are THE CAT O' NINE TAILS (1971), PROFONDO ROSSO aka DEEP RED (1975), SUSPIRIA (1977), PHENOMENA aka CREEPERS (1985)... Other cult Giallo directors are Sergio Martino, Lucio Fulci and Mario Bava, try to check them and all their cult productions!

What about the “Trial Of The Undead” video? Give me some details about the shooting!

Tersis: We were invited by a local friend to shoot a video-clip for her design course. The team wanted to produce focused on Trash and Horror cinema in general, especially zombies. We immediately accepted! This music video was inspired on a huge amount of zombie flicks, especially on Zombie (Lucio Fulci), where the lyrics got the main inspiration. It was uploaded 10 months ago and we already have more than 3.700 views. We hope to reach more than 4.000 views on the next two months. We made a special hot-site about the whole Trial of the Undead video production with all the details, pictures and general info. Check it out:

Don´t you think you have gone overboard on movie intros for each song? This is like a “Trivial Pursuit” for horror freaks man!

André: No, they are really essential to introduce the flick we’re talking about on the lyrics, we’ll always keep using movie intros on our tracks and it’s also a great form to homage some o four favorite bands and main influences ever!

The cover to your new album is like a blood red collage, tell me about the motifs for it!

: Well, we just send to PUTRID the whole movie list that we would homage on the lyrics and he did it all taking a special part of anyone and featuring it all together, PUTRID OWNS!

You are straight into that AUTOPSY thing! What keeps you playing your raw Death/ Grind sound? Never heard of modern, technical Metal-streaming?

Tersis: I never really love these so called Brutal Death Metal nowadays, with a few exceptions. Maybe the genre have evolved in this way, but I’m more into bands that carry that old Death Metal spirit.

What do you think of progressive elements into Grindcore music? Will it ever get a chance in your music? Or will you stay Old School?

: We bring some “new” elements on our music, but never losing that old and primitive feeling. You can hear some different ideas here and there, but I think we always will walk these old paths.

Are terms like Old School and Underground just empty phrases for you?

André: No, they are still strong terms to define a genre or a way of work, of course that most of times they aren’t correctly used but I think that there many other important things to think about than a music label or what’s underground or not, we don’t give a shit!

What status has vinyl for you?

Tersis: I really love that unique sound. Also that graphic richness, on every artwork you can see more details. Even on other genres outside Metal, the artwork on vinyl were more conceptual, more important. Now the MP3 generation don’t even bother about this. I think music, lyrics, art, pictures and the whole information is what compose an album. That’s the concept we all grew up knowing. I like other formats like CD, DVD, etc, but I will always support vinyl.

Is OFFAL just a big hobby or is it a real job?

Tersis: For me it is like a big hobby, but understand that everything I do with OFFAL is taken very seriously. I also have other activities as interaction designer and teacher.

Do you like to travel back 20 years in time sometimes, closer to the style of music you play?

: Everytime I listen to some albums, is like an time travel. All these nostalgic things, some memories came back, everything is so rich on this music experience... Yes, music is an unique experience! Among other resources like pictures, letters and movies, music is generally the strongest tool I have in my life. We always try to transfer these experiences when composing our songs. I hope we can make it happen!

Tell me something about your preference for European 70s/80s splatter movie icons!

: Wohhh, too many to mention but... Italian productions are for sure the best ones!

You catch the atmosphere of these “old” flicks with your music, which is very appropriate I think. How do you do that?

André: I think the way or kind of Death Metal we’re into help us to reach it! Old meets the old and so it works together to reach a great result!

But you also like horror movies like Friday the 13th. Or Return of the Living Dead. I think the US flicks have more humor and clichés, or am I wrong?

: Well, not at all I think! Old US B movie productions are really great and are some of the best ones for me. A special example of this are the TROMA’s movies, they really kick-ass and we really want to homage them on some of our upcoming songs, sure!

André, what about your other band LYMPHATIC PHLEGM, is it still alive?

André: LP is totally out of work for a long time ‘coz my band mate Rodrigo Alcântara isn’t living at Curitiba anymore! The band isn’t DEAD but we still haven’t any plans to got back or produce new stuff! We just have some new stuff out now (Split 7”ep with 2 Minuta Dreka) and other ones are planned featuring just some old extra stuff we did at the Show-off Cadavers... recording sessions.

Last spot is yours!

Tersis: Thanks a lot for your support. I invite you all to access our official website ( or our MySpace ( On these channels, you will find more information about Offal. Keep checking it, because we’re always updating with some news and cool stuff.

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