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When I heard REPUKEDs´ “Pervertopia first time, I was absolutely disgusted of that punk – infested old school Death Metal with its morbid sound and puking noise. I had no choice than diving to the bottom of this cesspool to find out why it smells so damned irresistible. Down in the depth of this cloudy liquid I met Nicke (guit / vox) and we talked with bated breath. So enjoy it, if you can!

You CD is a permanent vocal barf reflex, you guys puke ad nauseam! Is it because you only eat sweet bread in Sweden? Or is it just about your bad taste in general?

Thanx! In Sweden it's religion to have breath that smells like death I figure, people from beyond has a real bad taste, so I agree. And we don't eat sweet bread, we eat mustard and jalapenos! Then you can sit for hours on the toilet burning your arsehole up! Puke and filth is the shit. Hello by the way! Hope you have a drunken night! Thin Lizzy in the stereo now! Very true evil death metal!!

How serious has a band to take the bandname in order to come to an result like “Pervertopia”?

We are pukin serious I have to say. No doubt about that. Repuked - Pervertopia, fits like a fist in the womb. We went to the toilet together and Pervertopia is the result of a marathon toiletshitting orgy some year ago. 38 hours we sat on our toilets. Playing, farting, decomposing, shitting, pissing, melting, puking, moaning, hating, masturbating etc etc. It was Repukeds best 38 hours ever! Good old times!

Sometimes the retching make me believe you want to intonate an forgotten Fulci film. Would it be possible and appealing for you?

Fulci flicks made some quality shit, we like! Death, zombies, violence. Torture us slowly, chop us up, burn us and then put us beneath the surface. We'll live. I'm sure. Jason did. We will make a film about it!

Puke, squirt, squish all in the way of legendary masters of insipidity AUTOPSY, IMPETIGO, NIHILIST, is this your way to honour your idols?

Nah, or maybe, at the same time it would be a shame to call the Pervertopia album an honour to bands like Autopsy, Impetigo etc, but again then it's the music we grew up listening maybe it's a somewhat musically tribute to our idols even if it doesn't come close to their works what's so ever. I mean they are/were really the best death metal bands out there so we're just doing our thing and let's see how it's going. Can't compare us to such nasty bands but for sure we're inspired by them.

How do you create that atmosphere of painful screams in the depths of the purgatory, bloody walls in the cellars of the inquisition and the tangible presence of the beast?

Darkness and much time alone. We lock us up in the cellar, no way out. 56 days, no food only urine in plastic bags. Maybe some red wine...and when we're ready to record, the knife goes in, everywhere, and there you go! Evil piss vocal screams recorded! A bit bloody but so what...

By the way, who are the 4 torturers who are responsible for that mayhem?

Rob the slob - bass and pukin pukes shitting his vocals out. Maybe you can't but he can. Richard rimjob - guitar, solos, and vocals. spreading brown fingers all over the floor. pro! Nicke sheit - guitar and vocals. sniffing and pissing lurking and panties down. Kinky stage - drummer, vocals and breastfeeding the shit out of the black pear!

How many public toilets have you desecrated until an innocent victim was able to release this CD?

Shit, hard question. We did some time throughout Europe back in 2002 but I don't remember the nr of toilets we did.. Maybe it's about 457 toilets or something like that if we add up our results. We all like to shit, piss and puke in public toilets so...and we don't like to keep counting, only puking and cunting! But we met someone in a toilet in the Netherlands and the record deal was done!!

How important is punk on your rotted cemetery?

When I die, on the ceremony, there will be Necroskank in the speakers. Great punkband, Abscess style. Punk is the shit! If it wasn’t punk, Repuked would not exist. Simple as that. We're a punk band playing stinky punky riffs with a touch of death metal and doom along the side. Pretty simple stuff actually as you can hear on the album.

You write songs in totally rejection of the actual century! How important is your consequent attitude for your musical Pervertopia?

Pervertopia is the new century! We write songs we feel fit in under the Repuked flag and there's not so much else determines that. It's a lot of different genres mixed together in a nice bag of puke! Slow rot and fast name it!

To hook some riffs don´t cares you, because it is about the big picture, right?

We did the album the way we did and we don't care about pretty much anything else except everything. The songs on our album is so very different so we wanted the listeners to get as much out of the punk/death genre as possible. If you like punk, listen to our shit, if you like death metal, listen to our shit. Or if you like to you don’t have to listen just get drunk.

You deal with Sludge and Doom and musically minimalism, is this the magical formula for your funeral reception – cocktail?

Early Fleshcrawl, first album is the shit! There you got it, Death doom, speed, punk etc..So I guess we aren't the first. hehe. Yes we like to mix as much as possible and make it sound good. As good as we can and if we could get some whisky sour that would be great!...Oh I made myself one just right now! Cheers and puke!

If I would say, this is the album you have to play on a family celebration before the humped relatives have booze out the beer – inventory, would you share my opinion?

For sure! Maybe we could share an onion as well? It's also very appreciated in geriatric care homes.

The sound of “Pervertopia” is fresh like rancid grace compost. How many ghouls have you killed to get this authentic sound?

The hallways in the building where the death and violence studio is located is full of shit demons and gnarly ghouls. So every time we are going there we have to decapitate at least a dozen smelly undead corpses. Chainsaw death is the most efficient way to make our way through the hordes of excrement.

All reviews that I have read are full of praise and honour. What do you think about freaks who love cheap music and drunken puke noise? Do you really think they share your illness?

Hailz to the drunken bums! Everyone´s got the illness. Just have to search deep down in the throat with some sort of penis and you will find it. Sometimes it may take a day or even up to a year to find it but it's there for sure. Smelly and disgusting, It's like that small white thingy you got back in the mouth and when they pop out they look pretty but smell and taste like defecation.

What about the last and longest orgy “Toxic Constipation”? Is it just what remains of a excessive blood and guts fest, or is it a instrumental with a unknown mission?

Pretty much. We started playing and I think we could have been playing even to this very day but there was a power failure due to heavy drinking so we had to make it pretty short around 9minutes. It would have been better if the song was 365 days long. But you can't have it all. For our next album there will be a one year long song, if there is enough alcohol to keep us interested all the way through of course.

How will you celebrate your drinking spree with zombies, ghouls and vulture now? Will you spread the disease over Europe with public ostentations?

Yep, lets spread the filth. Europe, Asia, US you name it, we wanna go to Japan, and play our song “nuke the world”. Some new releases coming up later this year. Split 7" ep with Haemophagus on No Poser´s Please records with 2new songs, 7" ep on Slap bet records and two tribute albums, one Regurgitate and one Impetigo. Pretty sick shit! Keep a brown eye out for that!

Are you afraid, the stomach could be empty any day, all alcohol could be drunk and you have to get clean and out of ideas?

I’ve already been through that and I must say it was not a pleasure. Hospital, surgery, needles, chocolate mousse and dying people who actually died. Scary place. A dark place. Blood all over. I hope it won't happen again and I think it won't either but if it did, the world is an even more evil place than I imagined.

If you have to explain the philosophy of REPUKED, would it be enough to stick the finger in your throat? Or can you find a serious answer?

We just wanna play our musick constantly every minute on the hour with maybe a few interruptions for bathroom visits. That’s serious enough?

Last puke is yours (hope not)!

Thanks for the questions! Now it's time to enter the toilet for my daily bath, have a few drinks and hopefully get drunk as fuck!
Cheers, Nicke!

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