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KEITZER deserved a truckload full of adjectives; fast, loud, merciless, precise, aggressive, harsh….and so on. But there is a lot more. I have talked with axe man Simon about the horsemen, namedropping, chaos in general…. Get it!

How did you manage to release the 4 horsemen over the countenance of mother earth and yourself staying unharmed?

That’s because they promised to spare us if we play the soundtrack for the upcoming apocalypse!

MISERY INDEX, NAPALM DEATH, ROTTEN SOUND, IMPALED NAZARENE even MARDUK, the press give you many “names”. Is that mix too colorful for y

The mix itself is ok, the more variety, the more interesting the music will be. That’s a plus for us. But namedropping is the problem. We don’t sound like the mentioned bands really. Of course, if you look at our music, mixing high-speed blasts, groove and melody, you could think we intend to sound like one of the bands. What really sucks is when you read shit like “Misery Index’ little brothers with their 2nd LP”. We exist since 1999, with 4 LPs and several EPs. Honestly we are more influenced by bands like Mörser, Acme, Systral, Assück, Botch…(STOP! NAMEDROPPING!!!) etc. And we never gave a fuck about sounding like the next big thing. So get creative while reviewing the promo piles and take at least one short look at the band’s webpage, please…

German press is usually very pseudo – critical, but now they spin over for praise. Do you trust the feedback and what about the foreign press?

In general we trust ‘em. It’s always nice to read some appreciative words about our music. We’re not published by some major label, so I think they’re pretty honest. The lesser good voices are those who expect a new overproduced Misery Index LP...sorry for not delivering this…the few reviews of the foreign press were mainly in the same tenor as the German ones, from ok to overwhelming…by the way, your review was the most interesting one to read so far, disturbingly funny.

Thanx. How important is the high pace for the music of KEITZER?

We ourselves consider the band as a Grindcore band (mainly), so, it’s very important and inevitable, I guess…

What do you think about your chance to leave the overcrowded “auditorium” of Death & Grind and get a step higher with your album? Or is it not your intention?

Never thought about this, actually. We simply continue to walk our own way, as we always did. We were never looking for fame and fortune. But if we get access to a bigger crowd - no matter what scene - with the latest record would be a nice side-effect.

Was the sinister and melodic site of the album intended from the beginning?

Not really. We don’t write an album with a demand to ourselves to make a gloomy album this time or whatever, it’s just our way to write music. If you listen to the older records, we have a similar approach to music, I think, similarly sinister and melodic. It has just become our own “trademark”, maybe, a further natural evolution of our music and us as musicians, I would say…

What about the album title, just fancily chosen or more profound?

More or less just fancily chosen, in consideration of our affinity to the end of the world as we know it.

Is playing HC and Crust still a role in KEITZER?

Sure. Although Crust had never really a big influence on us (I can’t remember any D-beat in any of our songs) some of us are really into it. HC of course, too, if we talk about the blasting /powerviolence side or the sinister, gloomy side of HC it still plays a big role…

As I said, you let loose the horsemen. Is this prophetic in consideration of the current world chaos?


Is the chaos of “KEITZER” a system at its core? Give me proof that you are more than the noise of an exploding tool shed!

Chaos is the system. And we are part of it. That’s why we don’t notice it at any time. Everything we do musically is very coherent to our minds. Everything is in order quite perfectly, the exception proves the rule. We have tight song structures, almost classic-rock-like, we play the same songs every time we play them. And if you listen carefully, you hear real riffs…should be enough proof?

Was the positive feedback a great help by any means or is the only effect the one that more people rip your music from the net?

I think it has helped a little with the sales, personally we haven’t noticed any aftermath yet. Possibly it just helped the fucking download pirates. It almost hurts, when you see your newborn baby as download copies on the date of birth on the www. Buy physical copies and support the underground instead of killing it, you pricks!

Democracy or dictatorship, what maxim is the more effective in KEITZER and why?

If you had to describe it in this ideological way, you could say it’s a “democratic dictatorship”. But we’re playing together for so long now, and knowing each other even longer, it’s more comparable to a longtime marriage, with ups and downs and arguments and all this shit, so there’s, if necessary, someone who has to tell the others which way to go, sometimes it’s this or that person. Always in consensus, though

How do you get that amazing drive into the songs?

It’s simply our way of songwriting. Making songs means for us that we have to like ‘em at first, so we write songs that don’t bore us and considering your reaction it seems that we’re on the right way. Within all that blasting there shall still be enough diversity within the songs. But still you shouldn’t lose the aggression when decreasing speed, for example. And we obviously seem to manage that, probably because of our subliminal aggression we all carry within us…

How do you expand your musical borders without losing your roots?

Like with everything else, your roots are deep inside of you, unable to be denied. But still you explore new things without becoming untrue to yourself. One should always stare over the plate’s edge without forgetting what’s in it.

Actually you need a 5. horseman, because you are 5 guys. What name would he have?


I would be interested in your lyrical aspects, but Rico, your mighty label-boss seems to be a poor boy because the lyrics are not printed. So, what are your themes?

No, Rico is not a poor boy at all; he’s bathing in money since he released us, ha, ha. Lyricwise we celebrate our (musical) nihilism, we got no lyrics. It’s more in a tradition maybe Obituary began, singing some crap that comes into the singer’s mind, that fit to the musical “image” of the band. But our themes so to say are mainly the fall of humanity and the destruction of our world caused by our arrogance…

On the back-cover we see a horseman kneeling beside his dead nag. Are too much rush, aggression and thuggery noxious eventually?

Yes, one could interpret it as a metaphor for our own beginning self inflicted demise. The horsemen follow their aim, to fulfill the apocalypse, without regarding the horse, just as we greedily stuff our pockets regardless of the planet that hosts us…

And when the crock is broken does it mean you don’t know any scruples in reaching your goal?

We simply carry on. Recklessly. With a certain pride of the burnt soil we left behind.

Last spot is yours!

Thanx for the interview and your support. We really appreciate it.
Thanx to Rico/ FDA for releasing us.
Buy our records and visit our shows. Support the underground.
Dear Humanity: Do yourself a favor and die out!

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