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Rabid Dogs is the new ultraviolent assault born from the ashes of Bestial Devastation. Thirty-two, Blade and Doc (these latter also in Tools Of Torture, Italian Brutal/Death Metal band) started this new project at the beginning of 2009 inspiring themselves, from nicknames to songtitles, of the 70s Italian thrillers and exploitation movies. Mixing grindcore, powerviolence, punk and rock & roll with pulp themes, Rabid Dogs will lead you to the filthy gutter of “spaghetti-land”... because violence is an Italian art! (Taken from their myspam page)

Felicitation to a real rabid album. Do you think you squirt enough slobber to infect the mob?

We hope so and we’re working for that man! Everyone should try our tasty rabid froth.

The only effective cure for rabid dogs is a headshot. How will you avoid this fate (in musical terms)?

And who tells that we wanna avoid this fate (always in musical terms)? One day, when we’ll be tired of Rabid Dogs, we’ll split up as fast as we’re born, like a headshot.

The old wardrobe you have discarded (BESTIAL DEVASTATION), will it take a long time until the new was suitable?

We’re already totally into our “new wardrobe”. Even if we spent 5 years in our past band and we grew up with it (we started Bestial Devastation when we were only 16), Rabid Dogs is a totally new experience, completely different from the past one.
We set up that band just four months after the last BD show and, from the first rehearsals, we were already focused on that new sound & concept. Of course, month by month, Rabid Dogs took a more accurate shape, absorbing a lot of influences from many musical genres, but we had a clear idea of what our new band should be from the beginning.

When was the point of no return, when fun turned to serious music? Or had you focused on serious shit from the beginning?

We never had a point of no return, we’re serious from the beginning, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun with it.

Where do you see your musical home? I hear some CRIPPLE BASTARDS and lots of nutty Czech grind acts.

Czech Republic, without any doubts.

The music reminds me more of a storm beaten coast than Italian olive orchards. You don’t take regard for other people’s expectations obviously. Or am I wrong?

No, you’re right man: we never took regard of other people’s expectations and we’ll go forward on that way.

Give me some details about the album. What can we expect?

Our debut album is a fast and blasting powerviolence with catchy rock and roll riffs and sleazy punk influences. It’s dirty grind and roll man, take it or leave it.

It seems Angel Aids records could not deal with rabid dogs. Was a certain kind of chemistry” “absent?

No, it was a more a “money” absent: Angel AIDS didn’t respect the deal and we started to look somewhere else to produce our debut album. It was an annoying waste of time.

Now you have released the album on several other labels. Are you not afraid of desultoriness?

No. First of all because the labels involved in the co-production are serious and correct people and I think they’ll promote it at their best, then because we ourselves are involved in the production/distribution (Don Carlos Productions, one of the label in the co-production, is our own label) and, after many years spent in the underground with our past bands, we learned one precious thing: there’s no one that could dedicate more passion and time on your album than yourself.

Harmony and aesthete don´t exist in your galaxy. What is the engine of your first full length?

Drugs, alcohol and Nello Pazzafini.

Who is responsible for your comic styled artwork?

The artwork was done by Painsugar from Indonesia and he was great. His comic style is perfect for our album, we love it!

Do you accept the rules of grindcore? Has grindcore rules? Any old school thinking?

“Rules of Grindcore”? ahahahahahahahahahah.

Is there a direct connection between the band’s name and the motion picture from Mario Bava?

There’s more than a direct connection: our moniker, nicknames, our album intro and Rabid Dogs video clip are clearly inspired by Mario Bava’s ”Rabid Dogs” movie.

“Rabid Dogs” was a rather unusual flick for Bava I think, beside his vampire stories and stuff like that, or am I wrong?

Yes, you’re right. Bava was more into horror stuff than thriller road movies like “Rabid Dogs”, but “Rabid Dogs” is an unachievable masterpiece which influenced a many other directors (“Reservoir Dogs” by Tarantino is the best example).
As we watched that movie for the first time we was so impressed to decide to tribute it using “Rabid Dogs” as moniker for our band.

Mario Bava – master of pulp movies or artist?

Both of them.

Is that kind of exploitation flick approved for lyrical recycling? Do you use your own ideas too? Are the movies just idea dispensers?

Yes, right now movies are our main reservoir for lyrics: it’s our own way to tribute them. By the way there are also real chronicles and our own ideas that contribute to the album lyrics.

Was it obvious to use some “regional themes” for you songs? Do you have a patriotic relationship to pizza, pasta and the local godfather?

We use our background for our themes because we’re Italian and we want to talk first about things that concern our country but, at the same time, could be easily shared by everyone in the world. It’s not a matter of “being patriot”, a lot of bands abuse of the same themes and that makes the underground panorama really dull.
We chose instead to do the most simple thing: to talk about things that belong to us, starting from our passion for old exploitation movies to the common chronicles of our days. We have fun with that and that’s the only thing we care.

Sex, violence, black humor and grindcore belong together; together like the asses of Siamese twins! Could you imagine divorcing it (not the Siamese’s
) ?

Actually I can’t, but who knows? Maybe a major will sign us and we’ll became a boy band, spreading gay love to millions of stupid teenagers who will made us rich as Elton John… everything could happen!

Last rabid spot is yours!

Thank you for the interview man, it was a pleasure. Check out our official website for all the info about Rabid Dogs and be ready for a dose of healthy grind n roll!

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