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Bloody, raw, punk, Swedish old school, nasty, morbid, rampant and 2 dozen adjectives more describing what MIASMAL stands for. But you have to hear it to love it. So, what are you waiting for, get this piece chunky Death Metal? But first read the following interview, you bums!

MIASMAL, nice name. Are you able to bring the next unavoidable pandemic of the music business? Will we to spread the SOS signal from our rooftops?

Well yes, that’s certainly our goal. The winds of upheaval will seep into the sacred rooms of denial.

Give me the necessary details about the ruffians who are responsible for so many sleepless nights?

4 people living in 3 different cities at the moment. Working and trying to hold life together. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes not. The time in between we play in bands, like Miasmal.

Do you swim on some kind of a retro wave?

Perhaps, but not by choice. When we started the band in 2007 we were completely unaware of any retro trends/waves, so I don’t care about it too much. I guess it’s all a reaction to the tendencies in modern metal, when it sounds like the musical equivalent to brain surgery or something, all sterile and precise.

What does MIASMAL offer that other bands have done till now?

We offer good songs played from the guts.

Do you have problems with name dropping? Do you see your own identity endangered about that?

I don’t personally care. If people want to name drop in order to describe our sound - no big deal. Miasmal’s identity will not sway.

How many chords and how much innovation and sweat are necessary to write a unique song?

A few chords and some gut feeling. When you don’t think about what chords that are playing and you just get consumed by a feeling or a force of a song, then it’s right. What’s unique and not is in the eye of the beholder.

Is punk a indispensable part of your music like the moose antlers on his big ugly grass eater - head.

You can’t deny the influence of punk/hc on the classic old school death metal bands. So I would say yes. Even though punk is a very broad term. Stuff like Anti Cimex and Discharge is an influence for me.

Are classical guitar solos and a morbid attitude the base for a successful metal recipe?

Solos isn’t the most important thing. I like chaotic rock’n’roll solos with my death metal - not neoclassical Yngwie Malmsteen wank. Morbid attitude - you bet.

Is your music so familiar to you because of your locale, therefore the reason it sounds so relaxed and playful?

Well, pretty much all of our music is written at home which is a pretty nice environment to be in. If I tried writing songs in a public toilet perhaps it would be more “grim”.

On your album you don’t use that kind of overproduced modern sound. Is it because you emphasize authenticity?

It is because we feel the modern sound you mentioned is robbing music of it’s natural power and energy. We wanted the production to fit the songs and music.

This album seems more like a small discography than just an debut album, or am I wrong?

The CD version is a discography yes. First 8 songs are the new album, then our previous 7” and demo are tacked on as CD bonus tracks.

It seems MIASMAL is much more than a rampant riot? How much system and brain is behind it?

When creating the music Miasmal is a controlled entity with one goal in sight. When playing live it’s about a feeling, energy and not showing off some over-rehearsed guitar licks.

What is the bigger part of the band, fun or hard work? On which part do you feel more pressure to booze?

At the point of writing we’ve only done 3 gigs in total. So hard work has made up the lions share of Miasmal so far, with writing, recording etc. Playing live is of course hard work too, but it’s more physical, and about energy. You don’t want booze to interfere either with a recording or a performance. However the circumstances around playing live are more likely to lead to drinking than when your sitting by yourself recording guitar solos.

Do you understand MIASMAL as a typical representative of … something …? Are you in need of leaving someone’s shadow?

No need for anything. Miasmal represents Miasmal, nothing more, nothing less. I feel we are an unique band with some perhaps obvious influences.

What will you do on the day when all masses are read, and believe me, that day will come!

I’m sorry but I don’t understand this question. Anyway my answer is that I’ll have some popcorn and a beer.

Any fear about pressure to succeed, that you can’t top what you did so far?

No, not at all. If we can’t come up with new good stuff, then the band is done and it’s time to move on. Luckily that hasn’t been the case for us so far.

You will tour for some weeks in the US. What are your expectations, if you have some?

See a lot of new places, meet some friends, meet some new people and most of all play some killer shows. I’ve been to the US before with my other band Agrimonia and we had a great time. People were friendly and enthusiastic. I’m also looking forward to see some great bands at the Maryland Death Fest and the Chaos in Tejas Fest.

Who will play with you? Real tour package or local supporters?

First half of the tour will be with the Impalers / Mammothgrinder / Innumerable Forms. All from the US. 2nd half will be with Bone Sickness (also from the US).

I hope you know they don’t have sweet bread and only cheap vodka (probably). Public boozing is forbidden and smoking frowned upon. Maybe you will come back as refined people?

I highly doubt that. They have the Four Loco drink the gas stations everywhere, and drinking that stuff is not refined at all.

What about European support, do you treat the old continent shabbily … perhaps?

Not at all. We’d love to (and plan to) play Europe more. Stay tuned.

Last spot is yours (keep burning the northern flame, ha ha ha, my arse)!

Many thanks for the interview! Check out - Cheers!

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