Thursday, May 5, 2011


Close your doors, turn the lights off, hide your daughters in the closet, the RAZORRAPEr is coming for you! The master of torture and pain is looking for new and innocent victims … although no one is innocent! I did this interview on deathrow shortly before his execution. My attempt to do a psychological profile is failed … obviously. 2 days after he escaped and now I have to hide myself. Good bye and good luck. God bless you!

I pay my respect to the well known Swedish butcher, how are you Martin? Is RAZORRAPE born from a deranged mind?

Hello man! All is fine here. I have a day off work so I will probably just clean up the mess at home and see a friend in town. RazorRape was actually born from a sick and deranged mind haha... I formed RazorRape back in 2004 and the reason was to have an own side project, writing the most sick and brutal songs. I never had any intention to make RazorRape serious
but when I had the chance I thought: "Yeah, let's fucking do this serious". And now RazorRape has become a name within this genre and that's great! I want to keep it that way, spread the name to as many people as possible!!!

New album is “ante portas”, will it be the new revelation for perverts and raving lunatics?

It will!! New album title is not confirmed yet but I have many sick ideas in my head. It will be kind of a follow-up to the previous album "Unleashing the Shemales of Vengance", but the new album will be based more on true crimes and focus on female violence against men. You know, many death metal and gore grind covers has often a female who is being tortured, raped or abused in some way, but I don't want that!! I want to focus on violence in general, from the female victim who is taking revenge on men. Musicwise the new album is way more varied than the previous album. We have a mixed balance between gore grind and true grind core.

Have you managed it again to edge your knives and axes to beat them into the flesh of your victims? Deeper than the gorefilled opposition?

Of course!! I have a big toolbox with me and if anyone fucks with me I'll tear them apart and cook ém for dinner!!

Is RAZORRAPE something like a missionary for misguided lamentable flesh?

Maybe, if you feel lost you probably will like RazorRape. We have all ingredients in here!!!

Your audio – terror shall bring entertaining fun, but it’s all about torture, pain and harm … explain it!

We play goregrind and violence comes with it. I guess I shouldn't have a problem singing about hamburgers and my addiction to records but gore is more fun and it never becomes boring. Gore fascinates people and it fascinates me so it's becomes natural to sing about it. We try to do funny song titles that stands out a bit and easy to remember, for example "Triple Cock Buttfuck", "Shemale Snuff Scat Orgy" But in general it's all about gore, torture and sickness. Our album artworks is more sick than bloody, and we wanna keep it that way. Personally I love gory album covers but there is nothing that beats a very sick and bizarre album cover!

Let’s talk about the established art of torture. What is our favorite tool in your abattoir?

Knife! It's sharp, it's dangerous and it's easy to use and you don't need two hands for using it like a bigger tool, for example chainsaw. You can bring the knife with you and it doesn't weight that much either.

What’s the most effective way to use a chainsaw? From top - down hitting the head first or from bottom - up, snuggling the genitals?

You should start with the limbs, that's more fun!!! Blood is spraying everywhere and the victim will not die directly. Pleasure thru pain! You said "effective"!!!! Maybe that's not the most effective way if you wanna kill a person fast... then you should just saw the head off!!

What´s your favorite way of keeping your victims alive by maximal distress?

I store them in my torture chamber! No one can here them scream down there!!

Has the gore – grind torture method any ethical fundamentals or is all allowed?

It has no boundaries!!! Maybe you shouldn't do an album glorifying pedophilia! You can do an album against pedophilia though! We have a new song titled "Preteen Swinger Sexparty" and that songtitle is maybe over-the-top but it's actually about all those fucking child molester bastards like Josef Fritzl... this song is pretty much about revenge against those pedophiles!!!

Are pain and sex connected inextricably?

Maybe!!! In my world pain and sex goes hand in hand!!

Your way to enjoy torturing innocent victims - personal aspiration or total rage?

There is always a thought behind my decisions, I prefer personal aspiration and inspiration!!

How do you explain to your electricity provider and your local waterworks the tremendous consumption?

I try to explain that I have a student named Percy in my house and he use all electricity to his new giant rectum dildo!! Of course E-ON (the biggest electricity provider in Sweden) didn't like that explanation so I just said that Percy is sitting in an electrical wheelchair 24/7.

What do you tell your neighbors about the quivering light in your basement?

I say that I have a garden in my basement where beautiful flowers are growing!!!

Do you use any special method to clean your overalls from chore spots (urine, faeces, blood, bile, whatever)?


What kind of torturer are you, the subtle nails and teeth guy or the brutal bone crusher and amputator?

I'm the bone crusher!! I use my sledgehammer with fierce!!!

Is the romantic of torture lost with the industrialization? I mean in the past we had inquisition, today we have electric current. That goes to the disadvantage of fantasy!

Someway yeah!! I prefer inquisition and beheading, that's fucking old school!!! Nowadays the prisoners has luxury; televisions, PC and other shit. Fuck that!!!

How do you recycle the bodies and other remains?

I recently bought a new giant freezer so that I can store all those limbs and meat in it. You are invited to big barbeque this summer!!! HUMAN BARBEQUE!!

What gender is you majority? What keeps you running?

Tits and asses keeps me running!!!!!!!

Lots of girls throwing their slips on the stage while a gore grind band growls ant feministic paroles. Can you explain it? Are emancipation and feminism just a false front?

I love when feminist cunts argue about stuff like that. Fuck them!! I will throw them in my meatgrinder and make some delicious Taco dinner!!! Seriously I can understand why people don't like the situation we have when women get lower salary than men for same kind of work, that's shitty and there's hundred other reasons to argue about this and that. What I don't understand is that people simply don't understand what we're doing; we play gore grind and
we love it and our image is just for entertaining, nothing else!!

Do you have a problem with women and your own sexuality maybe? A problem to channel your perverse urges?

Yes, I have a problem with my ass! Can you help me??? I have a Motorhead vinyl record stuck in my rectum, do you know how to get it out??

With Orgasmatron, what else! What connection do you see between RAZORRAPE and Glam Rock, I know you like it. Is it a common tradition?

RazorRape is basically gore glam rock!!! I love this genre, next RazorRape album will have the title: "Wild and Crazy in Your Ass"

Maybe Glam Rock is just a way to try to compensate some gay experiences in your past?

I think so!!! Born: glammer! Dead: poser!

Have you ever thought about psychological assistance? Or would you dismember the psychologist on your shambles immediately?

I met a shrink but I actually raped him and buried him at my basement one year ago so I don't think I will meet a new one.

We got it, I think. Send a last greeting to your creator before the hangman is coming!

Save your limbs or RazorRape will get you!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D CHEERS MAN AND STAY FUCKING SICK! Thanx for the funny interview.

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