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We started out in 2000 as a trio, added and changed members along the way, and now we're a trio again. We have released two demos worth mentioning: "Branded forever" in 2008 and "Arrogantus Metallus" in 2009. Now we have released "AntiXtian" full length vinyl on HELLROCKER RECORDS and the CD-version will come early 2011 on CHAOS RECORDS. We are fighters and will make sure you'll hear more from us, nuff said.” … I don´t think so, that’s why I talked with Ronnie Ripper, so lay back and enjoy TURBOCHARGED!

Hail to my favorite Swedish Golgotha Rockers (currently LOL). Are you already bored with your debut album? How are you?

Hey there! Ha ha, Golgotha Rockers? That’s a first! Hell no, we’re still proud of our album and even if we don’t play the songs every rehearsal we still enjoy and fear the songs – old guys trying to play thrash is hard work you know. We’re fine, thanks keeping busy and hoping for the best, what else can we do?

Do you lead a serious war against Christianity or is it all about a big funny joke! Why don´t you let the Black Metal hordes make their job?

Serious war is probably a little too much to promise but we try to do our share to make their lives miserable and perhaps wake up a few atheists out there. And if the black metal bands were doing their job more churches would burn, don’t you think?? ;) Actually, nothing I ever did was a joke, not even the comic aspects of Gehennah, it was serious but spoken in a casual manner, even the dark sense of humor that shines through here and there is deadly serious at least to me. If that makes me a clown it’s not me who painted a smiling face upon me. ;)

Is there a difference between antichristian songs and satanic themes?

Yes, a huge difference! Our antichristian theme takes a stand against all sorts of religion while satanic stuff takes a stand FOR a certain path. Of course there are different genres in satanic styles as well, whether it’s La Veyism or anti cosmic stuff or perhaps pure devil worship they all speak for a way of thinking while we choose to walk our own way and stand outside all organized ways of thinking. If we would be part of something organized it would be together with all of the above against the Christian church though but we’re no warriors, we are musicians and if we can instigate a “satanic” riot it’s a nice bonus. ;)

Honestly, is it not unusual to connect groovy punk and thrash tunes with themes like that? Have I missed something?

Yeah, it probably is, we don’t think about it like that though, we just do our thing and let others judge if it works or not. This band has always been outside trends or genres since we are isolated in the woods and we take each day as it comes. It will probably cause some trouble since we are not custom made for any certain gig out there, they won’t know where to put us between punk and metal but in our opinion we are metal all the way, the punk influences comes from the beginning of the metal days when the bands wasn’t divided into different styles yet.

How many punks do you know who would like cement in the savior headfirst?

I don’t really know that many punks but if they are true anarchists they should like the idea of crushing something organized. ;)

Lets talk about you guys, what have you done the last 10 years? TURBOCHARGED can´t have engaged you all the time. Is actually any forming member in the band?

We’ve all had some other projects running on and off but it all came back to this band in the end. Besides that we have families to look after, some have jobs and some just try to survive from one day to another. It’s the basic small-town life but with less social network and more noisemaking. It’s hard to sum up what’s obvious you know, we just mortals like anyone else with the same duties on a daily basis. Forming members? I am the one who came up with the idea of the band and I’m still here so yes, one forming member is left, the rest should have been there from the start but fate didn’t want that obviously.

You had a long lineup squabbling. How much sense makes a band if less direct work comes out in such a long time?

Yes, we’ve had our fair share of both lineup problems and not very ambitious members but making albums and playing gigs isn’t everything, the struggle has been fuel to forge the band together to what it is today basically. You don’t know when it’s all right before you’ve tasted the wrong path as well and it has taught us not to take anything for granted and not relying on others to do our job. Vomitory and Gehennah in all honor but Turbocharged is the steadiest band I have ever had the pleasure to play in since we again became a trio so just keeping it up and staying active is the bottom-line in our band, then if others likes what we do it’s fucking great and perhaps we can get the feedback we hope for one day.

I mean you needed 10 years to be slow on the uptake with your debut. What the hell?

Believe me, if you only heard those first staggering steps we thought would suit as demos you would be pleased with the ten years we took to record our first album, ha ha! It wasn’t that bad but since we had a variety of different people with different musical background (if any at all) it all had to fit everyone all the time so we never tied the dots together properly back then. It’s basically the last three years that has been the REAL Turbocharged.

When did it become the seriousness of a boozy session, or do I see the band in the wrong light?

I’d say the seriousness took over from the drunken agenda already the first time we picked up the instruments together. We recorded an 8 track demo after only a month and since then we’ve never looked back at how and why the band was started. For a real metalhead/musician it’s not a question about reasons, it’s all about playing hard and loud. ;)

What’s your opinion about the album, are you confirmed with the reviews in the press?

The album is the best debut I’ve ever been part of actually and it’s the best performance we’ve done so far so of course we’re pleased with the result. I know a lot of people out there will compare it to “Hardrocker” or even “Raped in their own blood” but that was then and this is now, if they try to find similarities they are barking up the wrong tree if you ask me. It’s easy to see in the reviews who gets our drift and who don’t take it in, some complain that we are just stealing riffs and we don’t hit a homerun but they are looking for experimental shit which we don’t care about writing. The ones who get the idea are the ones who look beyond the familiar riffs and arrangements, everything good is already done years ago so why try to fuck up the winning concept, and they feel the energy that drives those parts forward.

There are 2 versions of the album that confused me a bit. Can you explain the versions from Hellrocker Records and Chaos Records?

Yeah, I’ve been expecting this question to arrive, ha ha! It’s quite simple really: The Hellrocker Records release is the 300 copies only vinyl edition with the black and white layout and the early 1990:es feel to it while the Chaos Records edition is the CD-version with the full color artwork. No bonus tracks or fancy shit like that, just a proper mastering and a way more elaborate layout concept.

The original release date was Dec. 24, is it a tribute to Lemmy, an act of blatantly blasphemy or both?

Both! We were supposed to release it months before that but due to numerous reasons it kept being delayed and finally we settled for December 24. The main reason is Lemmy’s birthday but the blasphemy is a huge bonus in every aspect.

If I hear the songs, it sounds like huge fun. Is there more behind it?

Of course we make sure to have fun while writing, recording and performing the stuff but it’s not meant to be taken lightly in that manner, we believe in what we are doing and we take it personally when someone says it’s shit like any other band with any kind of self esteem. But on the other hand, we still have distance to ourselves and we’re no stuck up gang of bitches who claims to be more than we are, we’re just three assholes from the countryside who likes to piss people off and to point out who should be crushed and not. ;)

The production gives the songs the necessary kick, have you needed a long time to get it?

Not really, we have our own studio and the same gear as we always have so the sound is basically finished in the rehearsal room, the problem is to capture it through microphones without altering it too much. We take our time to get the main sound right but then it’s all full speed ahead and as long as it feels right it IS right, why complicate when you can go by gut feeling?

GG ALLIN plays its role into your music and GEHENNAH too, or am I wrong?

You’re right to some extent, I guess having an attitude like ours is doomed to be compared to old GG, he was after all the biggest terrorist the scene has witnessed so it’s all a fair assumption. But as for GG and his Murder Junkies being a major influence is not really true, we have many other bands that are far more present in our minds when the riffs comes to life. We are, as I said a metal band that is mistaken for punk more than the other way around but with the D-beat as our backbone it’s borderline punk most of the time.

What influenced you and what interested you not a bit?

Man, you sure know how to put me on the edge here, ha ha! I have to give you a boring answer on this one since I don’t know how to explain this, we are influenced by the bands we are into ourselves and we are equally influenced by the shitty bands out there since they show us they way NOT to do it. One thing that puts me off in a band is when it’s obvious they are trying to be something they are not and another thing is that politics have no place in metal, those are the two big no-no’s in my world. Sure, here someone could easily question how I can worship Venom for instance since they are not practicing Satanists but it’s all a matter of approach, they never took it to the ridiculous level where they claim to be demons or higher beings, they talked about jukeboxes in hell and having tea with Satan. How could that be other than cool? ;)

How important are humor, sarcasm and irony? And what transformed you into such hateful guys who piss on the cross all the time?

Humor, sarcasm and irony are the cornerstones of my whole personality and that goes for the other guys as well, without them you just turn into shit among the rest of the sub humans out there trying to put themselves above their own ability. I guess the hateful part must fall upon me this time since I write the lyrics but yeah, I am not the most optimistic guy around and I have my reasons, why the Christians take the shit this time is probably because it’s a good theme, a good cause and a subject we hold close to our hearts. There is nothing as annoying as religious fanatics who try to push their beliefs in your throat so we need someone to pay them back with their own currency and that’s where Turbocharged comes in. It’s hard to explain what motivates us more than that, it just feels right and there’s a lot more to come.

If you had a time machine and you could play at the last supper, in what would it have influenced the history of the occident?

Well, first of all, either Jesus would have assaulted us and you’d read about it in the bible or he would kill himself right there and then, ha ha! Weird question, I love it!

I have the theory that you had transformed it in a big party with rivers of alcohol, bitches, sodomy and dope. Would it be an acceptable alternative for you?

That would have been damn nice, I’d take a gig like that any day! Hold the dope though, we stick to drinking. They’d serve beer instead of wine in the church still today if that would have happened and the nuns would have needed diapers for ages after that party! ;)

Last hellish spot is yours!

Thanks for the attention, bro, I really enjoyed this one! Stay awake for more noise coming from the deep woods of Sweden! Cheers!

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