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GANGRENA; a dying Mexican, zombieinfected, gory, bloody, dirty MORTICIAN clone ore undead freaks with sharp blades and enough blood thirst to survive the extinction of the species? The band does a break right now, or are they dead yet? Only one thing is for sure, the opera ain't over until the fat lady sings.

Hi Markus, your life without GANGRENA is like a cemetery without zombies, how does it feel?

More than a cemetery without zombies it´s like having a shotgun and no one to shoot ha ha!. It's a little bit weird... you know... Would miss the smells and sounds of the noisy evil in the air, but the consolation is, that each day is like fresh meat that comes into our place and we attracts more zombies to keep firing in the head. ha ha.

GANGRENA, dead and buried or just o ice like a cadaver in the cooling chamber?

Neither, it's just a little break to create new plans and expect the new integration of other sick zombie's killers!

Was/is GANGRENA more than a Mortician clone?

We take them as an influence. Our need of violence, blood, guts and action scenes are physically possible filled by them. Actually I see it more as a way to pay tribute.

Why are you so fast out of the game? Is it the dayfly – syndrome?

We're not out, we are just looking for new ideas, devote time to all these things we leave pending. To rebuild the band with no time pressure, besides that we must eat, clothe and visit occasionally forgotten bars and our girlfriends ha ha. By the way !! I have not phoned my son ... wait a minute ..................... ok, I return he he.

If anyone had denied your musically autonomy, what could you respond? Didn´t you care about that?

Does not matter, it's just the damned teacher nagging at school. In life there are people who teach you and you support people to be better and it´s only about to fuck the day. We are not here for fame or others, it´s only to create music by pleasure.

How serious have you taken the band personally? Was it you little crying monster – baby?

Who among us has not thought that, despite being dangerous in turn, can be smashing zombie fun genuinely? The same thing happened to GANGRENA, never imagine where we were going with this, that's why it’s enough to do it as a hobby, it´s not turning into something more serious.

What is the clue with Mortician, why do you like it so much?

Like any human being I have my guilty tastes, forged mostly during my teen years and if I have to admit ... Mortician is one of them. I must say I like them because their nice songs that have achieved so much, that bind you, that break your neck breaking for reasons beyond your understanding. It was one of the first bands I listen too in the Grind scene.

GANGRENA have released a lot. Is it so easy to create that sort of music or are you so creative?

In fact the ideas were accumulated long time. We wanted to make good music as soon as we got the opportunity. Mengele and me had the same shit in the head ha ha.
Never thought about to exchange the drum machine for an drummer of flesh and blood?
It´s part of the new horde of zombie killers, for that matter we do our break, now we only look to the right person, someone who represents this violence and the speed which our fans are accustomed. Oh !! one more thing... most important, someone who does not like talking about politics, I really hate it haha!

It seems you have a foible for gory artwork, tell me about. I really like it and I think it is very felicitous.

All that art is the patent of a forgotten face, the maimed, wounded, zombies, blood, horror, abnormal. That art is all what civilized man denies and rejects, but secretly feel pleased to do so. In this sense, they are real works, uncensored, showing degrees perversion, completely real human without fear being attacked by your tastes.

Tell me about the “Necrotic Domination” video. It must be a huge fun let a bunch of people kick around in the public with zombie outfits. Or in what context are the recordings originated?

In fact they are recorded in a Zombie Walk, a friend sent us images to use them, I really do not know what time or in which country it was recorded, but the subject and the matter are perfect, that’s why we used that material.

Tell me about your song “The Zombie Survival Society”! Are we not that society right now?

It’s a song talking about that the dead are in a full battle with the living, they face death by recognition of one over another. However, the most attraction is the survival of the species, no matter how regardless this is, a final battle nothing else matters and each ending marked a new beginning of civilization. And that is what we need around the world, creating new ideas and leave so much mediocrity and human stupidity aside to grow as a species. (Do I look smart? n.n)

To use excessive the zombie themes, maybe it was too little finally?

We did not want to follow the same line, which eventually would make boring and predictable, that´s why we want to enter back to the room of ideas and provide other concepts, to achieve newest addition to George A Romero, he has done so many movies to make our intros ha ha ha

You have given away your music in the net. Why? And why it did not helped holding the band on earth?

We wanted all the good metal fans to find it quickly, we believe that you do not need fame to raise awareness what you love. If you want to be a rockstar or a vile brand (as many) just to sell more, play another genre. With GANGRENA we do not get along with anybody, we create music and that's all.

Was it foreseeable that this kind of music go round in circles any day?

Never expected that someone liked it, we never imagined people going digest as well. Sometimes we think, if we had done it getting famous, we never achieved it with that music, it was something that just occurred.

GANGRENA was/is a band who lived for the moment without wasting thoughts for the future, or am I wrong? Having fun with the music is the only recipe for it, is not it?

It was a band of zombie freaks without thoughts for the future that’s right, but seeing so many people out there, willing to support us, that’s great. We stopped to think about things like that and to see what will come up. Now is not only about creating music for a hobby, now it’s also in gratitude for all those people who gave us their time to listen what we create for them.

What is your personal claim? What will you do now?

Mainly take care of my son and my business that I’ve neglected all the time, never the less I’ve not wasted my time... I have been done a lot of Graphic Design, that is part of my business but now I’m working on, get some free time in order to dedicate to my new project an looking for starting play live soon.

Last spot is yours my flesh eating friend.

Thanks for the support AMIGO and thanks to everyone who liked our shit, we hope to be back soon with the new project.
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