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BROKEN GRAVESTONES stands for zombie infested old school death metal and is a collaboration between Noël Kemper (ALTAR OF GIALLO, GRUESOME STUFF RELISH) and Kam Lee. Their actual release “Let sleeping corpses lie” is an allusion to Jorge Graus´ zombie flick from 1974 and a must have! Check out my small talk with Noël about bits and pieces!

Hi Noel, how are you my undead comrade? How is it going with the new release?
Hello Jörg!!!!! I´m doing fine!!! We´re really happy with the release! It´s finally out and is receiving good reviews in the underground.
Tell me about the new songs! Although ... they are not brand new, is not it?

No, 2 tracks are from the 2009 demo but we decided to rerecorded it and Kam put his voice on them. The other one is an unreleased song.

The old school concept is not to banish from your way of music, am I right. Why are you so stubborn?

Being honest I hate 90% of the cds released after 1995. The true death metal scent was between 1986 and 1995. All the good releases were done in those years.

Is “ Zombies Don´t Run” a statement from the recesses of your heart?

Maybe!!! I love zombie films and I like the way they walk: Slowly!

Tell me about the band? Is it actually a real band? What is the idea behind it? Is it more than GSR with Kam Lee on vocals?

Now it isn´t a real band. After the recording of the full length we will decide what to do with the band. I don´t think is GSR plus Kam Lee on vocals. GSR is more in the death/Grind vein. This is more Asphyx or Achrosticon. More doom Death!!

How I have to imagine the work with Kam? What is his part and how do you scrape it together?

I sent him the music and he decided to sing in parts of the song that were clearly structured. He wrote the lyrics of the first track and helped me to write the other lyrics. In the new album all the lyrical part will be done by him.

Is such a proposition doomed to failure perhaps, because such big territorial distance makes a permanent work almost impossible?

Yes, it´s difficult. Now I have the whole album written but I´m waiting to finish the new GSR album and then I´ll send him the songs and we will start thinking of the full length. I know it will be difficult!!!

Have you thought about bringing BROKEN GRAVESTONES on stage? Maybe with a local singer only for liveshows? Or to play the songs with one of your bands? The tunes are too good to get dusty!

I have the idea of playing in the USA with Kam and me and local musicians and to play in Europe with Kam, me and local musicians (maybe with members of Altar of Giallo, Legacy Of Brutality or GSR) . I think it´s the best thing we can do.... let´s see what happens after the recording of the new cd.

How is it possible to transform horror-stories into music in that vivid way? In fact I have pictures in my head when I hear the songs!

Thanks a lot!!!! I don´t know... I guess that I imagine what I want to see in a zombie film and then I write a song.

Broken Gravestones is actually not very fertile? That fact seems not to annoy you. But it lets open the question about the graveness of it all!

I was really busy this year recording the new GSR album, a 7” and a split Lp of a new band called Gälerna, a mini cd of The Burning Lust and many more things. Next year will be for the recording of B. Gravestones.

Graus´ interpretation of the zombie genre has an unusual ecological approach. Do you think it is a effect of a late hippie movement? Maybe it was a serious try to keep up a reminding finger?

Yes it´s true! His film has an ecological message. He always tried to include moral messages in his films: In “La trastienda” from 1975 he criticized the Opus Dei, an Organisation of the catholic church.

Do you kneel with the Ep before Jorge Grau and his same named motion picture?

Of course!!!!!

Tell the ignorant about the movie for a better comprehension!

It´s one of the best zombie films of all times. Decadent zombies coming back to life in an atmosphere of death and vengeance!! It was his second incursion into horror films taking into account that he only did 2 films of horror genre. His first was Ceremonia Sangrienta (Blood Castle).

Lets have a view on other Zombie flicks of that time. What do you think about Fulci. Was he just a director who was looking for some success in the way of Romero?

I love his films. My favourite is The Beyond but Zombie 2, City of the dead, House by the cemetery and The New York Ripper are classics of the horror genre. I also like Conquest, a sword and sorcery film with zombies and other horror elements, and the western, Four of the Apocalypse. He had a big filmography before Romero´s debut in 1968 but it´s undeniable that Romero´s “Dawn of the dead” influenced his zombie films.

What is your opinion about Andrea Bianchi´s ? Burial Ground". That flick was so fucking low budget with third class actors and the worst make up ever, that I just loved it!

Yes! What a film!!!!!I love it too!!!! One of the best reviews I read about this film was in the Jay Slater´s “Eaten Alive”, Plexus, 2002 London. “Who are you Andrea Bianchi? Where are you now?? Are you the director of the most hilarious of the Italian gore films?” That film is unbelievable!!!!! There dozens of incredible scenes inside this gem!!!

"Zombie Holocaust" from 1980- that one mixed Zombies and Cannibals to a disgusting stew. I think it was doomed to fail from the beginning. Maybe horror fans forgive such an impertinent clash of genres?

I love it!!! I enjoyed so much when I watched it long time ago. The film is not a horror classic but I must say that is much better than Burial Ground. Cannibals and Zombies!! I don´t need more!!!

What do you think about your "local hero" Amando de Ossorio and his riding undead Templars? Do you like it? It´s a good stuff for Metal music for sure. Could you imagine to use it or is it an tabu because MACHETAZO have "gutted" it already?

I´m addicted to these films!!!! Amando was a meek and honest person. I think he was a lil bit frustrated as a director but he did a fantastic work with these 4 films!!! Yes I wrote a song about the templar’s of Ossorio!! I did it long time ago. It´s the GSR song “Curse of the Templars Night” that was included in the Split with Splatterhouse. That song was written some years ago....maybe in 2002 or 2003 but was released in 2004, so I don´t who was the first in using the templars topic. I can say that my song has lyrics!!!

What is a real classic? Maybe "I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE" or "WHITE ZOMBIE" or began it all with Romero first? Does humour and Zombies go well together such as Jacksons "Braindead" or O´Bannon´s “Return Of the Living Dead”?

First zombie films are from the decade of the 30´s and 40´s with titles like Dead Men Walk and White Zombie but the zombie film as we know it now started with Romero´s Night. Both are classics: The voodoo zombie films and the zombie disease films. Personally I think that the link between voodoo and nowadays zombies was the John Gilling film “The Plague of the Zombies” released thru Hammer Horror films. I think it influenced Romero.
Yes I like Bannon´s and Jackson´s films.

Why are European and American Zombie movies so different actually? Have you an explanation?

I don´t know what happened but I prefer European films. Well I enjoyed Stake Land too!!!

That shall be enough. I hope your band has enough wind in the shrouds! Last spot is yours, before the coffin get closed!

Thanks for the interview Jörg!!!! Enjoy the Broken Gravestones cd and prepare for the new GSR album!!!!!!!!
Cheers, Noël / http://www.myspace.com/brokengravestones

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