Tuesday, July 26, 2011


BURNING BUTTHAIRS, Germany, Thuringia. Disgusting, vulgar Death / Grind or true advocate of sensible German minor arts? Loud and uncompromising or sensitive and ambitious music? Read the following lines and try to find out! One thing seems to be sure, BB is purely entertainment!

Your band name sounds like a slash – and – burn method on the darkest corner of human anatomy.Is your source of inspiration indeed so sleazy?

No, no, actually it is worse!

How serious do you take yourself if you cross the country with that figurehead?

Well, we have fun and always joke around. However on stage it has to go with the show .

On the other hand; too much graveness produced stubborn expectations, or am I wrong?

Nope, you're not. We are ambitious and set objectives. After 10 years we still consider music our hobby - other people have lost that by then.

Tell me about the band and what requirements are necessary to get involved in it?

We are 4 humorous guys playing a mixture of Death Metal and Grindcore. The lyrics are about mass murderer and Dirty Sánchez! You may book us - as long as our expenses are covered we will join any event.

The real source of the name is your secret devotion to the initials BB. I´m sure you like big boobs.Or is there something else you want to tell us?

Actually someone came up with the idea to name the band Burning Buttheads?" The answer came prompt: "That sound pretty fucking shit - sounds like Burning Butthairs!" but in that very moment we all knew "That's it!"

Do you think people who don’t know you are getting a false impression about you because of that name?

Well, we don't care. There had been people coming to the concert just because of that name and wanted to find out what kind of music we play.

Are your lyrical insipidness the internal band – engine?

Open the mass murderer handbook - read - done

And humor and band sex while plastered are the gear lubrication, right?

Ha ha, exactly!

Ugly people and ugly music belong together like Jolie and Pitt, that’s a formula for success. Can you subscribe it?

We are only ugly when we are drunk and then of course we play horrible music. To keep it short - as for every concert ;o)

Placative depiction of violence is disgraceful! Take up your position

A violent CD Cover is always an eye catcher and to be honest, these days it is all about violence, war and free beer!

When do you get the ideas for the lyrics? While you are watching afternoon TV in your therapy group? How much of it is personal?

Our ideas for most of the riffs we got in the therapy group. For the lyrics we got our inspiration while watching splatter movies, reading books of mass murderer or while having a cup of tea......

What gave motivated you to pick up some instruments and become part of the noise business?

Being bored, heavy music from the box, beer - basically being the opposite of those guys who are running to the Disco

With your way of music and your attitude you are not popular in your neighborhood for sure. I mean your local area (Thuringia), was presented a lot more harmonic and aware of tradition.They must hate you. What do you do against that fact?

Don't worry, the neighborhood is still nice to us. So far it works out great. By now Marlis even has a 4x 12 Marshall amp in his living room. So the neighbors have to get used to it.

You will be on tour in fall. What do you expect? What is the worst case scenario?
Each gig in front of 10 drunken idiots? What are your wishes, beside free beer from the discounter every evening?

We consider this more as a vacation. So when there are every night 10 drunken people headbanging - that's fine with me. That's better than 100 people just hanging out on the bar. Well wishes ... fancy locations and nice people

Who will be with you? Do you expect a strong organization or boozy chaotic nightlife?

Organization is of course essential - the presenter needs to ensure that everything can run smoothly. Honestly, being totally drunk every night is not working out. You got to have enough mind to ensure that you will be fit enough for the next day/show.

When do we get another BB album? Or is it not worthwhile because it will end in the 1 Euro box by the junk dealer sooner or later?

Sorry, the junk dealer is down and out as only good things are on the market.
We hammer on new material and by the end of 2012 a new album might be in press.

Make some namedropping, where do you see your roots? Metal, Rock or with classical self assurance between Elvis and brass music?

Our roots are definitely found in Death / Grind - without lead guitar!

In a strict sense all the worldwide noise is Elvis’s fault, is it not?

True, Elvis and Johnny Cash. Followed by Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath and Manowar.
Shortly after someone snort a line and played blastbeat on the drums, the other threw up right next to the micro, this all supported by aggressive electric guitar music and Grindcore was born.

I have seen you are proud owners of a faked challenge cup. Tell me about it!

Faked? We had to massacre 17 people within 6 minutes at the Chainsaw Massacre Event 2010,3 more within the same time and we would have had 1st place.

What lifts up BB over the grey mass of nameless blockheads, beside your stupid name? Or is it not important until the hooch is running and the fag fumes?

We are not different from any other. Except maybe the fact that even after 10 years BB we are still not greedy for money like some others. Therefore we get more chances to play concerts.

Last painful spot is yours!

We would love to rock at "Obscene Extreme" so like any other Band who plays the bit more extreme music...

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