Wednesday, August 24, 2011


GOREGASTs´ nr. 3 “Desechos Humanos” will be out next month. The albums dance its twist in my stereo again and again for weeks. And my son declared it to one of his favorite releases this year, especially because the song “Capa”. He has an reliable radar for good music. There was no way back, I had to talk with singer Rico about the music, the band and so on. Enjoy … and pick up the album!

Saludos Rico, do you enjoy the Teutonic provincial life, has it an positive influence to your band GOREGAST or is it boring already?

Buenas tardes Senor Jupp. The moving from the big city to the countryside was just the right step for me and my family. Also the Goregast rehearsal room is located here in unholy Oderbruch de muerte. Boredom is not with me. Quite on the contrary, because of label, children, animals, etc.. I'm always doing something.

Everything will remain unaffected, in GOREGAST, or would that be an tribute to the
unholy goddess of stagnation?

I do believe that we developed with each album. Stylistically we haven't changed anything, why we should do? I'm listen to the same shit since more than 20 years.

Thx for letting me check the upcoming album . It will be in the ears of the crowd soon. Give me some indispensable details abou

A half hour, 9 sonx, a fat death metal / grindcore mix. The rest you should find out by yourself.

What about the lyrical terms? Stereotype serial killer stories, “World Wildlife Found” campaigns or still real gory death metal terms like “undead hordes reaping innocent maidens”?

It's about love, candies and sorry I'm wrong "Desechos Humanos" in the whole is about human disease. The songs are about many things that people affect. Sadists, murderers, boring workaholics, rapists, etc.. For example the title track "Desechos Humanos" . It means "Human Waste" and there is a sadist who likes to torture his victims, whether humans or animals in the most disgusting ways. Or "Puerco de Dinero" means "Money Pig" and acts of superficial paroles who do everything for money.

Is the opener something like “false pretences”? I mean the horrific morbid feeling deviates raw violence very fast!

Listen well to the entire album. At a slower song always followed a faster. The songs do not incur with a plan, but simply out of the belly, may therefore also something crawling like in "Desechos Humanos" come out, who was the most recently written song on the album.

Maybe the beginning is just a gimmick?

In no case. It's deadly serious, it creates a terrific atmosphere.

Why do you use that kind of brutal pace and aggression, Won´t you get you fans the time to think about what happens with their brains and emotions while they hear the music?

I think that people who're consuming Goregast are something special, almost the elite of the universe. strong, handsome, somewhat brutal, powerful, hairy ...short let's say..they're gods. I hope that they dance while listening to our music.

GOREGAST needed 4 years for another album. Was the band not able being creative while the micro – spazz was in Spain?

Jupp, exactly in the time when I lived in Spain, except for a few concerts, nothing much happened. The guys have lost their inspiration in a black hole for that time. I promise you, the next album doesn’t need 4 years again! In spring next year is hopefully the split CD with Dutch FONDLECORPSE unleashed .

The British war machine sound is not foreign for you. Or have I misunderstood some parts of “Desechos Humanos”?

I have no idea what you talking about. Influences come from everywhere, no specific band can be called...from CARCASS to MORGOTH to CATHEDRAL and back to GENERAL SURGERY or ENTOMBED. I don't know. The guitar sound is pure, refined with a small Swedish note.

Do you eat what you like, is GOREGAST something like a symbiosis – machine, or would that deny your autonomy?

I eat what I want. I pay attention only to where it comes from, how it grew, how it was treated during his lifetime. If you stand for animal rights it does not automatically you have to be vegetarian or vegan. No, I'm not, but I stand for animal rights.

Explain the dynamics of the band!

Our motivation is the desire to play music and of corpse beer.

How intensive can you hustle the “project” GOREGAST, temporal and innovative
generally speaking.

A difficult question. Because of my work in FDA REKOTZ I know, what bands I prefer. Namely the scene active band which does not sit around and just leave everything to the label, which make promotion for their self, or search for gigs etc.. Generally, you always come up with something new, to remain in public and that works best with a sensational album.

Your own label FDA will release the album, has the promotion any emotional charge, more as your other releases?

No, because I authorize the US Promotion agency CLAWHAMMER for the promotion, who doing a great work. But I'm also doing a lot, but not in a different way as other releases.

What about the Spanish songs / lyrics (?), want you to make intolerant oddballs like me look like fools?

Yes. Ähhmmm no, I just like both languages (English) but prefer Spanish, it sounds more straightly if you know what I mean. Maybe a upcoming album will be written in Spanish only.

When will we have the seemingly inevitable influences of flamenco, castanets and whatever in the music of GOREGAST?

A good idea, thanx Jupp ! Next album.......maybe.....for sure.

You have canceled your Spain – tour, is it because they won´t let you in after your last trip anymore? no they're nice people there and hopefully they'll see us again. The only reason is, our drummer Josch left the band in the end of spring. But don't worry, finally we found a new one yet, soon he will be announced. Next year we'll entering Spanish stages again. ya esta..

All times I see GOREGAST , you jump, tumble and crawl over the stage. Do you get discount on your local laundry? Or do you clean the stage for passion?

The reason why I let myself fall again and again is that I want to rest.

What are you, weekend warriors or metal motivated criminals?

I'm a farmer.

Last spot is yours, give some cheers to the bloody … whatever!

Jupp, thanx a lot for the questions, for your interest in GOREGAST, thanx for your support ! All the best for you and Fatalgrind !! Everybody who's interested in our new album, in the band or whatever can write to or visit us on Facebook or
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