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Prepare for a drum & bass gigolo and the secrets of a women whisperer. Here you get a lesson in human sexuality and you´ll find the source of our real religion! And don´t bore me with your political correctness, this is entertainment! Sit down and keep silent, now the curtain will rise for SPASM and their taboo tales.

Hi Lukas, how are you and the new album? Has it brought in the expected, perfumed love letters already?

Hi Jörg! I am OK, man, and hopefully, the new album has been spreading to all the goregrind fans around. We have received many perfumed pink letters with pussies’ prints inside and pictures of some naked hot chicks who begged us to appear on another CD layout. Some of them have also sent us their used tampons; we might use these tampons as a bonus to a package for our CD´s. Lucky one who buys it.

With the new cd SPASM seems to be the ultimate ladies whisperers. Do you go hand in hand with modern feminism now?

Oh yeah, man! We formed our band almost 12 years ago and finally, our time has come to pass on our valuably gained (non)sexual experience to ladies who deserve and long for it. Modern feminists are just poor girls who didn´t live through love, emotions, pain and awesome sex, they are really depraved. That´s why we are here, we have to show them how it works.

I see the cd as a kind of set to music encyclopedia to explore female needs. I hope I understand it in the right way?

Yes, definitely. We tried to show our girlies and fans that our band conception can be based on other attributes but gore themes or tawdry pornography. “Taboo Tales” are meant to be a handbook which might prevent boredom in bedrooms and it should reveal your hidden lust and pleasures. It is an encyclopedia of forbidden desires and cravings for major society, but a great manual for all the free sexual minds all around.

Is it your aspiration to fill the knowledge gaps of your fans? Have you some kind of teaching assignment?

I think it is, I finished studies as a teacher few years ago, and so I am persuaded it´s really important to spread awareness of dark corners of sex, for me it´s a combination of my job and hobby. Who can say that? There is nothing worse than an uneducated impotent.

Do you give any guarantee of success?

Of course, our band has been playing for almost 12 years and our teaching and prophecies are still interesting for a lot of people, so that´s the proof of success, that´s our guarantee, or isn´t it?

You have created a basic work to analyze the female mind. But do the girls actually understand it too?

We don´t differ girls from boys and their opinion. We just hope everyone will understand our conception and intentions. We wanted to realize our thoughts and ideas about unconventional sexual deviations; hopefully, it has any sense for all the horny listeners. Girls should understand it for sure, they are more perverted than guys, that´s it.

To be serious, the chick on the cd – poster don’t look happy at all. Maybe she feels misunderstood?

After being brutally beaten and raped by that dude (Radim), you might not be happy as well. She didn´t know that innocent flirting can be so dangerous.

Are you afraid that your creative energies are misguided and that you are just 3 sexual perverse and unsatisfied guys?

We are not afraid at all. The point of our efforts is that we just have a lot of fun with things we are doing. If someone thinks we are perverse, it´s OK, but we definitely deny being unsatisfied guys. We are satisfied with all the private things regarding sexual needs or activities. Just ask our shemale slaves, sorry, boy/girlfriends. I believe that everyone who has sense of humor should understand if we take it seriously.

By the way, what about Radim´s swimsuit, does it still fit him or is it grow with him? Has Radim actually the legal “Borat” legitimation to wear it?

Yes, it has been one year since he received Borat legitimation. Radim and the guy from Borat – Sasha Baron Cohan popularized this kind of swimsuit, so Radim got a free voucher for buying another pair of this awesome bathing dress. As he´s getting fatter and fatter, actual Borat swimsuit is about to break up and it will not fit him until he loses some weight.

I like the album title “Taboo Tales”, is it a dependence on the 70th hardcore serial with incest stories and shit like that?

Even if we are keen on porn movies and hardcore serials, we didn´t know that the title “Taboo Tales” was used for it in the past. I was almost sure that this title haven´t been used, but you are the man who opened my eyes. Anyway, both titles are used in uncommon senses, so I will be really pleased if this serial will help us in promotion and on the other hand, we might attract people to this movie. It is a dirty cooperation.

The cover is cool too! For the blinds and deaf who don’t know SPASM it will be a surprise to hear the music, because there is nothing explicit to find on it. Or do I have a wrong interpretation about it?

You are absolutely right. We thought about different kind of cover that won´t be comparable to another one and will be little bit original in this genre. Reactions and comments convince us that we had decided well. We discussed it within our band and agreed on the fact we don´t want to have something explicit. The box on this cover encourages people´s fantasy and imagination. If you look at it, you should be curious what´s hidden inside – stories about deviant and nonconforming sexual attitudes. That was our aim. It was really hard to invent something special and extraordinary, but we don´t regret putting more effort and ideas into it. I personally like gore or porn covers, it´s a cool thing about the whole gore/porn grind scene, and we just want to go in a different way and try to make something special.

Is your style something like a caricature of a genre picture of our time? Or do you love it just to fuck and torture?

Oh, maybe you are right. From my point of view, this is a caricature of human being, pain and secret perverse behavior which is widespread among people. Our booklet with a chick might not belong to classic porn/gore covers, but for us it´s more important that it shows reality, true state and real face of human society which is more horrifying and frightening, because it really happens. But of course, this chick is hot, we fucked, tortured and took turns on her during our shooting session. She is a sexual goddess, she doesn´t mind doing anything we ask for; she is quite open-minded person in many aspects.
Have you your overpressure of your testosterone level under control?
Almost always, but you know, sometimes something goes wrong and some ladies have already paid for their provocative gestures and clothing.

Is your strict bass sound your key to the female womb? Because the erotic vibrations and stuff.

You should ask our bassist Sam, but as I know him, he would surely agree. He always relies on his low-tuned sound and hopes that vibrations, coming from the bass, will increase women´s sexual desires and lust. This is a guaranteed way to woman´s womb and pussy. All our gigs can prove it, Sam score on 90% gigs. Despite the fact I am a drummer and have fast and sensitive fingers, Sam is the biggest pimp in our band. I envy him his status.

How much Gigolo is in a Czech guy? I mean you’re not that kind of subtly ravisher like the Italians!

That´s a widespread lie. Most of the Czech guys are pure gigolos, we might not be ravisher as Italians, but our persuasive arguments and sexual experience in combination with our penile art are unquestionable. Ask German ladies who are married to Czech guys, you will know. Of course, we are on the top of the list of the best Czech gigolos.

Is porn religion and masturbation the prayer service?

Without doubt, it is. I believe this is most spread religion in the world, it has beaten Christianity. Who doesn´t watch porn, lies and watches thousand times more than the ordinary guy. The same thing applies to masturbation. You should all know that masturbation is the law!!!

You have lost 3 years after the last album. Is it something like an orgasm to come back with a new one finally?

Yes, it is. We are really pleased and happy. It´s cool to play and arrange new songs for gigs, because even if you like your own songs, the more you play it, the more you start to hate it. We have made a brand new playlist with actual songs and I personally love it. I also enjoy playing older songs, but this something new, something special like a new chick in your bed. I really enjoy all the stuff around the new material and attraction to our band, it convinces me that I am doing something well. If it was silence after releasing the stuff, it would be a sign for review our acts and decisions.

What brought you back to Rotten Roll Rex? Is it the metro sexual charisma of the label boss?

One thing is that Marco is a real metro sexual icon. We love his charisma, athletic figure and sexual experience. The other thing is that we had been actually agreed on releasing this CD some time before we started recording it, so our minds could concentrate on important issues of recording, not on things like “ What we will do after recording this shit?”. The important thing is that we can arrange and agree on many things, the cooperation is fucking great – I mean releasing CD´s or printing our merchandise. We are absolutely satisfied with current state and we hope that Marco would say that too.

Last shot is yours, cum on!

Ok, man! Thanx a lot for your funny/serious intie, I really enjoy writing answers! I also thank you for your interest in Spasm and the space we were given in your blog. We really appreciate it and hope that you will enjoy this interview as well. Thanx to any reader who will read it till the end, I admire his bravery.
My last wish: Buy our CD´s, our merchandise and go to see us live at some gigs! If you want to contact us, just do it via mail: or profiles on Facebook: or MySpace:
Thanx a lot again, see you at some gig, guys!!!
Greets Lukas and Spasm crew

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