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Fulci Holocaust is a bizarre horror influenced brutal goregrind band paying homage to the movies of Coffin Joe, Dario Argento,George Romero, Lucio Fulci and many many more. The band was born in the summer of 2010 as Zombie Holocaust, releasing a couple of compilation tracks before changing the name a year later to Fulci Holocaust, as a dedication to the movies of Lucio Fulci. MZ answered my highly investigative questions.

Undead hails to the Leicester Zombie squad, how are the Midland’s flesh-eaters doing?

We are great thanks, rotting along very nicely.

Tell me about the 3 “walking dead guys” on the couch!

In actual fact, four of us ghouls appear on the demo with the final few tracks having a different guitarist and comprising of unused older tracks. We’re all just people who want to make grind and have fun really.

Your former band name, Zombie Holocaust, was probably too trivial is this why you changed it?

Exactly, it was a bit generic, and I thought limiting as I started watching a whole bunch of 80s slashers and decided that I wanted to do a demo on these movies now and with the name Zombie Holocaust it didn’t seem right so a change was needed.

“Zombie Couch Demo” is a strange name for your current songs! Please establish a connection between zombies and a couch! Please reveal the shroud of mystery for me!

Haha sadly it is not an interesting story, couch is actually the surname of the guitarist who joined and so in honour of him I decided to name the demo after him. As without his playing and input it wouldn’t have happened….plus once gory boy (vocals) drew the various covers it was too funny and 80s inspired to say no.

The song “ Zombie Fuck Slut” deeply grieved my trust that some things are not allowed to change! Shit, zombies and sex fit to each other like pit latrine and flush, neither in the case of Peter Jackson! What the hell are your thoughts about it?

I had actually just re-watched the Re-Animator spoof, Re-Penetrator and that and the movie ‘The Stink of Flesh’ inspired this song. Sadly Porn of the Dead is just terrible, and put me off zombie sex for the near future. On a side note, Peter Jackson = Yes. Braindead is just hilarious, one party we would all like to go to.

“Do You Wanna Party” is not official part of the demo I think, it is also not a real song anyway. So enlighten me!

It’s just an attempt at some 80s horror movie ‘soundtrack’ that I wrote, going for a ‘Return of the Living Dead’ vibe, something cheesy, 80s and kitsch really. Stuck it on simply to break up the demo and because it was about zombies.

The demo is released on TORN FLESH RECORDS as free download? Is there also an physical one available?

Yeah Torn Flesh were great to stick some songs on compilations and put the demo out for their followers and more people, they have been great supporters to both us and the underground scene in general. The demo itself, is actually available as a physical copy with maybe 20+ being distributed so far, although this is only when I go to gigs and just hand them out sadly for the meantime.

Do you represent the band in the classic way with merchandise, shows and stuff, or are you just 3 guys who flee the sunlight down in the basement?

At the moment, we are just 3 guys rocking out, though I am planning to write a full length album, the odd gig and maybe a shirt….hopefully ramping up the brutality and craziness mixing my favourite bands of Mortician, Necrophagia, Deranged and Exhumed so it’s coming, as long as our limbs don’t decay and fall off and we avoid being shot in the head.

Why don´t you find a drummer – zombie yet? Are you afraid he could lose his arms while drumming?

In previous bands, as most people find, getting a drummer is always a bastard and I’ve been let down in the past so when I started Fulci Holocaust I decided to go down the drum machine route and have no limitations or hassles. I think it works well and gives me more freedom and makes writing / recording easier, if we play live however we may need to resurrect some worm infested bastard and hope his limbs can take the blasts.

Do you think you could be limiting yourself musically with the way you have chosen to play? Or is the big fun the only thing that counts?

I made a conscious decision to limit the influences and styles we play as I want to honour the gods of Deranged and Mortician especially and that is the sole purpose of the band. It is also another reason we grunt about horror movies, which are my passion. If I want to play something else then I will go join a jazz band or a Wham tribute where the band ethos is different.

Why do you kiss Fulci and the 80s horror flicks imaginary arse?

Why? Because they are fucking awesome, violent, gory and fun – something that is missing in a lot of modern horrors. In regards to Fulci he has made so many good films (Don’t torture a duckling, Zombi 2, The Beyond, NY Ripper) amongst others with the golden period of slashers and Italian rip off zombie movies being the 80s when the aim was to shock and entertain. Hard to get that anymore.

Is there actually lyrical scope left? I mean every sound – sample is used, every story a dozen times told, right?

Yeah that is true, although I like to think that one or two of our samples used on the demo are quite unique (for example we have the UK comedy IT Crowd) and there’s enough weird movies out there to keep going, but all the major horror movies have been over used for sure. I am sad enough to like guessing where the samples come from though haha. I heard a Gore Obsessed song with a sample from the movie Evil Ed, contacted Justin and ended up checking out the film, so also a good way to discover some potentially good flicks. Also, we’re singing about horror movies here, so I don’t think the lyrics are that important, we’re not trying to change the world or preach or anything just have fun and hopefully fellow horror fans dig that.

Fulcis´ zombies are not mandatory typical for the undead hordes. I mean he just ripped off Romeros success and he filmed a lot of bad flicks with other themes, just commissioned work to earn some money in the fairway of the more successful US cinema! Uff, is this blasphemy? What do you think?

Zombi 2 (Zombie flesh eaters) is an unashamed unofficial sequel of Dawn of the dead, no blasphemy there although the rest of his movies (Gates of Hell trilogy) become a lot more like some later Argento work in the way where narrative and plot takes second stage to atmosphere, feeling and in Fulci’s case outright shock and gore. The whole Italian 80s scene (And their earlier westerns) was based on ripping off successful movie genres, but adding a slight twist. Going back to Fulci, he had some mixed success but his giallo’s were great, zombie films really added something to the genre and are great with a beer or ten, NY Ripper is amazing and misanthropic (As well as hilarious in parts) and some of his later movies were ok. He was more than a hack, just misunderstood haha part genius, part moron.

Actually his movies are famous cause its godly gory content, and that’s enough to love them, right?

Exactly, many many eyeball scenes and intestines everywhere, forget plot or often character development give us the red stuff!

Not only Fulci is in your murderous focus, you satirize/adore the work of Dan O´Bannon and Fred Dekker too, for example: Does that mean, zombies are allowed to be funny?

Yeah def, I mean if you don’t have fun watching horror movies just go and give up on life. They are made to entertain us, be it scary, tense and creepy or outright over the top fun gore party. I liken the Evil Dead and Brain Dead to the first two Return of the living dead movies, because they are fun films that you can enjoy while drinking with mates and you can shout at the ridiculous scenes (And over the top gore of evil dead & brain dead), where as others like Fulci’s movies I think are a bit more depressing and solemn and don’t really get the party mood going haha.

Maybe you could rape the story of the TV – series “The Walking Dead”, or would it be too serious for you?

I quite enjoy ‘The Walking Dead’ both the graphic novels and the TV adaptation but I don’t think we would do a song about it, too serious and too much character development, although it could work as a concept album maybe haha. I can’t imagine an audio representation of it however.

Do you ignore the modern zombie? Those who can run, talk and even think. A real zombie don´t do that things, at the very most he crave for “BRAIN”, right!

Me personally? I prefer the Romero type – slow, decaying and moaning although if done correctly the running zombie can be a nice treat. Nightmare City (not strictly zombies I know), Dawn of the Dead remake and of course Return of the Living Dead all do this well, but I always come back and crave for the slow, rotting bastards lurching towards you. Never stopping, never sleeping, forever hungry.

Here is a test question: Define the zombie as person and its influence into a sort of music, which the common citizen does not recognise as the only true music!

That is a tricky one, personally I would probably see the Zombie be like the music of Incantation and Hooded Menace, slow, crushing and determined. Heavy doomy death, though I am interested on your thoughts about this as well.

I agree, the slower the more authentic, I prefer the morbid feeling into brutal music. We are all zombies in our normal lives, when we thoughtlessly stumble through our everyday life! Under that point of view you play the soundtrack of our normal life, right?

In a way I do agree with what you are getting at here, but zombies can be transcribed as a metaphor for almost anything in any context with consumerism being the main one thanks to Romero's Dawn of the Dead, but I think these movies are often over analysed and coincidental nuances are misinterpreted. It always raises the level of quality if a film does have an underlying theme such as Romero's or the ecological slant to 'The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue' but if these films don't deliver the FX, the story and the zombies the fans want then all these dreams of grandeur go unfulfilled. Fulci Holocaust play for those who do not take it too seriously, there are important things in life (remaining living for one) but we shall be blasting out our songs loudly while drinking a beer, and rocking out to the forthcoming zombie apocalypse.

Send some last warnings about the undead menace to my readers!

Be on the look out for any changes in your friends, neighbours or work colleagues, infections and pandemics are happening with increasing regularity as the world opens up to us, new diseases and viruses can come from anywhere and wipe us out like the Spanish wiped out the Aztecs. Be vigilant people and grind out to the following bands: Fondlecorpse (NL), Gore Obsessed (NL), PreDigest (UK) and Razorrape (SW) also big thanks for letting up do this interview with you.
Danke und Tschüss!!!


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