Wednesday, January 4, 2012


SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER is an American Death Thrash band, formed in 2001 by vocalist Steve Worley. The band has been hard at work in the underground community for over a decade. With label support coming for the first time in the bands history in 2009, SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER released their sophomore full length "Spontaneous Suicide" worldwide via Crash Music/EMI.
A rigorous touring schedule would ensue, including multiple stints all through out Europe and North America along side legendary acts such as MASTER, PESTILENCE, VITAL REMAINS and many more.
The last year opens a new chapter in Sacrificial Slaughter history. They have a new split album with ENFUNERATION released and multiple tours planned. Let´s see, what Steve has to say about the recent developments

Hey Steve, how are you, has the new release brought you closer to the metal Olympics?

The new release has been successful. Many copies have been sold and it is gaining exposure worldwide.

Tell me about the split CD and your partners in crime!

Enfuneration are a great band and good friends of ours. We met them during several tours we did in the States throughout 2010 and I instantly became a fan. When we started throwing ideas around to release a split cd, I knew they were the guys I wanted to work with.

Furious Thrash in the vein of Razor / Slayer and devastating drums – inferno, that seems to be your base, or is there more behind it?

We get together and play the music that we like to play. Whatever comes out. We aren’t trying to compare ourselves to anyone or out play anyone. We are all fans of different kinds of Metal genres and in Sacrificial Slaughter we take the best elements of Death and Thrash and turn it into the fierce onslaught that it is.

The title “American Death Thrash” is significant. Do you want to get out of the way of all the guys who come up with new pigeonholes! Do you like it straight?

Straight to the point, no hidden meanings, just aggressive, in your face, American Death Thrash.

You have to enlighten me about the intro, where is it stolen from and why?

The intro on American Death Thrash is compiled of one of my favorite death scenes from a French film called “High Tension.” We accompanied the vicious blood curdling screams with Mozart’s “Lacrimosa” in the background. It’s a great classical piece and it was also used in one of our favorite movies “The Big Lebowski,” so we laugh about it as well. We haven’t ever really messed around with intros or sound bytes before. So this was kind of a test run. I can’t say if we will use the intro on the full length or continue to incorporate sound bytes in the future. Just have to see.

Why have you chosen for a split release instead of writing some more songs and releasing another full length? Friendly turn? Question of cost?

It was a question of cost indeed. We have enough material to put out a full length right now. But without label support at the moment we decided to split costs with another band to make a new release that could not only be successful but affordable.

I think you take your music very serious, but what about the lyrics? Humor is the king? Do you like to trample on stereotypes?

Lyrical themes for us rely on topics of everyday life. Often those topics relate to excessive alcohol abuse, violence and debauchery. But this is the lifestyle we choose and the music we choose to play and we take both seriously.

Are you the sort of guy who likes to force the progression of his band, the one others chafe on, or do you like the easy going?

Always forcing ourselves ahead. There are thousands of bands out there trying to do the same thing we are. We could be forgotten in an instant if we don’t continue to fight onward and make a name for ourselves.

How does the band work, democracy or dictatorship? And why is your way the right one?

I always consider the other guys in the band in all the moves we make. I value their opinions and keep their best interests and well being in mind at all times. Without them I couldn’t do this. But in 10 years I´ve never led us wrong, so for now I will keep dictating.

How are you finances with the band, the tours and stuff? I don’t believe that you can cover your costs just with merch can you?

Now a days our cost to operate IS actually covered by merch and playing shows. We don’t perform without a guarantee and I can fluctuate the guarantee amount depending on the conditions of the show. Distance, day of the week, etc. But I always make sure we have enough to cover, gas, food, lodging, beer, whatever. The merch money is a bonus. I use those funds for more merch and studio time.

How important is label support for you personally? Have you found the right one with HPGD for the new release?

I think label support is very important in the future of any band. HPGD was the perfect label for our current release but in the future we would like to ink a deal with one of the more renowned house hold name labels.

The band got a move on in 2009, but existed 10 years longer or so, were you counting little sheep before? I mean, you had a full length before but 2009 was the year with touring, new long player and your name on everyone’s lips!

The years leading up to 2009 were not wasted by any means. We spent those years playing our asses off in our local scene and trying to make a name for ourselves. We were just kids. Like 16 years old. So it was hard to come up with the large amount of money to do a proper recording. Without jobs or financial support of any kind we just did our best playing live as much as possible and spreading the word. Finally in 2009 we were a little older and more mature. All of us had day jobs and were able to collectively pay for studio time. So we went in and recorded a few songs at a nice studio in Orange County, California. We shopped the demo as best as we could. Sending it to every person we thought might care. We immediately got contacted by Crash Music. With their amazing worldwide distribution deal through EMI and really know other offers on the table....we took the deal. Just a 1 album deal and “Spontaneous Suicide” was born. It wasn’t our first choice of labels but we wanted to use it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Just to get the music around. So it served its purpose in that way.

How essential is the stage for you? What do you see in the eyes of the freaks in front of the stage? What do you expect from a good show and yourself?

The stage is what it’s all about. Everything we do is leading up to the moment where we get to go on stage in front of all those people and do what we do best. There’s no greater feeling then getting up there and making hundreds of people move with your music. It is a huge adrenaline rush. Of course some shows are better then others. A good show for us is a big energetic and enthusiastic crowd and tons of beer!

Tell me about your tour through Europe. Was it a “pay to play” thing and did you have fair conditions? Is that “pay to play” attitude ok for you?

The times we have traveled through Europe the conditions have always been extremely fair. Otherwise we wouldn’t do it. Our touring agency is from Germany and they take care of us very well. Like family. Basically we are responsible for getting ourselves out there and they take care of the rest. Unfortunately we come from California so it can be a little expensive. But that’s our problem. If we lived on the east coast of US or somewhere in Europe, it would be a lot cheaper for us to do these tours. But we always find a way to make it happen. I don’t know if I consider that pay to play. Its more like, do what you have to do to get your guys out there and have a successful tour. Hopefully someday soon we will be in a position to have our plane tickets paid for!

What are you impressions of Europe and Germany above all?

Europe is amazing. We try and play out there as much as possible. One day I would like to reside there. It is much better then living in the United States. Germany above all is my favorite. Metal is a second language there. Great crowds, great fans, great friends, great girls, great beer. I love Germany.

Try to compare Germany and US, what do you like and hate (inside the metal scene)?

There isn’t much to compare. Germany is just better in every way. The scene in Germany is forever thriving while the United States continues to be dismal. For example, the biggest fest in US is Maryland Deathfest. Which is a great fest.....but Germany has WACKEN OPEN AIR. End of story...

Is copious touring a never ending big fun or is there a point somewhere where it gets exhausting. I mean you have to play full concentrated sets every night, that can´t be always easy!

It is fun to be out there playing the music you love everyday and connecting with great people. But it is very exhausting indeed. It’s like drive 10 hours, play a full set as hard as you can, drive through the night, sleep in the van for a couple hours, play another set as hard as you can, over and over for months straight. After a while you can’t wait to land in your own bed! But it’s worth it, we live for this shit.

You have played with some Death and Thrash legends in the past. Will you did you perceive from them, when you burn out yourself as opening act?

We have had the pleasure and honor to tour Europe and North America with some major veterans such as Paul Speckmann and Master, Don Decker and Anal Blast, Pestilence, Waco Jesus and Vital Remains. We learned a lot from all these guys. No egos, they all took us under their wings and showed us the way. We are very lucky to have accumulated these influential friendships over the years. We will always be proud to be an opening act for any legend of the music that we love. Until one day, perhaps we will be the old timers.

Last spot is yours!

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