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DEAD is THE filthy, sleazy, groovy … German institution, if it comes to sexy grinding eruptions in the bedrooms worldwide, as long as you have invested more money into your stereo as in your girlfriend … and you booth must love black humor and hairy vintage stuff. If not, here is your chance to learn more about it!

Hi Dany, how are you? Did you already have some trouble with feminist fundamentalists, after releasing “Hardnaked But Dead”?

No, not really – but I’m still waiting, hehe….

What about the acceptance on the serious female part of the population for DEAD in general?

Well, you might have recognized that for this release we only have “sexy” lyrics.
There are no sexist, homophobe, or anyhow else offensive lines which could give any marginal group a reason to complain. Even in the song “Tits” we simply pay homage to women’s beauty. So “Hardnaked…” is our most “PC”-album so far.

The bigger part of the yellow press seems to love your album? This must be eerie! I mean that fact increased the weight of expectation for the next one.

It’s 60:40 as far as I can see in the reviews. Whereas the one half of the press loves it, the other cannot get along with it as those young critics do not have any clue about our “intention” with DEAD and expect boring Porn Grind that we don’t play at all… or they don’t want to listen carefully the complete album. But as it is hardly possible to pigeonhole DEAD I’m not surprised about those idiots who criticize our bad black humor, sound or “speed. Well, …fuck that! All I can say is that DEAD will never change its musical/lyrical direction – so for upcoming releases you will get 100% DEAD for sure!

Grooves, rancid sound, curbed pace, are that DEAD anno 2011/12? Tell me about the way of the record!

You just named DEAD’s typical recognition features, hehe…Well, we never were THAT fast or a pure grindcore band, but on “Hardnaked…” we throttled the speed a bit, I agree. The curbed pace just came naturally during the songwriting; it was not intended in advance.Nevertheless there are grinding blast beats, too, of course as this is a “must” for DEAD.But for upcoming releases I promise more Blast’N’Crust!

Describes the word “filthy” your last release sufficient and comprehensive? Maybe you don´t like restrictive adjectives?

“Filthy” is a good adjective for our last album, and that’s how DEAD’s music always was meant to be! As you know that I’m a fan of old sleazy movies, zines, etc. I always wanted that our releases have that special and typical “dirty vintage” touch. It’s our trademark.And to sum it up: DEAD = 100% Sleaze!

Pungent Stench and retro-style are some terms, connected with your music from a lot of press dudes. Do you like it? Maybe it constricts your own identity?

That’s a very good aspect. In nearly every review we are compared with Pungent Stench and Autopsy – who definitely had a big influence on DEAD - and we still admire their (old) stuff, but we have our OWN identity as you mentioned - and insist on it.
Of corpse I’m flattered but I do not agree with them as in my opinion we do not sound alike…or do we?? Many critics call us “old-fashioned”, or “retro”, but HEY! – we do this shit since 1990 and didn’t change that much at all musically and never will, so we’re definitely NOT “retro” - we’re “TRUE”! That’s why I entitled the album “Hardnaked…but DEAD!” – It’s a silly play on words – related to the German word “hartnäckig”, as it emphasizes our will to stay “old-fashioned”, or “stubborn” concerning our music.

Tell me about the voice samples, you have used this time and where you dug out them! Do you search for it after finishing a song, or do you spin a song around a sample?

First of all the song’s matrix must be finished next to all lyrics, as I do not know in advance where I could place any, of course. Nearly all of the samples we used so far were just found incidentally. When I’m lying lazy on the sofa while watching serials or bad movies it sometimes happens that I get excited by several scenes that have e.g. funny dialogues or sound bites and could fit for a “DEAD”-song. So it’s very useful that I always keep some memo in reach to remember potential samples. When it’s time to record new material I investigate my “sample collection” and choose the adequate ones that are available.
But to avoid releasing “audio books” like e.g. Impetigo, or GUT did (sorry folks! ;) we try not to use as much as needed. The cover song “A beer” was the only one for which I explicitly searched for suitable samples in the internet.

Are your lyrics and music from the same relevance? Do they have the same attention in the development process?

Well, …“Yes” and ”No”. It’s a fact that first of all I need the music before I can start to write lyrics with my brother-in-booze somehow. So in the whole process the music is the most important thing before we can beautify the songs with nice tongue-in-cheek lyrics. They are indeed very important as they belong to DEAD’s trademark I would say, and that’s why I always want to have them shown in booklets. If you are a lucky owner of original DEAD CD’s or 7” EP’s, just take your time, have a deep breath and enjoy them. But to sum it up: music and lyrics are equivalent.

What actually happened with War Anthem and your last album? Maybe the exceptions were too excessive from both sides?

You mean “expectations”, right? Well, all I can say is that W.A. really did a great job and I cannot blame them at all for possibly bad CD-sales… I have to point out again that they decrease since many years in general drastically due to countless blog-pages in the internet, offering illegal downloads, or filesharing. Beside this major problem the release date was also very unpropitious…but that’s just an excuse.

Do you think, it will be different with Rico and FDA REKOTZ?

Yes, I definitely think so. In my opinion Rico’s label attracts other sort of fans than War Anthem does. Although W.A. also has grindcore bands like Cliteater, the label is somehow more linked to Black Metal in the scene and attracts other customers than potential DEAD fans. We know Rico since many years and have a good relation-/friendship. This sustains our teamwork. So we’re quite confident for the next years!

In sexual regard, graphic at least, you never were too offensive, like lots of others. Thus is smut on a high level, right?

Yep – our artwork is also DEAD’s trademark: Lascivious, dirty, but very stylish! Well, we only had really sick, offensive artwork on some EP’s in the 90’s – primarily on the “Slaves to abysmal perversity” when we started to change our lyrical direction. But compared to the artwork from actual porn grind bands they look almost naïve and unoffending.

Maybe DEAD refused vehement against the porn grind pigeon hole because of that?

That’s an important reason, yes - but not the only one. Were also just bored about this crappy, harmonizer-distorted-bullshit-fuck that every idiot can “compose” at home via computer. These so-called “bands” are just a waste of…everything.

You´d almost think, a part of DEAD still stuck in the 70ies, in a stylistic manner. But was not it Uwe's part? Are you still in touch with your original line-up?

Of course I am! I’m still in close contact with these old bums – mostly with Uwe. We meet each other nearly every 1 ½ months on concerts, or other public establishments at the weekend. But to come back to your question: DEAD is now stuck in the 60ies since Uwe left. I absolutely love the music from that time – especially the psychedelic or garage punk bands. The song “Tits” e.g. has a typical 60’s beat and the booklet contains advertisement pictures taken from rare erotic magazines dated at that time.

I think you were 17 as DEAD was born. Have you ever had actually a real chance to get out alive of this coitus? I mean you have wasted your whole youth with it.

That’s absolute correct and I don’t regret it at all! I had a fabulous time with DEAD in my youth as I was able to meet people from bands worldwide who you can call now “old Death Metal veterans” or even “classics”. Besides I experienced the Thrash Metal-boom followed by the “Deathgrind-Wave” in the early nineties, etc…and survived!

What is your personal reason, why DEAD is still running?

I simply cannot let DEAD “die” … I mean - it’s 100% my “baby” in which I pour my heart and soul into, and as long as I enjoy writing new songs, getting on stage and the fans support us, I’ll carry on for sure. DEAD is a really important part of my life that I can hardly abandon. Amen.

Do you feel underrated after all that years? I mean you don´t have the attention of the big audience till now. And the split in between was not a big help, although it works for other bands very well. Is this underground shit your real passion or your only opportunity?

Both, hahaha…well, on the one hand DEAD has never been musically “commercial” or “trendy” like other bands who are “big” now and can live on their music – more or less. On the other hand I also do not want to be dictated by a major label who tells me what and how to play, what to sing and bullshit like that, and act like a marionette. I cannot imagine that a major label could be interested in us if you just think about my fondness for rancid old sound and “naughty” lyrics, etc…and by the way…we’re too old now…

With your musical direction, DEAD stands apart of the others (at least in Germany). Is this calculus?

No, absolutely not. It just depends on my current mood when I take my time to write new songs. Besides, all members of DEAD are musically really open-minded and we do not want to limit ourselves just to one specific genre or speed. “Alternation” is the keyword!

Have you ever thought about to write other music than your damned catchy shit?

Of course I have – many, many times, but it’s really hard to write new stuff that doesn’t sound like your “style” that you are playing since almost more than 20 years. But I’m already thinking about a side project with pals who shared our rehearsal room a few years ago.
All I can tell you now is that this “virtual” Band name has never been used before according to and Google. But let’s see.

In DEAD you are the head, I think. Are you the dictator and the other 2 guy are keen menials?

Yes, that’s true …more or less. Although they have “equal rights”, hehe… it’s me who writes 95% of the songs – 5% are suggestions for improvement by Volker Dead (bass).

Tell me about your past trips to Japan. Would you like to do it again? The Japanese are incredible polite and cultivate their sexual perversions. Is this right?

FUCK – YES, of corpse! If I’d get the chance (for a third time now) to tour again I wouldn’t hesitate. But on the other hand I would be also afraid of the radiation in Tokyo. Ali and me fucking love Japan and our Japanese friends. It’s always a pleasure meeting them again. The guys from Butcher ABC, Church of Misery, Coffins and Anatomia are already like “family members” for us. The Japanese are unbelievable polite – especially to Germans.But if you ever go to Japan don’t miss visiting a sex-shop! They’re absolutely bizarre!!

Last shot is yours!

Thanks for your interview and interest in DEAD. Spread the filth and let the Sleaze be with you!!!

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