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FUNERAL WHORE is one of The Netherlands new “old” bands who adore a music that comes right from a rotten, bolted grave. I´m almost asphyxiated, as their rancid sound blew through my (en)tomb(ed). Enough hints? Then let’s get into a small talk.

Hello neighbors, let us start with a cliché. How´s going forward with the destabilization of liberation in regard to weed and coffee shops in the Netherlands? Is the resistance growing?

We don’t smoke weed and have no idea how the coffee shops are arranged. But given the fact that there are many foreigners in Holland it's probably going OK. hahahaha. Also I don't care about politics and don't really pay attention to what they have to say.

Give me just a short sketch. How have you met each other, what keeps you running and what holds you together as band?

I got a random phone call from the rehearsal room, were I played bass in my former band. The owner always saw me headbanging like crazy during rehearsals and when Roy asked him of he knew a bass player. I was the one who he called. Ever since, I always come over at Roy and Kellie's house, to rehearse, drink some beers, watch some horror movies.

That was in 2007. We all share the same thoughts about the band, death metal and party. We are old school fanatics and there are so many things in the future that we want to do so all these things together keeps the band together.

And what the hell is a FUNERAL WHORE? It must be an allegory that avoids my common sense!

Hehe,it just sound brutal, that’s all. But why this stunning you? There are names that are 10.000 times sicker or more idiotic than Funeral Whore. Never heart of Rectal Smegma (??!!) or Anal Cunt (???)

Of course I have. But when I analyze the band name in my way, you must be some necrophiliacs who celebrate their perverted bias through loud and brutal music. So analyze this!

Fuck Yeah!!! That sounds about right. Fucking dead corpses, with brutal music playing, volume 11, through the speakers! hahahahaha

Ok, let’s get back to more serious hogwash … . First; is a beaten path the easiest and safest to walk?

Every band has to climb the same uphill battle, unless you already know the right people, of course.

In a musical way, the beaten way is safe but still, there are so many osdm bands worldwide working hard, it’s not easy to set up a band and writing music that still have an (old) impact. But, as we currently receiving our reviews of our full length, we have done a good job together!

What do you expect from your excellent album, after the press kisses your asses so intense?

Good question, haven´t thought about really. Actually personally I am just really stoked on the idea that there is a album out there which I worked on. It´s my first album and for the other members as well. So we try to just promote the album as hell and than we´ll see what happens next. Hopefully a lot of gigs and some sick ass festivals.

I didn’t expect it was going this good in the first place! I think and hope we’ll have more gigs along other osdm bands on a higher level

Are you not afraid to get pilloried because of your retro – attitude from the ones who are brassed off from the old school revival?

No, let 'm come. We will kick all their asses all the way back to where they came from. hahahaha

Correct, fuck ‘em. Jealous idiotes.

Do you like speculations? What would you do without bands like Grave, Bolt Thrower or Asphyx?

We, Funeral Whore as a osdm band, would not exist. It is as simply is that.

Of course you are not clones of those bands. To trust your own creativity will lead to sustainability! Are you with me?

We do what we like to do. That will lead to a second album.

About the development of the album - would you say it took some doing or did it slip out like wet puppies?

The recordings went very good. Because it was the first time to record a whole album in a real studio, we did several rehearsals in the weeks before. A wise choice. We recorded all 11 songs on the 1st out of 3 days.

The more simple a song is the catchier it is. Is this your principle?

Not really. It’s a little bit more than that. Indeed, most of the time the simple things bring out something catchy or powerful. But simplicity dus not guarantee you a catchy song. There are other factors that play major roles. The drummer has a big share in how things finally burst out.

Cemetery - growls, mangily guitar and hellish basses, how long does it need to get a whole album with such excellent ingredients?

I have a lot of powerfull compositions of songs in my mind that I want to work out and after I finish one thing, something new has already took it’s place. So, I don’t need much time in osdm to create something, it’s already there in my mind. It just needs to be assembled in the rehearsal room.

“Step Into Damnation” thrashes the listener back into the Stone Age of the scene and spreads a similar morbid feeling as bands like Mordbrand or Undergang. What makes you immune from other and more modern paths of Death Metal?

Nowadays, many bands still record their stuff on hyper digital stuff, mastering, re-mastering, re ampl. whatever, we do not do that. No pollished modern sound needed, we want to have just that raw edge. It’s something you really miss, also with the bigger bands.

The samples on it are plenty trite. Are you out of ideas, have we to live with clichés, is it some shit you had to do? What is it?

The movies were a big part of the inspiration for the songs as well as for the band and the atmosphere around it.

It might be cliché but I don’t give a shit. “Camp Blood” is all about the movie Friday the 13th so why not a sample from it?

Chaos Records are no neighbors in a territorial sense. What are your expectations and what about the distribution in Europe?

The loads of reviews and interviews still coming in so Chaos Records had done a awesome job.

Damn, I wished I had done my homework. Hahaha. It is going really great as far as distribution and promotion. Which is a good thing, and which we are really grateful of. I personally don’t really expect an enormous gig or something like that.

With all the deservedly good reviews the expectations for the next release will rise for sure. Because of that the writing process for a possible next album will be more stressful and arduous. Are you afraid about it?

No, absolutly not! With our new powerful, young and fanatic drummer Nick, we are ready for the second album. We have already a bunch of new songs on the shelves, better and darker than before.

Something to think about……

How important is it being authentic, not leaving the impression to follow a trend just a short time?

Old school is the true death metal way, hahahaha. Like I said we are not really trying to be original. But we are going to stay true to the style as far as I am concerned. Are you with me on this one, Roy?

Yes, I am. First of all, we, as band, know what we want and what we are doing. We know our style and I also know that we are no trendy wankers. Those are our enemies for all time, we are Funeral Whore and this is old school death metal.

Is FUNERAL WHORE time consuming? I mean how much time can you donate if the interest in the band ascends after all the positive areselicking?

Really gratefull for my girlfriend having such patience with me and the band. Because I, already spend a lot of time on the band and rehearsal. Luckily she likes Old School Death Metal as much as me! Well, I hope they are not licking our asses. hahaha. We're not that big so, I hope the responses are serious. Of course constructive criticism is always welcome. The arselicking is probably reserved for the bigger bands.


In the early stages of the band it was hard work. Now, we got some attention in the small scene and also the collaboration with other osdm comrades like Massive Assault, Nailgun Massacre, Profanal, Obscure Infinity, Deathronation and Entrapment means better promotion and exchanging gigs for eachother. It works very well this way.

I wish you all the best and hope to see you somewhere on a German stage in future! Last shot is yours!

Regards to our brotherhood bands. Deathronation (Germany), Obscure Infinty (Germany), Profanal (Italian), Nailgun Massacre(Netherlands). Check their STUFF OUT NOW! Not for trendy ears. Hahahaha http://www.reverbnation.com/funeralwhore

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


REVEL IN FLESH puts up to the hair - ends into old school death metal, total dedicated to the heroes of an “ancient” time. With the debut album “Deathevokation”, soon on FDA REKOTZ, you will get a proper lesson what it means to be a real full time metal maniac. I have talked with Ralf, so read this chat ... or die!

Hi Ralf, REVEL IN FLESH fits perfectly to your MYSTICAL MUSIC zine, so when will you interview yourself, ha ha. How are you?

Hey Jörg, doing fine down here in the south! Just returned from work, turned on the new TERRORIZER and rushed straight into your questions!
Well, REVEL IN FLESH and MYSTICAL MUSIC Zine have two common things: A true passion for this rotten and old way of Death Metal. Both hobbies are my tribute to this underground form of Metal music and both help me to keep my ying & yang going smooth, Ha! Ha!
No, I have no interest in feat. RIF in MYSTICAL MUSIC Zine since I think that the freaks of this style of music have to find out about this project on their own. I don’t like the idea of self – proclamation!!!

With this band´s name actually everyone knows from where the wind blows. Have you chosen it deliberately or does it just sounding cool?

Well, we wanted a name that refers and reeks totally to this old way of Death Metal. Of course the name is “stolen” straight away from the classical NIHILIST / ENTOMBED track, so I guess it’s again a tribute thing, Ha! Ha!
By the way can you imagine how difficult it is to come up with a new and not abused bandname in the DM sector nowadays!?!

Of course. You´ve told me, it was a hard piece of work, getting the album on its way. Could you explain it?

Hm, let me put it like this: We’ve started with the recordings of the first track “Culpa et Inferna” in September 2011. Back then this whole project didn’t even have a name.
It was just a sort of try out. It was the first time for me doing guitars & Vocals on a recording. Back then in my old band I’ve just did the bass – more or less proper on the recordings. Well, the REVEL IN FLESH stuff evolved really good and with the massive help of my comrade Maggesson we’ve nailed down the first album until the end of 2011. It was recorded on weekly meetings; a lot of basic work and learning! It was a really enriching experience to me, because this was the first time I could express my ideas in the way I wanted them to have, means non – compromise!!!

Why do you actually think you can or must ensure a place in the sustained revival of Swedish old school death metal?

Speaking honestly, it’s not my intention to get a place or anything else. REVEL IN FLESH was something I’ve did in first line for myself. Simply to fulfil those musical ideas that already developed since 2007, but unfortunately it took me a long – time to realise those ideas in the way you can hear it now on “Deathevokation”.
Well, I know that a lot of “die hards” already complain that this SWE Death revival is already getting too much, but in the end REVEL IN FLESH is not about getting a piece of the cake from anything!!! It’s simply our way to pay tribute to the old way of Death Metal and if the maniacs out there like it, then it’s fine and if not I don’t care either!!!

Who hides behind REVEL IN FLESH besides you!?!

REVEL IN FLESH is me and Maggesson. We know each other from local bands already since the 90ies. He is still part of the line – up of DAWN OF DREAMS (Germany) and APOPHIS. Just recently he started a new project called ROTTEN POPE, which is more in the grinding US styled way of Death Metal. Really brutal stuff!!! Stay tuned!!!

Do you like playing with stereotypes (in the lyrics), maybe you use themes that are inevitably connected with death metal. Or do you maybe rely on individualism?

Hm, the lyrics are definitely NOT about flowers, love and understanding. Furthermore I can’t stand those sort of preaching lyrics!!!
REVEL IN FLESH is a pure Death Metal band and the lyrics deal with real Death Metal elements; you can see them as some chronicles under the banner of Death. Brutal music needs brutal lyrics – that hits the nail on the head J

How serious do you take the “adventure” REVEL IN FLESH personally?

Let me put it like this: Since I’ve started this REVEL IN FLESH stuff I’ve put countless of hours and energy into this project; I’m a really dedicated person when it comes to my hobbies. I’m certainly NOT doing this on an “half - ass” way, Ha! Ha!

What has validates you in your idea to run your own neck killing monster? What gave the “kick off”?

Let me say the final “kick off” for me to start something new was when I’ve seen my old band falling more or less apart in a process of 1 ½ years. I’ve thought a long – time on starting something new; something more straight, something with a clear vision, something done without big discussion, something totally dedicated to the 90ies style; u know!!!

“Death Metal, the way it was meant to be”, that’s your statement to the music. Is this your own philosophy? Or do you think anything is behind death metal from the beginning? More than the sex, drugs and alcohol stuff?

Wow, the musical statement simply means to us that we wanna express with REVEL IN FLESH the way of Death Metal like we discovered it in the early 90ies. I don’t like the idea of Death Metal getting too technical etc.; you know this more fast, more blast etc. competition!!!
Death Metal should have a headbanging drive, a dark touch and brutal sound!!! Honest and intense music!!!
As you know in German we have a nice saying namely “Stumpf ist Trumpf”, Ha! Ha!

REVEL IN FLESH is mostly about the early 90ies musical roots. I have a hard time when the kids nowadays think that Death Metal got defined by bands like JOB FOR A COWBOY or AS I LAY DYING, for example!!!! Those kiddies definitely have NOT done their homework!!!

Philosophy!?! Well in the end I think that everybody has to do that what feels good to him or her. You have to do what you really like to give it a honest vibe!!!

What do you think why old school stuff is getting pelted with mud in some place again. And is the metal – press really able to influence the decisions of responsible, halfway soberly metal heads?

Hm, I’m not sure to what you refer in detail with your question, but I’m pretty sure that this so called “old school” Death Metal thing is a tiny sub genre; it’s for a small bunch of dedicated fans who really love this music with passion and not because it’s a trend or something else!!! Have in mind you won’t get laid or rich with this kind of Death Metal, Ha! Ha!

About the major Metalpress: It’s always a machinery behind the success of some styles of music, but in the end I’m really convinced that the fans and consumers have the power!!! Without fans there won’t be any tours, festivals etc.!!! Unfortunately a lot of business people forgot about that!!!

How long does it take, until the scene celebrates to death itself?

Death Metal will reign forever even after the departure of DISMEMBER!!! There will always been a bunch of sickos who like albums like “Left Hand Path”, “For god your soul for me your flesh”, “Mental Funeral”, “Dawn of Possession” etc. – so what the fuck!?!

Let’s get back to your band. Tell me about the “Wings Of death” clip! What connects you with insane kamikaze – Japanese? And where do you dig out such flicks. From what bad movie is it?

Let me put it like this, I’m not too much into fantasy stuff or fictional horror when it comes to write lyrics. I like to deal with facts and there is or has been a lot of true horror scenarios on this fucked up blue world. I like readings and watching documentaries a lot, of course war, part wise also WWII is part of that, too.

“Wings of Death” is NOT (!!!) about glorifying the act of “Kamikaze”, but fact is that for example the Japanese had back then a totally different attitude towards those methods; totally different then the thinking of the Western world.
The word “Kamikaze” is actually used by Americans in WWII, not by the Japanese. I’ve read a lot on that stuff; it’s truly sickening madness!!!

The video itself is more or less based on documentary stuff and some parts of the battle scenes refer to a Japanese movie, which is a really good one if you have a deeper interest in this matter!!!

Simply check out the video on your own here:


To put your music on stage could be difficult with just 2 enthusiasts. Or was it never conceived for it?

It was not my first thought, but right now things are developing really good. At the moment of writing we are working on a proper live line – up with session members.
The plan is to do a couple of well selected shows to support the release of “Deathevokation”, but so far it’s too early to tell you more about it!!!

What do you think, how authentic is your album, regarding of the early years of Swedish lead? Maybe you put your individualism in the balance if you stay too close to the old heroes?

Ha! Yeah, I know that “Deathevokation” is not revolutionary in terms of giving new elements etc.; we simply wanted to create Death Metal that feels ripping good to us and of course you hear that we are some “die hard” fans of some Swedish bands.

Well, I think this project is still in the beginning, so only time can tell where our musical path will grow. For example “Iron Coffin” is the last track we’ve written for this debut and it’s completely different in atmosphere and feeling than for example “Shadowbreeder”, whose basics date back to 2007!

Do the great melodic hooks come in your mind easily?

Nothing comes easily! I still have to learn and try out a lot...

You say you don’t accept compromises in your music, is it hard to keep it this way?

Hard to say indeed!!! Life is often about compromises...to keep it like this, in first line we do music that WE like, so I think being honest to yourself is the most important thing!!!

How does it feel to get support from Dan Swanö?

Well, although I’ve never talked to Dan Swanö face to face I think he’s one of the most professional studio engineers with whom I’ve worked so far.
To REVEL IN FLESH he has been for 666% the right person for the mastering of such a production.

Maybe he praises all who share his philosophy?

Well, it has been the 2nd time I’ve worked with Dan with one of my bands. I’ve always had the feeling that he tried to get the best out of the material he got delivered by us.
We’ve had a really good communication on the REVEL IN FLESH stuff and he has given us a lot of essential advices!!!

Believe me, there are a lot of “so called” producers out there who only have in mind how to get some quick Euros from “young” bands.

Dan Swanö is certainly a guy who has a massive amount of experience on this sector of Metal. Nothing comes over night! There’s a lot of work behind his reputation and all I can say is horns up to this guy!!!

When will we get the vinyl – version? Any surprises on it that ecstasize the despicable fan?

Hm, our label FDA REKOTZ wants to do the vinly version (at the moment of writing) closely after the CD release. It’s supposed to be 140g heavy vinyl and there will be a covertune which won’t be featured on the CD version.
It’s a classical tune from a late 80ies US Death Metal band from Chicago; be surprised!!!

You homestead are the Pits of Utumno, LOL. Have I look for Teutonic idols in your vita now? How far are you influenced from the scene right on your own doorstep?

Ha! Yeah I guess it’s a nice hint to MORGOTH!!!
Well, we both in REVEL IN FLESH have been part of the local Death Metal scene for a long – time. We’re located pretty much in the south of Germany and in terms of “classical” Death Metal you can find some cool acts here as well like CHAOSREIGN, DEATHVASTATION, SUCKING VOID, CORPORATE PAIN etc.!!! A band which had a big influence on REVEL IN FLESH is of course FLESHCRAWL (Hi Mike, alte “Snusfresse”!!!), Ha! Ha!

Do you have the courage to give me an forecast, or do you want to enjoy just the moment?

I don’t like the idea about loosing words about the stuff we do; I think it’s up to each and everyone to make up your own mind. All I can say it that we already started with the songwriting on new material. Some new tunes are already finished and I think that there’s definitely more to come, also in terms of songwriting!!!
There are plans for a possible split 7”EP. Simply check our sites regularly to be updated!!! Also regarding possible liveshows J

Last shot is yours!

Thanx a lot Jörg for this cool and in - depth chat!!! Really good questions!!! Furthermore we wanna thank FDA REKOTZ Records and all those who have been involved in the final release of “Deathevokation”. The album and merchandise will be out on 23rd of March 2012. All those who have not heard about REVEL IN FLESH so far, make sure to have a click at our sites if you like Death Metal old, rotten and with HM2 pedal driven touch!!!
Here we go: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Revel-in-Flesh/304228902958414
or http://revelinflesh.jimdo.com