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What do you expect from 4 Italians with passion for beer, yurts (: , barbecue, Rock´n Roll and Southern Music. An excellent musically booze – up with lots of groove, right? This is music for the girls who like big balls! Go for it!

How are you mate? Tell me, who are these Italians who draw so much yearning in the south of the USA?

Hi, we are four “mothafucha” who like pizza, mandolino and death ‘n’ roll!!

Among other things you juggle with Thrash & Death tunes, with Blood Duster groove and Black Sabbath severity. Are you full of highly gifted, creative ideas, or just some clever thieves?

Honestly? Both of them, but don’t tell anybody! It is our intention to create our own music, but keeping that from which it is inspired. That’s why in every song you’ll hear something that will remind you of a particular band.

Tell me something about the current album!

Drunk till Death came out of two years of songwriting, drinking, molesting people, and a studio session at 16th Cellar Studios. The tracks that you hear are the results of what we listen to and what we like.

“Nasty Jackass” is relatively simple and has some concise hooks and a chorus that sounds like a drunken rabble. Tell me about!

You got that! That’s exactly what we wanted: a perfect party soundtrack with speed and alcohol, horny ladies. In short, the best and last day of your life.

The closest approach to Blood Duster is probably “Dirty Sanchez”. Maybe it is almost too close to the Australian kangaroo – butchers?

Blood who? That’s one of our favourite bands, for their attitude and their music. One of our dreams is to share the stage with them.

Are you really into that Dirty Sanchez filth? For me as a German and connoisseur of Teutonic eating habits it is not sexy!

You’re right, but it depends on how much you drank. It pretends to be a provocation, what kind of girl wouldn’t like a sanchez mustaches? However, we enjoy talking and joking on strange themes.

I have the same idea about your Italian intros as of Mongolian yurt – construction. Maybe you can reveal to me more about it?

The first one closes the Dollar’s Trilogy by Sergio Leone: it’s taken from “A fistful of dollars”, and it’s Clint Eastwood’s voice (the man with no name). In our two previous releases we used intros from “The good, the bad and the ugly” (Vultur Mountain) and “For a few dollars more” (Death'n'Roll) . What we like to do in our music is to insert pieces of movies that we adore, especially from italian cinema. On “Cumming in socks” there is a CHETTEFRECA from Giorgio Bracardi, a crazy italian actor. On “Nasty jackass” there is a short piece of Bud Spencer, great inspiration for us, and for everybody (go and listen to Fistfest). Except from our love for this man, there’s always a link between our intros and the song they fit in.

How important is coolness? I mean no one can force such dirty and groovy songs!

Coolness is as important as building a Mongolian yurt. Maybe our force consists in being four friends and not four musicians, and being ourselves onstage and outside. Our attitude isn’t forced at all, that’s where all the fun comes out of during our gigs, for us and for our fans.

The base of almost every song is a fundamental riff that rocks like hell. Is this the main idea around that the song or is it something that grew out of the writing process?

That’s exactly how it works, in our writing process every song borns from a main guitar riff. This riff coming out of Ordnal’s Six-String Skull is then arranged by all of us, and sometimes our improvisations give useful results too. Aren’t guitar riffs that keep hammering in our shitmetalheads?

Are you more than a boozing, sexist and swearing band of brothers? What is your personal aspiration?

Going to live in a Mongolian yurt and find interior peace.

How much do you really think you are seriously influenced from Southern rock?

We are maniacs of southern rock. If you play some of our songs unplugged you can feel Southern influences mixed with Heavy, Thrash and Death metal. In “Redneck Zombie Distillery’s” verses there are sings and phrasings from Skynyrd, and “Slide Or Die” might be considered a ZZ Top-styile hard blues. These are two examples, but generally we love all genres coming from the South of U.S. (Delta Blues, Country, Bluesgrass, Southern Rock etc.) and you’ll find their influence in the other songs of “Drunk Till Death” and in our two previous releases.

Lyrical you don´t render honor to the southern heroes I suppose. Or are you contemporary reformers?

Our lyrics are pretty much ispired by sex, beer and rock ‘n roll. Even if we’re much into southern music and culture, we don’t write about traditional stuff. There’s a new southern contemprary scene growing, like Eyehategod, Down, Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, Crowbar, Hank III and BLS.

Who is the one with the filthy lyrical fantasies and what is it getting wrong in a sociological regard?

Our singer writes all the lyrics, but themes and arguments can come from everywhere and everyone: sometimes they arrive by chance, and sometimes they’re meant to be an outburst.

Alcohol, sex and dirty music, is this the stuff of what real men’s dreams are made?

Don’t forget barbeques and motorbikes…!

Uh, how could I forget it. Initially you had another name. Were you pissed of because you had to change it?

A little bit, we’ve been contacted by an american already exiting band named “Southern Brewtality”. The annoying thing wasn’t really the chaning matter, rather than their manner of telling us that if we refused to change our name, they would have acted legally. Then we made many attempts like Spaghetti Southern, or Southern Draught, and then we arrived to our definitive name.

In your bio I read something about “the famous 2 years, fuck”. What does it mean? Maybe that you were confused and disoriented?

It’s referred to the period in which our line up was not complete, they were two years in which our singer and guitarist couldn’t find the other members, so many drummers and bassists passed through our rehearsal yurt. Until they found the drummer and started hammering hard.

It seems you play a lot of shows. Is this temporarily compatible with your ordinary life? Or don’t you have one`?

Yes we do have our own lives and it’s not always easy to match it perfectly with the band, sometimes we need to do renunciations to keep it alive, and sometimes to pursue our lives and jobs. You can’t live just of bread and metal (you may break your teeth).

“In beer we trust”, what a statement from some Italians who have no idea about how to brew beer. How you will prove that you are not braggarts?

We're drinkers not braggarts, and we like all kind of beer... german, american and mongolian too!!! If you want we can do a challenge like "Zwei wie Pech und Schwefel" with beer and sausages!

I take the beer, don´t like sausage. Thx for your time and an impressive new album. Last drink is yours!

Thank you for this interview and your time, we’re glad you liked the album, and let’s hope to meet someday, as one of our best experiences ever was our gig in Albshausen, at the Black Sunset Festival in 2009. Cheers and remember… 2-0 Grosso / Del Piero, HU!

Friday, April 20, 2012


UNSU stands for blood – frenzy Grindcore, uncompromising heaviness and energetic stage – presence without brakes. UNSU is French earterror with immense risk of contagion. With a new Ep in the backpack they will tear down all walls. So guys it´s time to take shelter, before your dojo imploded!

Hi Micky, what ´s the state of play in UNSU currently?

Micky (vocals) : Hi, Jörg ! Well, everything’s fine for UNSU. We’re healthy, we have releases out and gigs put together. Everything’s really fine for us.

The name UNSU relates to some Asian bone – crushing –art, so who is the karate – doctor in the band?

M : Yep, you’re right : Unsu is a karate kata. Manu, one of the guitarists, the one who started the band when he still was in TREPAN’DEAD is an ex-karateka and found the name. Adrien (drums), Gerbe (guitars) and me aren’t into karate, but we thought the name was good, so we kept it.

Grindcore beyond the 3 chords attitude – is this your aspiration?

M : Three chords Grindcore bands are not a problem for me but I must admit I prefer when things are a bit more worked out and more pleasant listening to. As we’re all coming from different yet cousin scenes, like Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore or other styles, each one of us like to add he’s very own touch so our songs are a bit more complex yet enjoyable.

Give me some details about the current ep!

M : « The Filthy » is our debut MCD. The studio stuff on it comes from the very same session than our split 7” EP with ATARA. We wanted to release an other split 7” EP with the remaining tracks but, in the meantime, we signed to KAOTOXIN records in January and Nico offered us to release this session as a MCD with bonus live tracks to celebrate the headlining UK tour they put together for us which we did with MERCILESS PRECISION late February.

Why do you have it blown up with live songs, maybe a more potent split – partner would be more efficient for a handful of great songs ? Or do I have a false approach?

M : Shit, I think I’ve just answered, ah ! But, really, I like the way you see things, but as we had some live stuff and we wanted to add value for money for our fans and, knowing this would be the last stuff we’d release before the debut full-length and are working hard on the writing process now, we wanted to close a chapter, somehow. And, moreover, it should help people that didn’t see us live yet to have some kind of foretaste of the UNSU live, which is where we really belong and feel comfortable.

I mean live stuff is mostly interesting for fans who visited the show, otherwise the interest keep within a limit nowadays I think, or am I wrong?

M : I won’t totally agree on this, even if there’s no « magic formula ». We’re known for being a “live band”, the one you have to see on stage to really discover how brutal, fast, and full of energy UNSU can be. So, even if the sound’s obviously not perfect (that’s bootleg bonus material, after all, uh ?), the listener can have an idea of how intense an UNSU gig can be. Nowadays, everybody can make music with modern technologies, even music they wouldn’t be able to reproduce on stage. I definitely think a gig is the only way to actually show your audience what your band is actually worth of. Thus, adding a, even bootleg sounding, bunch of bonus live tracks is not, in my humble opinion, such a bad idea. But, time will prove me right or wrong...

Chaos and rush appear to be firmly columns of your excellent grinding music. How do you get order in the turmoil?

M : We’re playing together in UNSU since three years now. There has been an evolution in our songwriting and playing since then, obviously. So, it’s all about mastering turmoil and bringing controlled chaos on stage and in the studio, being fast and intense, brutal, but always really tight. For example, we’re working a lot on songwriting, sometimes spending hours on perfecting a single second or note of a song. This is the way we can be both brutal and intense, with mastering chaos. As for rush, well, with rehearsing a lot such as we do, for sure, we’re getting faster and faster. We are also very selective. If we’re not 100% happy with a song or riff or vocal line, we trash it and we write and rehearse until we’re totally satisfied and, then, we rehearse and get tighter, faster, more intense. This is the way we’re seeing chaos and rush.

What is your personal point of view about your ep? Is self-criticism motor or brake actually?

M : The MCD has been released early March. That’s quite fresh, so we didn’t really have the time to have some after thoughts about it. We like it, even if, of course, there are some bits there and there we could have improved but that’s for sure will be done on our debut full-length. We’re never 100% satisfied with our stuff. I mean, of course, when we have a song done, we love it. But, there’s always something we can improve or would like to, in the playing, tightness or whatever, for example. Staying unsatisfied is a great fuel to UNSU’s motor.

What about the cover? Pigs are currently popular obviously. Synonym for anything?

M : Seb of Grafik Roady did it and we’re really happy with it. Killer work, I must say ! There’s no symbolic message or whatever with this artwork. We were working on some design, Seb came with the idea of the pig head which obviously pleased us a lot (mainly Gerbe, which day job is butcher !) but it lacked something. We had some chats and came the idea of having not only a head, but transforming it into some « pig in a smoking ». We really love the whole CD layout’s color scheme too (Seb also did the layout).

Lyrically you don’t take it too serious as lots of other grind bands do. What’s the reason, maybe you have just more humor than others?

M : Well, as being the singer, I’m the one to write the lyrics. We’re not a political band or a band with some sort of message, you know ? All we’re caring about is doing the music we love the best we can. We’re not there to spread our views but you’re totally right, we have a great sense of humor! Ahahahah! Our lyrics usually deal with split personality, which are fitting the music very well, I think, and can be used as a basis for many things, and, also, with private jokes.

Have you needed the NASUM – cover song to show even the last idiot which side one´s bread is buttered?

M : Of course it wasn’t necessary, but we love playing this song and our version is much more faster than the original, this was a challenge to us, when we were kids, you see ? We were like “one day, we’ll play as fast as this or that band”. Among the said bands, there was Nasum, for sure. On « The Filthy », is already way faster than the original, but, now, we play it even faster, live.

The partnership with your label Kaotoxin shall be durable? Tell me about!

M : The deal with Kaotoxin records is planned to be on the long term, yes. We signed with Nico for a three albums deal. We’re gonna record the first one by the end of this year for a tentative release during the first half of 2013 and Nico is helping a lot finding the good partners and good deals (promo, booking, etc.). We will eventually film our debut music video for the MCD title track, “The Filthy”, late June.

Beside all that high speed bashing, how important are grooves actually?

M : Grooves are mandatory ! Whatever the style, the groove is what really makes the difference between two bands, in my humble opinion.

Is you music dirty as your ep – title promises? Or is it just a common adjective that fits to every gind band?

M : « The Filthy » is one of the song on the MCD. We choose it to be the title too because it’s one of which we’re the most proud. It’s groovy, it’s really brutal in the first part. It’s really a good example of an UNSU song. For the real deal about filth, just meet us after a few days of touring without taking a shower and, then, you’ll see we’re as filthy as any other Grindcore band !

Is it a typical grind attitude to release splits and ep´s, and disregard a regular album?

M : You’re absolutely right. Grindcore is an underground genre, so many bands are self-releasing their stuff or are releasing splits. Grindcore is all about not taking yourself too seriously and having fun during gigs. The same goes for us. We started with a demo (“Moral Distortion”, Douchebag records, 2010), then we released a split 7” EP with France’s ATARA (Douchebag records, Rewolucja records, 2011) and then this MCD. We wanted to grow the natural way before releasing the debut full-length, which is planned for 2013. Sure, this is sometimes disregarded, but we want to release full-lengths.

You are influenced from Swedish grind & crust music. Why actually?

M : Simply because that’s our preferred brand of Grindcore. When we’re writing our stuff, we don’t say ourselves “let’s sound like this or that band or song”, what we write is just what’s naturally coming to mind as inspiration.

UNSU is made up of musicians with different experiences. Can you make good use of that fact? Are you a homogenous band of brothers?

M : Yep. Gerbe is also playing the guitar in DARKALL SLAVES (also signed to Kaotoxin records), a Brutal Death Metal band that fucking kills, Manu, at first, was playing in both UNSU and TREPAN’DEAD, a Grindcore band from Northern France, but he’s now only playing in UNSU and both Adrien and me are playing in PURIFY, some kind of very dark Hardcore with which we just recorded the debut full-length. Gerbe, Adrien and me are playing together since more than ten years now and, when we met Manu, it has been very natural between us all since the very beginning. Now, we know each other quite well, a real team, and being from different musical horizons brings a lot to the UNSU sound, I guess, helping having a wider spectrum of playing, inspiration, etc. And, when it comes to touring, we just have to check everyone’s planning, nothing complex. These guys aren’t my friends, you know? They’re just a bunch of retards… No! Just kidding: these guys are, simply put, my very best friends.

What makes brutal music so fascinating for yourself? Is it maybe more than music?

M : I don’t really know what’s happening in the other dudes’ minds, so I’ll answer for myself, but brutal music is, to me, the way to feel and express emotions you can’t find anywhere else in your daily life, like rage, hatred and such. A kind of relaxing therapy made of musical poetry, you see? Fuck, that’s a beautiful sentence, isn’t it? Ahahah! I don’t think we’re that kind of though and full frontal guys in our everyday’s life, you know ? We’re just silly, may be, but we’re not brutes.

What do you think, how intensive you can force the band in future?

M : Right now, we just signed to KAOTOXIN records for three full-lengths. We’re gonna fulfill the deal and then see. But, in the meantime, I think a band needs a constant actuality, so we’re gonna do all we can to bring it to the next level with each step we’re gonna take, like filming that music video, touring over and over and such. But, of course, we’re playing Grindcore, we know we’ll never earn a living out of UNSU, but we’re always do our maximum for the band and I can promise you’ll hear of us quite often.

Last shot is yours!

M : Besides the obvious « thanks, Jörg », my last word will be BITE!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


“No bullshit...from the your face. Chicago Death Metal since 1988”
CIANIDE is an Chicago Death Metal institution with almost 25 years of experience and passion. I thought it’s time to get this 3 – piece war machine in my blog and so I have sent a bunch of questions to Mike (bass, vox). Let´s see what it means to be a real Death Metal maniac!

Hi Mike, how are you. What’s the state of play in Cianide in the year of the apocalypse?

Doing well man, doing well! It would take more than the Apocalypse for CIANIDE to break up. We’re too stupid to announce that and then be able to coin in big $$$ for our big “reunion shows”. Stupid I tell you. Fucking STUPID! Heh heh!

Why has Deepsend re – released “Hells´ Rebirth”? And what about the demo tracks, I mean they are as regular songs already contained.

Deepsend wanted to put it out since it’s only available as an import here in the States and it’s also out of print. So they purchased the license from Displeased. We demoed almost all of the songs for that album. Just for ourselves though, we never released them or anything. We thought it would be a good idea to throw some of the better versions on the reissue as they are a bit different sounding than the final album versions.

Tell me about the “A Descent Into Hell“ box? That looks pretty cool.

It is cool! Well it’s out now on The Crypt who does awesome reissues. Triple gatefold, triple LP played at 45rpm for maximum metal damage. It also contains our “CIANIDE…..KILLS!” demo and a few other tunes. Get some…

Are you merely stroking your souls with that, or is it something like a reward for your old fans too? To get some new it is unsuitable I think?

Both!! People were always asking us about the availability of the first 2 records as they are long out of print so we said, “fuck it”. It’s a good a time as any to get some of these reissues out of the way and besides I’m a selfish prick. I just want one for ME!

There will be an unreleased track on it. Why you have restrained it so long, it must a hideous one, ha ha.

All our songs are hideous! HIDEOUS MANGLEUS! Hah! It really wasn’t an unreleased song per se. “Scourging At The Pillar” actually was on the original CD version, just wasn’t listed on the track listing. Sort of like a hidden track.

You will also some songs for a ep in future, tell me about!

Not much to tell at this point. We need to write some more songs first! Probably 4 or 5 tunes total. Maybe a cover song. Who knows?

A band without a ep is similar to the USA without lunar – landing. From where comes the necessity to release one after all this years?

That’s what I always say. Heh! Well because it takes us so long to write songs I’ll probably 70 years old by the time we get another album’s worth of material going. Heh heh!!

How is it possible not getting tired after almost 25 years into death metal? Why are you still here, while so many others bit the dust?

Oh believe me, we’re ALWAYS tired! Be it from work, being hung-over or whatever. We get asked this question all the time and there’s not really one definite answer. The simplest is that we just enjoy what we do. There’s been no valid reason to quit. We’re just three good friends still dig getting down in the basement once or twice a week to drink, talk shit and play the heaviest music ever.

You play an uncomplicated although a much efficient style from the beginning. Is this your secret why you stay so unaffected and sturdy all the time?

I think it has less to do with the actual music and more to do with who we are as people. No egos involved in this camp at all. In fact there’s never been a chance for one to get cultivated.
We never toured, so we still enjoy each other’s company and we never made money off this shit, so there’s no reason for anyone to get on a high horse either. I think this ties in to the above question as well. We’re just three regular assholes doing what we do. If people dig it or it “catches on” then great. If not, we’ll still be at it. You can count on that.

Scott said in an interview: “In Chicago, everyone’s just kind of laidback and does whatever they do. There’s no mindset about conquering the world.” Is this true, have you never had attempts to play the big international stages?

I would say so, at least with the bands that we’re friends with. You are the company you keep eh? Deep down everybody wants some sort of recognition, which goes without saying. I think what Scott meant was that nobody in Chicago wants to KISS ASS to get it.
We want things done on our terms or you can stick it up your ass. This is the internet age so we’re not that hard to find. If you want us to play, contact us and ask. We have no management or whatnot. Last thing we’re gonna do is kiss some promoter guys ass to get on some bill. That’s pathetic.

Chicago has spawned really remarkable metal bands, from Macabre to Master / Abomination / Death Strike, from Cardiac Arrest to DeathCult. Where do you see Cianide thereby, in the shadow of Speckmann (lol), or even shadow throwing?

Paul’s always gonna be the King of Chicago Metal, even if he doesn’t live here anymore. It’s an honor just to be mentioned alongside all the great fucking metal bands that came from this city, and even the upcoming ones.

Between “Funeral” and “Gods of Death” lies almost a half life. How much of yourself is into it? Has time buried ideals and convictions, or have you got some new?

Time just makes the ideals and convictions more solid actually. I’ve been CIANIDE longer than I’ve been alive, surely for my entire adult life. This isn’t a fad or a phase for me. Never has been and never will.
It’s who I am: Unashamed and nothing to prove to anybody.

It seems death metal never lost its charm for you, thereby many things have changed, not only musically, right?

No it hasn’t. As long as there are new bands coming up out of the pike to kick some serious ass, why should it? People seemingly can change their musical tastes like an on/off switch. If you liked it before, why is it not good now, because you “grew up”? That means you were a phony from the start. Says a lot about a person actually, at least to me. I have no time to waste on such people.

Does the term “old school “sound strange for someone who knows that kind of music from the bottom up?

Nah. It’s becoming a bit overused as of late, but if that’s what people wanna call it I can hardly give two shits. I like putting things into categories myself so…

All the split releases are old school indeed, right? How do you get the split partners?

Just from being mutual fans of each other’s bands. It’s as simple as, “Hey you guys KILL! Wanna do a split?” If we both have songs ready to go you move forward with the release. If not, shit sits in limbo. We gotta queue of three splits already waiting to happen!

How many labels have you “attired” in the past?

Let’s see: Grindcore/Red Light (I consider them the same), Lost Horizon, Merciless Records, From Beyond/Displeased and HellsHeadbangers – and these are just for the full lengths. For the reissues we have Razorback, Dark Descent and Deathgasm. Those last two are up coming. Yeah we like to spread the misery!

Have you really never had trouble with the lineup? How is this possible, you must feel privileged? Do you never get on your tits among each other?

Get on our tits? Ugh. Thanks for the visual man! Heh heh! We’ve had our issues over the years to be sure, but we’re adults. Nobody “takes their ball and goes home”. We deal with it and work it out. I guess you can say we’re “grown ups” in that regard.

What Cianide release makes you really proud and which one you´d like to throw into the Atlantic?

“Descent Into Hell” and “Gods of Death” are my 2 favorites, but I love everything we’ve done or else we wouldn’t have done it.

Last shot is yours!

Thanks Jörg and FATALGRIND!!