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What do you expect from 4 Italians with passion for beer, yurts (: , barbecue, Rock´n Roll and Southern Music. An excellent musically booze – up with lots of groove, right? This is music for the girls who like big balls! Go for it!

How are you mate? Tell me, who are these Italians who draw so much yearning in the south of the USA?

Hi, we are four “mothafucha” who like pizza, mandolino and death ‘n’ roll!!

Among other things you juggle with Thrash & Death tunes, with Blood Duster groove and Black Sabbath severity. Are you full of highly gifted, creative ideas, or just some clever thieves?

Honestly? Both of them, but don’t tell anybody! It is our intention to create our own music, but keeping that from which it is inspired. That’s why in every song you’ll hear something that will remind you of a particular band.

Tell me something about the current album!

Drunk till Death came out of two years of songwriting, drinking, molesting people, and a studio session at 16th Cellar Studios. The tracks that you hear are the results of what we listen to and what we like.

“Nasty Jackass” is relatively simple and has some concise hooks and a chorus that sounds like a drunken rabble. Tell me about!

You got that! That’s exactly what we wanted: a perfect party soundtrack with speed and alcohol, horny ladies. In short, the best and last day of your life.

The closest approach to Blood Duster is probably “Dirty Sanchez”. Maybe it is almost too close to the Australian kangaroo – butchers?

Blood who? That’s one of our favourite bands, for their attitude and their music. One of our dreams is to share the stage with them.

Are you really into that Dirty Sanchez filth? For me as a German and connoisseur of Teutonic eating habits it is not sexy!

You’re right, but it depends on how much you drank. It pretends to be a provocation, what kind of girl wouldn’t like a sanchez mustaches? However, we enjoy talking and joking on strange themes.

I have the same idea about your Italian intros as of Mongolian yurt – construction. Maybe you can reveal to me more about it?

The first one closes the Dollar’s Trilogy by Sergio Leone: it’s taken from “A fistful of dollars”, and it’s Clint Eastwood’s voice (the man with no name). In our two previous releases we used intros from “The good, the bad and the ugly” (Vultur Mountain) and “For a few dollars more” (Death'n'Roll) . What we like to do in our music is to insert pieces of movies that we adore, especially from italian cinema. On “Cumming in socks” there is a CHETTEFRECA from Giorgio Bracardi, a crazy italian actor. On “Nasty jackass” there is a short piece of Bud Spencer, great inspiration for us, and for everybody (go and listen to Fistfest). Except from our love for this man, there’s always a link between our intros and the song they fit in.

How important is coolness? I mean no one can force such dirty and groovy songs!

Coolness is as important as building a Mongolian yurt. Maybe our force consists in being four friends and not four musicians, and being ourselves onstage and outside. Our attitude isn’t forced at all, that’s where all the fun comes out of during our gigs, for us and for our fans.

The base of almost every song is a fundamental riff that rocks like hell. Is this the main idea around that the song or is it something that grew out of the writing process?

That’s exactly how it works, in our writing process every song borns from a main guitar riff. This riff coming out of Ordnal’s Six-String Skull is then arranged by all of us, and sometimes our improvisations give useful results too. Aren’t guitar riffs that keep hammering in our shitmetalheads?

Are you more than a boozing, sexist and swearing band of brothers? What is your personal aspiration?

Going to live in a Mongolian yurt and find interior peace.

How much do you really think you are seriously influenced from Southern rock?

We are maniacs of southern rock. If you play some of our songs unplugged you can feel Southern influences mixed with Heavy, Thrash and Death metal. In “Redneck Zombie Distillery’s” verses there are sings and phrasings from Skynyrd, and “Slide Or Die” might be considered a ZZ Top-styile hard blues. These are two examples, but generally we love all genres coming from the South of U.S. (Delta Blues, Country, Bluesgrass, Southern Rock etc.) and you’ll find their influence in the other songs of “Drunk Till Death” and in our two previous releases.

Lyrical you don´t render honor to the southern heroes I suppose. Or are you contemporary reformers?

Our lyrics are pretty much ispired by sex, beer and rock ‘n roll. Even if we’re much into southern music and culture, we don’t write about traditional stuff. There’s a new southern contemprary scene growing, like Eyehategod, Down, Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, Crowbar, Hank III and BLS.

Who is the one with the filthy lyrical fantasies and what is it getting wrong in a sociological regard?

Our singer writes all the lyrics, but themes and arguments can come from everywhere and everyone: sometimes they arrive by chance, and sometimes they’re meant to be an outburst.

Alcohol, sex and dirty music, is this the stuff of what real men’s dreams are made?

Don’t forget barbeques and motorbikes…!

Uh, how could I forget it. Initially you had another name. Were you pissed of because you had to change it?

A little bit, we’ve been contacted by an american already exiting band named “Southern Brewtality”. The annoying thing wasn’t really the chaning matter, rather than their manner of telling us that if we refused to change our name, they would have acted legally. Then we made many attempts like Spaghetti Southern, or Southern Draught, and then we arrived to our definitive name.

In your bio I read something about “the famous 2 years, fuck”. What does it mean? Maybe that you were confused and disoriented?

It’s referred to the period in which our line up was not complete, they were two years in which our singer and guitarist couldn’t find the other members, so many drummers and bassists passed through our rehearsal yurt. Until they found the drummer and started hammering hard.

It seems you play a lot of shows. Is this temporarily compatible with your ordinary life? Or don’t you have one`?

Yes we do have our own lives and it’s not always easy to match it perfectly with the band, sometimes we need to do renunciations to keep it alive, and sometimes to pursue our lives and jobs. You can’t live just of bread and metal (you may break your teeth).

“In beer we trust”, what a statement from some Italians who have no idea about how to brew beer. How you will prove that you are not braggarts?

We're drinkers not braggarts, and we like all kind of beer... german, american and mongolian too!!! If you want we can do a challenge like "Zwei wie Pech und Schwefel" with beer and sausages!

I take the beer, don´t like sausage. Thx for your time and an impressive new album. Last drink is yours!

Thank you for this interview and your time, we’re glad you liked the album, and let’s hope to meet someday, as one of our best experiences ever was our gig in Albshausen, at the Black Sunset Festival in 2009. Cheers and remember… 2-0 Grosso / Del Piero, HU!

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