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Although Tormented may sound oldschool it is not deliberately so, this is Death Metal to us! One of the reasons for us sounding this way is that some of us have been there since the very beginning playing in bands such as: Darkified, Edge of Sanity, Marduk, Pan-Thy-Monium to name a few, but the main reason is that we enjoy what we do… Rotten Death Metal!!!
Nothing more to say!

Hi Andreas, I hope you have enough lust for more infamous action after your last walk over the graveyard. How are you, what´s the state of play in Tormented?

Hey, the state of play is playing a lot at the moment, rehearsing for some summer shows and perfecting the songs for the next album and things are going great.

You put together some big metal - names in the early 90th, will that happen with Tormented again?

I don’t think so, even so I think we´re pretty "known" in the scene though, but the early 90´s can only happen once you know? There´s another climate today there´s nothing new with death metal, you can only loose your virginity once, right? That being said, Tormented are not aiming to be a mediocre band we´re determined to deliver the best death metal out would be pretty pointless to play in any sort of band if don’t believe in what you´re doing and I really hope Tormented would be the biggest band ever, but you don’t play death metal to get rich.

Tell me something about the idea behind Tormented!

To play the death metal us as a band want to hear and having a good time doing it!

You have played with almost innumerable bands. Maybe Tormented is just another piece of puzzle in your oeuvre?

No, I think I´m done, if something cool comes up, or people I have respect for want to do something with me...sure! But I see no reason playing death metal in any other band than Tormented, other than an excuse for drinking with friends around the world, but other styles of music I´m sure I´ll want to explore.

For sure your sound is rougher as a lot of your country – mates usually play Death Metal. Purpose or coincidence?

Purpose of course! For us anyway...polished death metal sucks!

You have released a ep right now and a new full length is ready. Perhaps you think your time is running out?

Ha, ha, ha...No! We are just loving this so much, we can’t stop making songs!

Was it your idea to release “Graveyard Lust” as digipack?

Yes, reason being that cd´s are ugly and digipack makes it look a little bit better at least!

Why do you needed 2 years to tug the recordings into the sunlight?

The EP? It such a loooooong story involving so much misfortune/bad luck and pain I can’t even be bothered to explain, It´s out now and that’s what really matters, but somehow everything we´ve recorded actually has come out in chronological order by mistake, so maybe there´s a reason.

To work with War Anthem again – was it your first choice, your only choice, a favor under fellas, what is it?

Jarne is really easy to work with and I´ve known him for a good while, that’s the reason!

Your voice sounds more like a rotten punk than the typical death metal burps. How important is it to set oneself apart from the others?

Very important I would say, of course you get inspired from others whilst you are younger, but I think my main aim with the vocals was to not sound like death metal´s second wave bands, my aim was maybe the first wave of what was called death metal like Bathory, Death, Possessed…and I will always be very inspired by Tom Araya, Pelle Dead and of course Cronos!

Follows the next album the same tracks then the other releases you did, or do you look for new aspects?

You do get better at what you do of course, and you want to challenge yourself, but there´s no plan to do a "Nothingface" or anything like that, we´re pretty much doing what we´ve always done....maybe there´s a little more 1985-thrashvibe in some our newer songs!

After more than 20 years, songwriting must be a child´s play. Or is the “pool of creativity” empty sometime?

I don’t really remember how I wrote songs when I was younger but nowadays I don’t really force anything out there, it´s just …there! Sometimes you have to correct something that feels wrong in a song and maybe then you "write" a riff, this is just me though, I know Claes plays the guitar a lot more than me making up stuff and maybe that’s his way.

There are so many new bands and young fucks out there, do you need big balls to persist beside the hordes of whippersnappers?

I don’t know. I think we´re doing just fine!!!!

Without a piece of morbidity Tormented wouldn´t work. How important is it to preserve an authentic and fucked up attitude?

We don’t have that at all, we want things to look a certain way and we want our shows to be entertaining that’s it! I guess the fucked up attitude is there in some way, but that’s just the people we are and the morbidity is of course there...come on!? Why play death metal without that? It`s like playing the blues without a broken heart.

Are you, in musically sense, an “multiethnic state”?, or have you guys all the same interests in metal?

We listen to all kinds of music and we don´t share opinions about all metal...ha,ha! As a collective we all love Dismember and Death and early Metallica and Slayer! But I think that’s very healthy actually, you get to influence each other with what you yourself like and vice versa, but in the way we want Tormented to sound there´s no question mark! Our vision about that is the same!

How many time and energy will you sacrifice for Tormented in future? Constrains the focus for old school Death your creativity, or do you have enough scope for another 20 years?

I´m gonna give it all I got man! I really got big hopes for the new album coming out on Listenable and after touring Europe with Black Breath I know we do a great job live to, and our next aim I think is try to get over to the states for a tour with them, but first we´re gonna do a killer album!!!

Would you like to use a time machine? Or don´t you have any reason to mourn something?

If I want to change my past? No I don´t think so, not in the big picture at least.

My first Death Metal vinyl was Benedictions´ ”Subconscious Terror”, my first grind vinyl Defecations´” Purity Dilution”. What was yours, what are your memories?

I remember falling asleep to Napalm Death´s "Scum" when I was younger, also I remember listening to "Under The Sign..." with Bathory over and over and over and it´s still my fave Bathory album!

Last shout from the graveyard is yours!

Thanx for the interveiw and I´m sorry about the fucking looong delay!

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