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Whoretopsy is a slam death metal band from The band was formed by vocalist Storma (Insidious Torture) and guitarist AJ (ex-Empty The Throne) in early 2011 with the goal of creating nothing but the most devastating music possible. After the release of a three-track demo in April 2011, worldwide attention has been garnered and what was initially supposed to be a studio-only project rapidly grew into something a lot bigger. In June 2011, Whoretopsy – now featuring a full line-up with the additions of Lachy on bass, Giles on drums and Matt as second guitarist – played their first live show and received overwhelming response from the local Australian metal scene. The band’s debut full-length album, “They Did Unspeakable Things”, was recorded in September 2011, and released on CD by the German death metal record label Torture Music Records in March 2012.

Hi Storma, Greetings around the globe from Germany. How's the winter weather in Australia?

Fucking cold mate! Spring just kicked in so looking forward to some warmer weather.

Born on the New Year ’s Day in 2011 – that sounds like a hangover idea after massive drunkenness, right?

Haha, not really. I was really hungover though. I hadn't seen A.j for a few months. I'd sent out a Happy New Year text to all my mates and A.j was like 'hey bro, you wanna lay some vox down for my new slam project?' He emailed me a few tracks and I liked what I heard. I began working on patterns and lyrics for fun and never thought Whoretopsy would actually become a touring band.

But you guys were not totally ignorant when it came to writing music. Tell me about the other bands you are in!

I started doing vocals for a band called Terrorust back in 2007. Then started Insidious Torture with Matt Skitz and Dan O'Grady after Terrorust disbanded.
A.j was in a band called Empty the Throne.

How serious can a bunch of musicians run a project, when they are involved in other bands?

Whoretopsy was actually a breath of fresh air for me. Insidious Torture hadn't done anything for a while, and Empty the Thone had disbanded. A.j and I both had time for something new.

Are you a simple Slam – band or much more?

We have a lot of Influences. A.j listens to everything from The Wiggles to Vulvectomy. We think that we have a lot more flavor than (dun dun dun dun riffs) and gurlgly vocals, although you will find a lot of influences from bands such as Devourment.
These days everyone wants to label bands and file them into all sorts of sub genres. Im failry old school and just call it Death metal.

A lot of riffs (not nearly all) are variations of what I have heard in Brutal Slam often, the cover is also a variation of the poor and wasted bitch who adorns the covers of a lot of bands. Are you not afraid the borders of that genre are too tight?

We have had a lot of positive feedback on facebook and youtube saying we 'don't fit the mould for your typical slam band'. We do have 'Slams' and they are variations I guess but it's these similarities that make it work. A chunky riff is a chunky riff and I know everytime I hear these sorts of riffs while I'm driving I want to bite my steering wheel and steer my ute with my teeth.
I grew up listening to Cannibal Corpse. I vaguely remember when the cover art was deemed to 'offensive' in Australia and all copies on the shelves were replaced with plain white covers with a black CC logo in the middle. I loved the idea of something being 'banned', especially by people who didn't understand it.
For years I'd try a 'lucky dip' at CD stores. This was before myspace and facebook. Knowing nothing about the band, I'd purchase a CD based on the cover art, song/album titles and the bands name.
I guess this has stuck with me and I'd want someone to be drawn to the CD without knowing anything about Whoretopsy.
I don't think the boundaries are too tight were just doing what we love.

What are your demands, is there something you want still explore?

We have a new EP coming out soon. We have stepped it up from 'They did unspeakable things' This is where we want to be right now. As for the future we'll see what happens once we start writing our second album. We always aim to push ourselves and get better and better.

Your lyrics come out almost factual, rather a police – report than artistic representations. Why have you chosen that way?

The lyrics are just short stories. They are played out as little movies in my head. It just happens that way. I think of a fucked idea and work on it.

Are you some kind of true crime freaks?

I must admit I am fascinated with true crime. The more bizarre the better.

Let´s dabble in! What happens in room 19?

He just wanted to feel beautiful, even if just for a moment.

Why you have used a “Japanese drummer” for the recordings of “They Did Unspeakable Things”?

Haha, We did have a drummer, Dan from Odiusembowel ,but the writing process was taking too long due to his other band commitments. We parted ways with Dan and didnt really have time to find a new drummer as Torture Music Records were waiting for us to record. Drummers are hard to come by in Melbourne so we decided to use programmed drums for 'They did Unspeakable things'

I think AJ hat tried to avoid a too much synthetic sound, what maybe means it was not your first choice?

We wanted it to sound as natural as possible as we did intend on using a real drummer in the beginning. Actually just after we finished the album we found our new drummer Gilsey. It was just bad timing otherwise he would have recorded the album with us.

Now, with a permanent drummer, the sound on stage is more authentic and “fleshier”, is it?

Gilesy is killing it! He is a perfect fit for us. His drumming can be heard on our upcoming ep. He adds a new dimension to the band and influences the writing process.

You have released in Germany on a small label, what means you know where the metal lives, ha ha. Tell me about this decision!

Haha. This decision was easy. Janis from Torture Music Records saw we had potential and went above and beyond to help us release our first album. We would love to play some shows in Gremany in the future and give Yanis a cuddle.

What’s the biggest or hardest part in writing/recording music?

Actually writing new Whoretopsy comes fairly naturally. We all jump in the rehearsal room and work on ideas. We're all on the same page and know when something sounds right. We practice regularly and by the time we hit the studio we know exactly what to do.

What chance do you give your music for the future or does it not play a roll now?

I think for a relatively new band we are going ok. We just take each day as it comes. I think for a band to survive to need to be constantly evolving. As long as you don't forget your roots. You need to keep the listeners interested.

I think it is hard to gain a foothold in the scene in general, because the mass of new bands is amazing and a lot of them croak without even being heard. What do you think?

These days every band starts on a level playing field. We all have access to social media. If the music’s good enough and you work hard to promote your band and have a professional approach, you can stand out in a crowd. I have seen many good bands with potential world class material that never get out of the garage.

What’s your masterplan to become the most brutal and unforgettable motherfuckers on earth?

Haha, we don't have a master plan. It is rewarding when we hear good feedback like "you guys are sick! Tour the states now!" The fact that people are buying our music, merch and want to see us live means a lot to us. As for being unforgettable, If I’m an old bloke sitting at the pub having a pint and someone says "Remember Whoretopsy?, they were fucking brutal?" I'd probably shit my nest.

What unspeakable things you will do next?

We are looking forward to playing Bangkok death fest with legends Cannibal Corpse this October!
Like us on and keep an eye out for all updates on the new EP.

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