Friday, December 14, 2012


ENTRAPMENT means Zombifying Soultearing Death Metal, or something like that. That classic Death Metal outfit from THE NETHERLANDS came up with a debut album called “The Obscurity Within” recently. I have talked with Michel, the man behind it, about the album.  

Hi Michel, you have played in Massive Assault, is this time still in your mind?

I’m still in contact with them. We’re gonna do a split 7” in 2013.Some of the Entrapment recordings are also done at Fredda’s Dirty Bird Studio.

Is this punk or crust feeling? who was part of M.A., determinative for Entrapment?

I used to play in a band called Makiladroras, a crust punk, metal band so I think it’s my mixture of punk and metal what you can hear in both bands.

Why did you start alone, you have had so many ideas, that you could not wait until you got a full lineup?

At that time I had no time to play in a band due to family and work situations. I still was full of ideas so I recorded them on my computer. After I had a bunch of songs I went to a real studio to record them.

Your early demo stuff is being released as a compilation. What’s the reason for that?

Many people were asking me about a cd release, since everything was on tape and 7” I thought it would be a great idea to put everything on 1 disc. Godeater Records contacted me with the same idea. And we started working on it.

On that release your creative process is plainly visible, the development comprehensible. Would you confirm that?

Yes, the first demo was recorded without any pressure…just for fun…after all the great reactions the 2nd demo had to sound just as good or even better. Same with the 7” and now the new album!
Basses, deep guitars, morbid feeling and classic solos, is this the formula to your success?
Since a few years there’s a new platform with younger guys playing the ancient style again. People being sick of those huge clinical metal productions. I think Entrapment s got an honest sound and works with the same formula as the old bands back in the days.
What about the lineup today?
We’ve got Jeroen on guitar and Henke on bass, I’ve played with them in Massive Assault. On drums we’ve got Martin who’s also playing with me in another band called Suffering Quota.
Is the band name something prophetic, do you want to entrap someone? I did not find the hook yet, LOL
Well actually the name came from the Asphyx project called Soulburn (end of the 90’s), one of the songs is called Hellish Entrapment…it doesn’t really have a deeper meaning. I thought it sounded pretty good.

Any connections to the Lovecraft universe, that influenced you lyrically … maybe? It´s a field full of perverse ideas, right?

Have to admit the Lovecraft influences on the song, it suits just really good for death metal. haha.

That kind of morbid lyrics with ancient horror and stuff, it has this influence to your music too? Relating to the atmosphere of the songs?

I think it combines pretty good. Lots of delay makes it more sinister and the way Death Metal should be. In combination with the lyrics it becomes almost a soundtrack.
Tell me about the new album!

Well, it’s released on Soulseller Records and  the artwork is done by Mattias Frisk singer for Vanhelgd, and he did a great job! It contains 8 new songs and 2 older songs re-recorded. The style remains the same, old and rotten death metal, but maybe this times there’s some more autopsy influences in some of the songs.

A really morbid song with goose bumps is the title track, tell me about!

The intro was inspired by the 2nd autopsy lp, after that it D beat time with a catchy refrain.  The lyrics deal with some uproar inside a mass tomb..or maybe a kind of Nightbreed theme.

The main themes of the songs are mostly simple, and than you put a net of dark melodies and solos over it. How do you arrange a song?

Actually just as you said, I starts off with a standard basis rock structure and when I’m satisfied I try to put some leads over it.
Are the other musicians conforming with your way to play Death Metal?

Yes, we know each other for years and we’re listening to the same music Besides that we’re drinking buddies in the bar, haha. Entrapments music is pretty simple to play but it’s also very punky and for some metal heads with lots of technical skills it’s hard to play something simple and energetic.

What makes you creative, or do you not see yourself not particularly creative?

I’ve always been creative. I did artschool although didn’t finish it haha. I’m a professional screen printer. Besides playing music I organize shows and do the posters and the promotion. So there’s an urge for creative exposure and Entrapment is a part of it.

Is the album something like a homage to the stone age of Death Metal, and among other things?

Pretty much yes. I think most new Death Metal bands take their influences from the old bands. It’s really hard to come up with something new these days.

How important is the feeling, the authenticity of classical Death Metal?

For me it’s very important, not only for Death Metal. I lost interest in extreme metal at the end of the 90’s with those stupid photoshop cd artwork, clinical productions etc. etc. I found the rawness back in the crust hardcore scene when bands like Tragedy, Wolfbrigade, Disfear were just putting out their first records.

How serious do you take the project from now and in the times as you worked alone in your basement ?

I still try to do everything in my own tempo and as long I enjoy it I will write new songs.
Jeroen is also writing songs now, he also did guitar tracks, solo’s and bass on the full length and it works out great.

Was Entrapment (and is) something you had to do? something with inner convincement? Or have you constant wanderings in your head, that want to get out? What is it, makes you tick?

Yes, it was something that I had to try out. Massive Assault is a death metal band with an impressive guitar sound and lot’s of 2 beats and D beats. I wanted something more raw and dirty but couldn’t find the right guys for to start a band.

Last spot is yours!

Thanks for the interview and the support!