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Spanish horror maniacs GRUESOME STUFF RELISH will have a new album entitled “Sempiternal Death Grind” out on FDA this month. I have talked with Noel Kemper and here are all relevant news about it.

Hi Noel, how are you? Are you nervous to have a new album soon, or is it just routine all in all?
Hi Jorg! Doing well and you? I´m not nervous but I want to play again with GSR. I haven´t listened to the album since we recorded it but I know we did a good work. Recording new albums is my favourite routine!!!
Your first album in almost 5 years – what are your listeners to expect? What has happened musically – the same left path or are you trying to break new ground?
Yes, a lot of time.....The new album is the sequel to "Horror..." and it´s faster, doomer and more death metal oriented. We want to follow the same path till the end of the band but it´s impossible to record the same album two times. This one is the next step in the GSR discography.
Is the vintage horror stuff still in your focus? Do you never get tired from Blind Dead and Black Cats?
Never!! I live in a closed loop of horror films and rock and roll music seasoned with german Weissbier. I need that to live!! And sex too!
I have seen your video clip for “Desecrated”. The black cat at the beginning shows you attraction to Argento and co, right?
It´s my cat Gangerito. Yes! It remembered me of the Argento´s film. I love that movie. It´s a classic!!
How is GSR answering to the permanent changes in Death & Grind, because the scene is always moving?
GSR answer doing old school death/grind in the way it has to be played!! Raw, dirty and noisy. We´re into Necrony, Carcass, Impetigo, Entombed, Dismember, General Surgery, Bolt Thrower, etc... we don´t listen to the new movements in the scene. We don´t like most of the subgenres in the "new school scene". I prefer the recordings made in the nineties but there are some cool new bands like Disma, Bombs of Hades or Cancer Spreading.
To let the lead guitar “weep” is a typical expression for morbid pleasures in GSR. I hope deeply that you will maintain that, can we expect more of this on the new album?
Yes! No doubt! Be sure you will not be disappointed!! I love that sound!
You run some other bands/projects. Has your emphasis changed back to GSR now? Or is GSR uninfluenced from that?
I do what I can for all the projects I´m involved in. Now I´m recording 12 songs with a new band called Boneyard and the new Broken Gravestones single too. Altar of Giallo is on hold because we´re waiting for the release of a split Cd with the Spanish band Destino/Entierro (with Antonio from Freakhate) and Gälerna is really active now playing live our first Cd  “The abyss” released through Horror Pain Gore Death. I´m also into punk rock with my band The Burning Lust (bandcamp/the burning lust) This year will be the year of GSR but I never forget my other bands.
Now you have a deal with FDA, an ambitious label from Germany. What came from that deal? What did you know of FDA previously?
We´re really happy with the label!!! I don´t know how it was but Pablo sent them the cd with the album and they did the best offer. We talked with Relapse, Willowtip, Hammerheart, Xtreem etc…but FDA won.
All the years you have released on many different labels. Maybe you don’t like to have a relationship with one label?
Yes we had many labels and we have good relationship with all except Razorback Recs.
You will release it in digital version too. Is this a concession to modern times?
FDA decided to do it that way. I don´t know how to download that… My middle finger is the best friend of modern times.
And you will have different versions of vinyl, tell me about that if you could?
There will be some copies en clear vinyl, some in red and the rest in normal version. Have you seen the cover? It´s  horroresque pop-art!! I´m really glad with the layout.
Being groovy and catchy - is this a requirement for your songs? Maybe you like it being chaotic and disharmonic too?
Yes both!! I write death/grind songs with the schemes of a rock song. Verse chorus verse chorus lead chorus….you know…
You have got a new guy in your line up. Tell me about the bass – slave!
It´s Joss Franco the drummer of the stoner band Space Coyote. He´s now playing bass in Galerna too!!!
Playing with 2 guitars opens new possibilities, more stage intensity for example, etc, etc.
Yes. I think it´s better for the band. 2 guitars let you create a sonic wall playing live. I tried to play guitars in the past but I was always drunk and I couldn´t play it in an adequately  way. Now I´m well and I´ve grabbed the guitar again!!
Is the new album title “Sempiternal Death Grind” to be understood as a statement?
Yes! Of course! We´re tired of wimps and posers!! I also love Sempiternal Deathreign´s "Spooky gloom" album!! A dutch death/doom underrated classic!!!
How much of your time was the production of it? And was it all to your satisfaction?
It took a lot of time. We spent months recording, mixing and mastering the album. I think we´re happy but I´m never satisfied with any of my recordings. I´m always looking for something I never find.
Is there anything that ties you to the old Repugnance times?

I played in Repugnance´s last line up. Circa 1999. I´m really proud of that. I love their second and third demo!! There are some good old songs there!
To what “riverside” are you closer – the pathological Carcass bloodbath or to the morbid toms of Swedish graveyards?
I love Carcass and it´s my all-time favourite band but being honest now we´re closer to the Swedish sound. Nihilist, Carnage, early Entombed....
Is the recollection of all the old school music & classic murder ballads from lots of young bands with old sounds nowadays maybe an advantage for you?
Maybe....but we´re a damned band and no one give a fuck about us. We got used to that.
Last spot is yours!
Thanks Jorg!!! Sex, drugs and grind!!!

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