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 In October last year, MALIGNANCY attacked the Death Metal world with a massive strike. “EUGENICS” convinced with controversial lyrics and sophisticated and also brutal music. I think, this is the greatest pile,  that the band has ever shitten, and I love its smell! Danny answered some questions for you.

After 2007 “Inhuman Grotesqueries” many people expected, Malignancy will have 1 or 2 cool Ep s´, but there’s been nothing. You needed 5 years for an new neck breaker, what’s happened?

Hey Jörg, cheers and Happy New Year! Well, after the release of Inhuman Grotesqueries we did a tour in the U.S. with label mates Impaled, Phobia, Illogicist and Maruta to support the album. The original plan was to write and record a 7” but that did not happen. I wanted to write a concept record and the guys liked the idea. We like to take our time with the writing process. After supporting Inhuman for a year we then started to write Eugenics. That took a better part of a year to complete. During the process we also parted ways with long time bassist Lance Snyder. We had an album's worth of material and no bass player, so we asked our old drummer, Roger Beaujard to do some session work for us. He agreed and had to learn all the material. 

With the new album  Eugenics  you pick up an controversial topic, at least in Germany. How profound you have engaged with it?

Eugenics has happened all around the World in one form or another. It has not only been used in a negative light. I thought it was a good concept that no other death metal band had tackled before. 

Tell me lyrically and musically about the concept of the album!

Lyrically the album is about a Eugenics experiment that the unwilling participates do not know about. A governmental secret if you will. There was a negative experiment here in the U.S. and my story takes place in our own time. End of the World stuff, 2012 it was supposed to end right? Hahahah. Well, we are still here like I knew we would be.

Musically the band tries to tie in the moods of the lyrics and marry it to the music. Again, another new approach that we took on this album.  

By your own admission you present on  Eugenics  in the past, the present and a little view into the future of the band. Would you say this is your most equilibrated opus?

Yes I do, I wanted the album to be a culmination of the total history of Malignancy from Intrauterine to Eugenics. I am glad that you picked up on that. 

Tell me about the radio intro. It seems the only broadcasted station with good radio reception is that one who plays Malignancy, ha, ha.

The radio intro was my drummer's idea and we ran with it and made it fun. Hhahah. The music and singing is all us. We did the vocals in one afternoon and had a blast. We do not like to take ourselves so seriously that we cannot have fun with our releases. 

The albums sounds quiet sophisticated, from harsh and catchy riffs to staggering twists. What are you, Picasso, or a Bob Ross? LOL

Perhaps a combination of both, hahaha. Instead of painting “happy little trees”, we painted angry mutants! Thank you the props on the music, we are all extremely proud of this album! 

In another interview you said, you have restrained from your technical aspiration, compared with “Inhuman…”. Was it necessary?

I think we needed to dial it back a little, Inhuman was a technical sickness on crack. Eugenics is the same technical sickness but with a more reserved approach. We didn't want to loose the intricate parts of the riffing or drums by overdoing it. We were concerned about the recording because our past efforts have almost always had a questionable production. So many key parts got lost in the final mix of a lot it. Eugenics is our best production to date and it will only get better from here. 

What do you think, how highbrow are your fans. How much they can take?

Our fans are usually fans for life and they mutant with us. I appreciate all of our true fans, it's an honor to write this insane music and have others love it. Eugenics has gained Malig more fans indeed. 

To pick up a single song and check closer seems almost not possible. All songs are pretty close together. Or have I earwax in my ears?

We wanted to keep the momentum of the record at a good pace, no time for an iced tea break. Hhaha.  

Well, there is “Monstrous Indifference” with classical and somehow harmonic solos at the end. Who smuggled them in?

Perhaps you mean Separatists? The track numbers were mixed up by the press plant. Track “1” is the intro and should be track “0”. Monstrous is the grind tune that we threw on there. The end of Separatists is more of an improv jazzy style jam going on. If we ever play that song live the end jam will always be different. 

Above all, the album is brutal, with deep growls and up tempo riffing seems to be essential, am I right?

The album is brutal, you are right. I always want to keep the vocals death metal, that's what Malignancy is, a death metal band. There are lots of different riffing going on throughout this one. 

The lead guitar changes the direction like a nervous deer on a highway, fast, slower, complicated, with knots in the fingers, sophisticated, rampant and even ambitious. Is it hard for the other musicians to keep the overview?

Wow! Awesome, Ron would love to hear that. Ronnie has always been a wizard on the guitar, the material he writes is insane. Mike and Ron wrote the majority of Eugenics together. They have a very good work ethic and can often feed off of each other when it comes to writing. 

I mean, if I hear that, the song writing process is probably not a matter of democracy?

The writing is very much a democracy, always has been. I am the tyrant that cracks the whip at times. But for Eugenics I took a back seat to the writing to let them go off. I want it to sound sick, different, technical and brutal. Haha. There are times when I need to be proven wrong. Sometimes I hate a riff by itself. Then I hear it with the band and I like it.  

Recorded in the US, mixed and mastered in Italy, one label at home, one in The Netherlands, are you children of the globalization now, ha, ha ? Having good contacts and a wide network has lots of advantages, right?

Indeed!!! Hhahaha! We were lucky to have all of the great people we worked with at our disposal. From tracking to mixing to mastering it was a tough recording but it got done and done right because we had the right people. 

How far do you have your merchandise in your own hands, or is it a job for Willowtip and Hammerheart?

Willowtip presses the CDs and makes some merch for their website. We make our own merch, like shirts, caps, beanies and shot glasses. \m/. The relationship with both labels has been great. Good communication and they are always there when we need them. Thanks guys! 

Are you influenced from anything, or are there times when you have to look left to right?

Musically? Yes! We all draw our influences from somewhere. We try to look at things in a different way, approach it from a different angle. 

20 years Malignancy, does it feel good, or does it come with the reality of, grey hair and painful knees? LOL

20 years!!! Yep!! We all party so we do not have knee pain yet, maybe liver pains after drinking in Germany at a festival!! Hhaha. It feels good to me that I have kept this band together all these years. Many bands broke up years ago and now they are back and more popular then ever. Maybe we should break up and then come back. Hhahah

Is the spirit of optimism of the early 90’s with all the enthusiasm given way to certain serenity? Or can you still feel it?

There is still enthusiasm with all that we do. When things are good, they are good. The 90's were a different time and quite difficult for us. So many line-up changes and the decline of death metal in the mid 90's hurt our signing chances. But it was a boat that we missed and do not care about. Intrauterine came out in 1999 and I am glad we got it out before 2000. 

Can you relate humor and aspiration? How serious do you take your work for Malignancy?

My stage presence is always full of humor. I aspire to be better and make people laugh and have a good time. After all it is a form of entertainment. My work in Malignancy is very serious as far as lyrics and my performance but I always try to throw a joke in to liven things up a bit!!

Ok, I´ll wait for a reasonable album presentation at the old continent, thx for being here on Fatalgrind!

Jörg, thank you again for the great interview, I really enjoyed these questions. Thanks to all our friends and fans in Germany that are reading this. Appreciate the support! Proost!! See you on tour! 

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