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SKULLHOG, the Dutch Sludge & Grind bastard rape The Evil Dead and let doomsday demons attack your mind. Are you ready for a brutal abuse of your degenerated brains, than read this and grab the Ep afterwards. 

Hi Rob, how are you? These days comes SKULLHOG with a new cd, vinyl and re – releases. Millions will flow! With this upcoming success, do you prepare for your retirement?

Hey…Hey you!! I’m fine thanks. Are you kidding me? Millions? Success? Retirement? Hopefully  I’ll retire from this bullshit scene soon enough. There is no success what so ever and SKULLHOG will remain the underdog until we finally give up and die.

You published the old BILE stuff again – is this your effort? Or just good offer from labels?

Haunted Hotel records is kind enough to step up and release both albums on the proper format. Vinyl. I have no idea when these are supposed to come out, but sometimes this year. He offered to do it so, sure.

Honestly, why did you gave up the pitch shifter, because it was broken and you had no money to get a new one, right?

Nah, we were bored and fed up with the pitch shifter. Now you can actually hear we have lyrics and the time was right for us to throw them out the window of a speeding truck. I still stand behind both BILE albums for 100%, but it just feels right without them. Now it all sounds way more brutal in my humble opinion. 

With the new SKULLHOG output you pick up a theme, who is raped and abused for 32 years now, so why do you like worn out shoes?

I like worn out shoes. I like the way they feel around my feet and they never let you down.  The Evil Dead movies are great and that’s why we used them as inspiration. We could have gone for an obscure movie that no one knows or care’s about, but every fan of Horror knows what’s up.  Good stuff. We also tend to use movies that have a sequel, meaning more material for samples and lyrics.
What about Mr. Voorhees and his mom, no new stories to tell? What about all the great new maniac/psycho/zombie – tales in high definition and cool digital bloodbaths?

Fuck modern Horror. Period.

The new one – is this really all about “The Evil Dead”. “”Curse Of Dunwich” could be a reference to Fulci or even Lovecraft. Illuminate the ignoramus!

This is correct. The new record is actually an E.P. dealing with the Evil Dead movies plus re-recorded songs from our split 7”es with REGURGITATE and COFFINS.  Basically all SKULLHOG songs on one little disc. The thing get’s advertised as a full-length, but in reality it’s an E.P. with bonus-material. Since those split’s are obscure and most people missed the boat when those came out, it made sense to just re-record that shit so everybody can be able to check out those songs.

Who made the collage for the cover. Cracking Colored is not your thing, right?

Our good friend Szymon Siech did the artwork for the cover. He’s the absolute master of photo manipulation and deranged collages. Look up some of his work and prove me wrong. 

Low flying sludge influence, coupled with gore & grind is the secret formula that let coolness grow out of your arses, like weed, right?

Sludge  and Doom has always been of influence to the stuff we did under the name BILE and SKULLHOG. I think it goes well together.  Back in the early to mid-nineties labels like Pessimiser or Bovine brought us Grind and Sludge simultaneously. The way it should. If done right, both genres sound heavy, vile and disgusting so why not mix that shit up? Come to think of it, we actually have an unreleased IRON MONKEY cover laying around somewhere.
It seems you are not afraid about stereotypes. Is there anything that raises you essentially from the blood swamp of the goregrind bands?

Sure, we are SKULLHOG. That’s it. We’re not ANAL UFO ABORTION or DOUBLE BARREL VAGINAL BLAST SQUERT or whatever bullshit Porn/Gore crap get’s puked out every week. We actually play songs and make an effort to write about something instead of dorks jerking off to drum computers, pitch shifters and retarded album sleeves or “artwork” for pointless shock value. Fuck all that lame shit. We are just here to worship Horror. 

You were not particularly productive in the last years. Is this because SKULLHOG is more a project than a band?

Nah, we rehearse when we can and all, but we’re not the most productive band in the world. SKULLHOG is definitely a band, but whatever. When people ask us to play and we like the line-up of the show, sure. We’ll come over and play. If not, than we don’t play at all. We’re  a bunch of stubborn assholes and we’re not gonna beg for shows. Ever.  We all have bands besides SKULLHOG as well, so it’s all good. Ben and Loek play in INHUME and I play in BLIND TO FAITH (HC/Punkmetal, Loek recently joined us as our live bassplayer,  and  ACID DEATHTRIP (Doom/filthy Rock ‘n’ Roll). The tour with COFFINS (which was great) were the only shows we did last year. For now we have a show booked in March. We’ll see how many shows we’re gonna be doing this year. 

What is important, when 3 guys crouch in a moldy cabin and ponder about new songs?

Romantic music, candles, cigarettes and alcohol…Lots and lots of alcohol. And pizza. Of course.

Basses must roar and drone, until tooth fillings explode, otherwise Skullhog does not work, right?

Of course. Our music needs to sound as disgustingly heavy and nasty as it can. If the bass does not sound like the rumbling and leaking bowels of an elephant in heat cranked up to 11, what’s the point? Shit needs to drip filth and ooze absolute barbaric savagery. Blunt object mutilation. No other way.

You can write short and longer songs, you start fast whippings and tough monsters. Honestly, why does that work together?

We just write songs and whatever comes out is what it is. There’s no plan or structure for building up a song. We just throw down some riffs and see what riffs go well together. Slow or fast. I would love to do a one song record with the ultimate Doom song. Like 3 beats every 15 minutes and the most crushing slow-ass snail-riffs imaginable. An endurance test if you will. But whatever, we have a bunch of records to do first before we can think about doing anything else.

With sludge and doom, puking innards gets a more thoughtfulness in artistic expression, right

Distortion and malice. I love slow and painful riffs that reach in and pull out your spine through your mouth, rip off your head and shit down your neck. Every riff should have this effect.

Has Autopsy a bigger role in your band – concept?

Both Autopsy and Abscess are influential. The same goes for Hellhammer or Slaughter. As far as concept goes? I don’t know what you mean. We continued what we did with Bile, but slightly slowed things down and threw out the pitch shifters. It blows my mind that people keep mentioning how they dig our new style. Nothing really changed.

You will hold hands with Bloodbastard soon, something specific yet?

We have a split CD with Bloodbastard planned for years now. It was one of the very few bands that were on the same wavelength as us. They’ve recorded their stuff for the record years ago  . However, we still wanna do this release and not let their recordings go to waste. We’ve talked to Will (Redrum records) and he’s still down to release it. 

When you rage behind your drums, with flying extremities and you roar your vocal chords hoarse, and the other two guys are in the spotlight and getting all the fame, used underwear and plush toys, that must be horrible for you, right?

Yes. Yes it is.
Ok, last spot is yours!

Thanks, I’ll take it home if you don’t mind.  I have an entire collection of last spots in my basement.

Sure, I have some rare collectables too, it sweetens me some lonely hours, thx for being here on FATALGRIND

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