Wednesday, February 13, 2013


DEHUMANIZED are back with “Controlled Elite” and they are stronger than ever. Don´t miss this masterpiece of brutal death metal and read this small talk for details!

“Controlled Elite” appears 14 years after your first and only album “Prophecies Foretold”. Do you really think you can spark the flame again? 

Sure why not “Prophecies Foretold” endured this long and all I heard from people up until we released “Controlled Elite” was when was DEHUMANIZED coming out with something new.

The story of DEHUMANIZED seems to be a story of ups and downs, of breaks and new starts. Please unravel the knot and bring some light in the dark!

Just some issues within the band.  Nothing heart wrenching.  Some of us had some shit to sort out.

And now, tell me about the new album!

“ Controlled Elite “ is a collection of old and new songs we had right before we split the 1st and 2nd times.  We just tightened ´em up and made a few changes for today’s taste and We went in and recorded them right away. We are extremely happy with the decision to go to Full Force Recordings as well.  Joe Cincotta was the obvious choice.

You have got a song from your ‘98 debut on it. Is this something like a link to the past?

 No not really we just feel the older songs would sound sicker with better production. So we did it more for ourselves than anything.

3 songs are from the ’05 demo, and it would have been a shame to let them go unnoticed, right?
Yes indeed and that’s why we put them on the album!!!

Tell me about the parts from Mullen and Hobbs on the album!

Terrance Hobbs did a sick lead for us on “Root of Evil “and Frank Mullen did guest vocals on “Controlled Elite “.  I´ve always wanted to have guest on an album and what better guests to have then the hometown heroes of Suffocation!!!

I think the album title could be ambiguous. Since when can the elite be controlled?

Haha those are the thoughts of my vocalist.  He puts a lot into in his lyrics and the “ elite “ can definitely be controlled , just look at today’s politics.  Those people in power agendas are not their own.  There is a higher power calling the shots in the background.  They just need a face to hide behind.

I think the thing with including a hidden track is outdated. But I´m sure that’s not your point of view, right?

It’s only outdated if you feel that way.  We did it to give our listeners that much more of their moneys worth.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t find another one on the next album, hahaha.

The album throughout travel familiar terrain. Are the changes in the musical landscape of the last decade not of your concern?

Our only concern is our music, we weren’t writing songs to match the current sound  we wrote music in our style and sound and what pleased us.  If it isn’t broken why try and fix it I believe that is the correct saying
You have released it in a digital version too. Is this a concession to modern times?

Well yes there are those purist who like cds but there are the new breed that only do digital download. 
It seems Comatose Music believes in you. What has Steve Green seen in you?

He sees a band with an underground following that has lasted over 14 years and was willing to take a chance and release our 2nd album.  Steve was so pumped when I sent him the album and his involvement in the album also showed us Comatose was the label for us.  Steve Green is a straight up guy.
Will 2013 be the year for you; the year ’98 should have been? Are you coming back with full power now? 
Full Steam ahead!!! We want to play until we can’t play anymore!!!  We are going to keep as busy as we can in the scene.  We have another album to do for Comatose so it won’t just be 2013.

Do you think sometimes about where DEHUMANIZED could be today if the band had kept going through all these years?

Definitely, all the time and that’s why I’m at it again.  When I played for Skinless and Mortician, I always envisioned Dehumanized in those opportunities.

What persuades a musician actually to stand up again and again?

The love of music, the desire to go out and play and make everyone go nuts.  That’s what drives me.  I can’t speak for everyone else.

Do you understand DEHUMANIZED as a typical New York band? Or does that not exist, the typical New York band?
When comparing to what? What’s typical?  We are just a “New York “band can’t say there is anything typical about any of the NY bands.

How much of the original spirit is left actually? And new musicians bring along changes and new ideas, right?

The original spirit has never died, it has just grown stronger over the years and yes everyone brings something new to the table in their own way whether it be towards the sound of the band or the vocals. It’s great this time around   I’m loving this current lineup.

Do you think the genre of brutal and technical death metal has still a lot to offer?

 Oh definitely there is no limit to what can be done, once you think you have heard  the heaviest music someone comes out and  puts out something even heavier. Look at Malignancy their tech death is the best I’ve heard out there and bands are pushing the envelope every year.  It’s great.

Last shot is yours!
Thank you for the chance to be heard and keep an eye/ear out for DEHUMANIZED because we are coming to spread our brutality to a town near you!!!