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If you like brutality, and if you know what quality means, if you are into blast & slam & groove & massive headache and whatever, and if you like complexity and aspiration, than you will devour the new DEFEATED SANITY album like a hungry T – Rex a dozen poor herbivores! Lille answered a bunch of my questions, so see it for yourself, what you have to expect!

“Passages Into Deformity“ has initiated a new run of DEFEATED SANITY I think. The bookings running good, right? How are you!

Hey, this is Lille and I am fine! Thanks for asking! "Passages..." indeed seems to have boosted us up a good bit and we get lots of tour/gig offers and I am always busy with sending out orders for t-shirts and cds!

Give me some details about the new one!

The new album unites all the good stuff from our first 3 albums and we have succeeded in keeping our style fresh and if u were a fan of the first 3 it is mandatory to know this 4th one in my opinion!

“The Purging” is a song, that is relatively restrained, if I compare it with the other ones, tell me about it and especially about the guitar – effects in the middle part!

Restrained? U really think so? Well I think it combines a lot of different elements in itself (starts grindy, straight then goes to Hardcore/Slam influenced riffage, then old school melodies then progressive metal type of stuff) and goes along perfectly with the lyrics. They are about a worker in a slaughterhouse that falls into a coma and the creatures he has killed haunt him in infernal visions. The part u are talking about in the middle is the actual part when he falls into the coma and his soul leaves his body. Pretty creepy stuff.

With “Perspectives” you have got a pretty long song on it, and one that shows more facets of the band as the rest. Maybe this is a perspective where DS could go in future?

Well, it is the first time that we really worked towards a long, stretched out song since the time we put out records. I am not sure if we will do a song like Perspectives in the near future. We will not try to copy this kind of structure, just so we have another song like that on the next album. We could have made that same mistake about trying to come up with a straight song like "Engulfed In Excruciation" for this album, which we didn't. For us every song has to become what it is supposed to become. We don't try to force anything.

Tell me about the title track and the introducing words!

Verses Of Deformity is a song about ritualistic sacrifice. I guess it’s a different form of making Satanism a subject in a death metal context. To me, personally, Satanism is one of the worst ideas ever as it's about embracing selfishness and doing what u want even if it means to rape babies or not helping people in need, etc... To me it sounds like "be an asshole and enjoy your life on cost of others" Could also be that I have never understood the concept really....any Satanists out there feel free to prove me wrong.....
The intro is out of the German documentary "Höllenleben" which is about a woman that got raped and ritually abused over and over again by her parents and their friends, pretty much since the day she was born...which lead her to form multiple personalities inside her to deal with the immense torment in her life.

Complexity and brutality – how does it fit together in your band?

Being able to use both gives us the chance to create the necessary balance in our works.

What is the special thing with DS? The guitar must be always catchy? Bass guitar and drums are allowed to be more progressive? Or is it much more?

Well u should look at the guitar patterns, they are incredibly complex and I could write pages about each song how it is constructed, etc...The guitar is the instrument where all our music is born, other instruments get added when the song is already done and it’s more or less a matter of arrangement after that.

You smoked your singers in the last year like a chain-smoker and his cigarettes (I dramatize). Has Konni the thick skin to alive you?

Haha I hope so! I am very satisfied with this line up right now and I think we will just continue to become stronger, etc....as long as every member gives enough time/energy/creativity to the project everything will be fine.

Are the lyrics still important, I mean with a vocal – chords rape machine like Konni no one gets the chance to understand anything.

Well, I disagree! He does do some new school Gurgles where he swallows some of the words to give it that ultra-guttural feel, but he does lots of very clear passages as well. Just listen to Perspectives for example man, some fucked up technical vocal patterns in that! In general on this album 95 % are actually sung words, the rest have that more Matti Way/Jamie Bailey approach to them I guess.

Your layout gets more and more mature and artistically appealing. Is this a reflection of the music? How much DS of the “good old days” is there still alive in the new record?

Very nicely put man! I definitely think it is a reflection of the music and lyrical content. Not sure what u mean with good old days, but I think we brought back lots of the spirit of our first album on this new full length!

What tracks are in your actual live set, and what are the criterions to play a song on stage?

Oh I don't wanna spoil the surprise haha. Well we kinda wanna play all the shit we have since Psalms.....every single song deserves to be performed live....but mostly the criterion is "how long can we play?" and right now most important is to perform the songs from the new album.

Are there mental borders while the writing process? Maybe you say to yourself sometimes, “No, we can´t do this with DS.”?

Yeah of course we have some kinds of dogmas that kinda form our style actually. Sometimes we find new ways though to use something that seems impossible at first. I am thinking about the bass/drum break at the end of "Consumed With repugnance" we criticized it a lot in the beginning, but I think it’s a very stand out part in our discography and I am proud of it and love to play it live.

If anyone calls you a recycling of American paragons, what would you say?

Hmmm I would be kinda embarrassed, but I think we do indeed compose different than our American colleagues, I think we have a lot of German style in our songs, as Jacob and I are both classically trained musicians and J. S. Bach has had a very big influence on our understanding and philosophy of music, which flows into DS in form of compositional decisions.

Is there a difference concerning the feedback national and international?

Well not really. I mean in places far from your own u have some kind of a bonus as its always fascinating to meet somebody from a different place of the earth. But recently we had the same great responses from Germany as anywhere else!

Through the cold Russia, headlining a double – show in Greece, Las Vegas and local shows in Ger-money. Do you have enough time and energy for it?

Fuck yeah! We live for it! If at all, we don't have enough energy for our jobs and shit. I am born to bring music to people, the rest is just secondary.

What is your recipe for not getting swallowed of the bulk of brutal bands? Offers your “habitat” Berlin a local advantage?

I think our advantage is that we do things differently. We have our own identity within the underground and that is what people really wanna hear!

Berlin was notorious for their lazy audience, mingle around and gawk. The people from the western part of the city don´t visit shows in the east and reverse. Is it this what you see today?

As I said, the audience here has become better and better for us throughout the years and the last bunch of shows had a lot of craziness in the pit and lots of visitors, I can't complain really.

Has Berlin changed the band in any way?

No, we have changed Berlin!

Ok, good night to our capitol and thx for being here on FATALGRIND.

Good night! Thx for these very interesting questions! 

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