Friday, August 23, 2013


HYBRID … hmmm … strange?, tricky?, twisted?, classical dressage of brutal music or just daily madness? Maybe these guys need a hand surgeon or a neurologist.  I don´t know. Only one thing is for sure – their kind of music is not the usual attack on your nerves. To learn more, read the next lines and follow the links (compulsory) and maybe you get a nearly impression about HYBRID 

Hi Chus, my admiration to score such an intense album. How does it feel with the record in your hands?

Thanks Jörg, we feel satisfied but exhausted after a long and rough way to here.

The band name is not by chance, right?

Actually yes, it was the result of a silly brainstorm. I don´t like it, it's too obvious, but it's just a name and I don´t use to think about it. There are worst names around like Tool or Korn and everything is in order.

How did the music come together - individualists together?

Everyone write ideas at home and then wet meet in our rehearsal room to jam these ideas over and over; if we feel that the pieces flow, we record and listen to the song to continue writing more ideas; the process tend to stretch to the infinity as the songs have zillions of parts and we're quite inconformists, but when we finish a song we know it and then we focus on new ideas for the next one.
HYBRID lost many members in the past. Why could you not hold the original line up?

Well, it's something which is not on my hands, I mean, people change their priorities, get 9 to 5 jobs, get married or get bald. I used to wonder how a band like Slayer could maintain the same line-up each release...but happens even in the best of families.
Do you carry the responsibility, you are the creative head, and you are HYBRID?

I'm the founder and only remaining original member and for sure I'm carrying a lot of responsibility because the less I do in HYBRID is to play drums, but our sound is the sum of every individual idea given by the people involved within.

Ok, tell me about the album!

You recorded the instruments in several studios, each on its own. Isn’t this inconvenient?

Definitely, yes. We had to work this way because the lack of budget and it was a hell of a process, but we hadn´t other options at this time and the hey-fan-we're-very-poor-please-give-us-your-money or crowdfounding method isn´t classy for us.

Why the use of a German album title. Have you an avant-garde flight of fancy, is the English word for “fear” to mundane, what is it?

The term “Angst” was used by existentialist philosophers such as Kierkegaard, Nietzsche or    Sartre referring to a state of mind of inner despair or perpetual anguish more than a to simple feeling of fear. And that's the whole concept behind the album, not only the lyrics -which result in that grim mood- but the music too, as it has a dark and tense vibe floating around which is designed on purpose to bring an angstly listening.

It seems your music concept is already leaving the border area of the human mind. Is it hard to recognize that you plow a lonely furrow?

We know it, that's the price of the individualism, but we're OK with that and we enjoy the other price which is a total freedom to play what we want.

How much can you put on your fans, how much can they take?

Actually we are a very selfish band and we write songs only for ourselves and our pets, if we have to please our fans we will need to include cheap djent breakdowns with cheesy auto tuned melodies, full triggered drums, bad-ass poses in our photos and lots of merchandise...but that definitely won´t happen. In the other side, the fans can take whatever they want, if they can.

Beside all the jazzy progressivity, a healthy sense for harmonies seems to be important too, right?

Jazz and progressive music is all about harmonies and this time we've worked a lot into it as we wanted more layers of musicality. ”Angst” is also more melodic, but not in this way, and we took care a lot in songwriting this time, so these are some updates since our previous album “The 8th Plague”.

Breaks, change in speed, acoustic parts, always new facets, how do you keep the overview?

That's our natural songwriting style, even my head works that way, we also speak like this!

Clarinet and sitar, what the hell? You are quite painless? Or do you just like the unexpected?

Obviously we want our music unpredictable and if we have the chance to fit some crazy ideas or instruments into the context of a song we'll do it, but trying to not lose sight, it has to flow, we don´t want to be weird just because. We tried to cover this song but din´t work so we have to trash the idea...maybe for the next album.

You had some guest musicians, tell me about them!

First of all we have the mighty
Oscar “Townsend” Martín from the avant-garde metal band As Light Dies playing a beautiful fretless bass, singing the clean (gay) parts and adding some layers of keyboard and electronics; his contribution to the album has been essential for the final result. The vocal duties are in charge of Alex Martín, a local singer with the perfect histeric screaming pitch for the new songs. Iago Fuentes (ex-bass player) was an important piece during the writing process and he contribute with a lot of ideas as well. We also have Carlos Sánchez on didgeridoo, Álex Díez on clarinet and the actor Eric Da Silva doing some low spoken words. There's a very special guest hidden somewhere in the mix, but you've to find his contribution.

Is the lyrical part equally complex, chaotic, profound?

Not too complex, definitely not chaotic, but yes, a bit deep. You can read it while listening to the songs in streaming here

A universal run for the purpose to write more catchy tunes is not in sight? Being catchy seems equally interesting for you as the water levels of Ebro and Tajo, right?

There are a lot of bands playing catchy music much better than we will ever do, even in extreme music (which is very sad in its concept and context), so, well, let them get the gigs and the money and the groupies and the social network success while we keep doing twisted tunes with fuck up lyrics for outsiders.

Is HYBRID in a certain sense... erratic as well? Or do you always need control? Where do you see the bandy musically and your eyes?

We started being erratic, testing our skills and limits, to end as a control freaks knowing exactly what we want with every chord or drum fill. Musically and intellectually (?) I see HYBRID in the middle of nowhere: too extreme for the classic metalheads, to classic for the avant-hipsters, to experimental for the death metal cavemen; too much for everybody, that's extreme music at its best!

Are you afraid that the press loves you more, than the fans can?

I'm only afraid of cat pics, I can´t stand it anymore. Apart from that, we don´t care a lot about press or fans, sorry guys, you have tons of bands with better looking members doing music just for you who need all your support because they feed on you. The funny thing is that “Angst” is getting outstanding reviews, and we're happy about that, but...don´t believe the hype

Tell me, what keeps you going and what scares you?

What keeps me going is the need to express through music and the challenge of reaching new heights (in terms of creativity), and beside the cat pics in facebook, what scares me the most is
Dylan Carlson's hair. 

Is profane Death Metal too banal and boring?

We grew up listening classic death metal and we love it, it's in our roots and you can hear some clear influences in our songs, but for us don´t make sense to copy bands who created a genre and play it better than no one. We take these influences to settle the pillars and then we build something on our own, trying to offer something fresh, maybe not new, but with a new perspective.
Last spot is yours!

Treat your mother right!

Well, let’s see, don´t want daddy´s job actually. Thx for your time, and you guys out there, buy the album and get your dose of lovely headache! 


Tuesday, August 6, 2013


NECROTIC DISGORGEMENTs’ “Documentaries Of Dementia” is one of the most intense death metal releases this year so far. Of course only if you prefer the brutal way of guitar – torture. Than you get all you need, blood, guts, technique, neck breaking riffs and all the clichés you want! Any open questions? Then read what Ben Deskins has to say about!

Hi Ben, congratulations to the new album. Is the band going full force again now?

Thanx! Yea we been going full force for a while, but the new album just came out so we’re stepping things up a bit as far as promotion and live shows and merchandise.

You needed a lot of time for it, where was your focus the last 9 years?

Well right after we recorded “Suffocated In Shrinkwrap”  Jason left to join the marines for 4 years. So when he returned in 2008 we played live shows to promote that album for a year or 2. Then in 2010 we had a couple lineup changes so it took a little while to work in our new vocalist Jimmy Javins and our new bass player Scott Kinneman. So we played a few shows with that lineup and then replaced Scott with Phil Good on bass. We recorded our new album “Documentaries Of Dementia” throughout 2012 and now it’s just been released worldwide on Comatose Music.

Tell me all dirty details about that assault to the nice taste of the society!

I hope our music is an assault to society! I fucking hate people and  I think humans are like a plague, at least most of them are… Fucking low life parasites too stupid and too politically correct to think for themselves.

Tell me about the recordings, and what poor guy has hired out the studio freely to you?

That poor guy would be Tony, our guitarist, haha! He has his own home studio, The Metal Foundry, so he did all the recording, mixing, and mastering. We all had our input, but Tony engineered the album. It was a grueling process because we were so meticulous this time around after the raw production we ended up with on “Suffocated In Shrinkwrap” we wanted this album to be spot on, as close to perfect as we could get it! So we took our time and made sure everything was right and everything sounded exactly like it’s suppose to.

Brutality and velocity belong inevitably together?

Not really, fast doesn’t always equal brutal. Slower parts can be just as brutal when it’s done right.

Are songs like “Icepick Ear Sodomy” and “He Wears The Flesh” the other side of ND then?

We wanted all of the songs to sound different from each other, but still sound like the same band. We didn’t want to put out an album that sounds like the same song the whole way through. Not our style.

You have used the last years demo – songs too. Same versions or re – recorded?

We rerecorded them. Those other versions were just demos we did to demo the songs and also to hear what the new members sounded like on recording.

What are your favorite songs? Do you think that some subtleties and skills perish in the rush of velocity sometimes?

Yes they do! That’s why it’s important to mix things up and keep things interesting so it don’t get boring. If you have nothing but fast parts all the time it’ll get boring and sound like the same thing over and over, unless you’re really good at writing very distinguishable riffs! I like all of our songs, but I would say I like to play “Pincushion Pussy” the best. Not because I like it better than the others, but I like the way it flows and it just rolls off so good when we play it live. It’s just one of those songs that sounds like it wrote itself.

Technique is essential, just groove and riffs are not enough for you, right?

Sometimes it IS enough!  Just depends on the song really. A few of our songs are pretty simple to play really, they’re not very technical. Then other songs are more technical and have more technical parts than others. We just do what sounds right for each particular song, if a technical part sounds right, that’s what we do, if a more groove oriented part sounds right, we’ll use that. We don’t have any kind of formula for writing, we just play what we like to hear and what we think it should sound like.

I´m sure your drummer has a private masseuse, who stretch´s and kneads his muscles and whatever! Or maybe he don´t know what cramps are? Amazing!

Haha, that’s funny! Jason don’t have a masseuse, but he does know what cramps are for sure!

Tell me about the intro and outro vocal samples!

The intro was taken from the tape David Parker Ray used to play for his victims. A lot of people think it’s from a movie, but it’s not, it’s the real thing… totally authentic! After he kidnapped them and brought them back to his torture chamber chained down, bound and gagged, he would play that tape for them telling them exactly what was going to happen to them, that was their initiation. We just took some of our favorite excerpts from that recording and created an audio bed for a background and made it the intro to the album. Tony snagged the intro for “He Wears The Flesh” off of a documentary on Ed Gein.

The lyrical shit is sick like inmates in a leper colony, are you in a similar way incurable? Is life not deterrent enough?

I don’t think I need cured of anything, I just like brutal lyrics to fit brutal music. I would rather write sick brutal lyrics than lyrics about politics or something like that that people can hear everytime they turn on the TV… I wanted to write lyrics about things that have actually happened to people, as opposed to just writing sick lyrics for the sake of writing sick lyrics.

So you need clichés, or is this all bullshit?

I guess it’s all bullshit! Haha.

Maybe you would do charts – music without serial killer – inspirations and all the other freaks around? Ever thought about?

Not really, I just like to write brutal shit, I don’t care about charts.
The women on the cover prove your obviously deranged relationship to the female part of mankind. Maybe you need a female tour manager, who calms the waves of the upcoming protests of millions of feminists?

Haha, maybe we should, but we haven’t had any protests from feminists yet. I really don’t care, I’ll say whatever the fuck I want to in our songs and I don’t care who gets offended. Maybe they should do what they tell everyone else to do, have tolerance!  What about feminists offending me?!

What do you think you can reach with the album, in the confusing swamp of Death Metal releases nowadays?

 There are a lot of great brutal Death Metal releases out this year! We just wrote the best album we could possibly write and we hope that it stands out from the rest. So far it’s been getting great reviews! I just hope that one day it’s considered to be an essential classic, for me personally that would be the greatest accomplishment!

Maybe history has already overtaken, will you try to catch up now?

It’s never too late to release an album. We didn’t want another rushed album so we took our time and made sure everything was right this time, both with the lineup and the recording. I think the end result shows the time and effort put into this release was worth it!

Is there still a REGURITATION spirit alive inside the band?

Yea we’re still writing in the same style as we always have, we’ve just gotten better at it in my opinion. No matter what the name of the band is, we’re still gonna write the best material we possibly can! And we’ll do Regurgitation reunion shows from time to time, it’s just hard to get together with Dan and Brian because they live about 3 ½ hours away from me and Tony.

In all that years that you are in the scene, is your comprehension and attitude for the Death Metal machinery still the same, or do you see some things from a different point of view now?

I would say my attitude is about the same as it’s always been, both as a listener and a writer. I still like the same bands and styles that I always have, and I still write in the same way that I always have. I’m just a little more picky these days about what I listen to and what I write, but that’s a good thing!

Last spot is yours!

Thanx a lot for the interview Jörg! And thanx to all supporters of Brutal Death Metal!!!!! We encourage all supporters of Brutal Death Metal to get in touch!!!!!