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Brutal and uncompromising, yet with a melodic touch - that has been FEROCITY's trademark for years. With Nikolaj Kjærgaard on the drums as the newest addition to the band, FEROCITY are now focusing a lot more on grind and blastbeats than when they first started out. Where other bands go from brutal to more mainsteam, FEROCITY are doing the opposite! With inspiration from both N.Y. death metal, swedish and polish death metal bands, FEROCITY are creating a style of their own... from their short – bio on facebook. But I wanted to know more, so here ist what Kasper, the singer thinks about the new album The Souvereign:

Hi Kasper. The new FEROCITY album is some days out now. Can you give me a first upshot of the response already?

Hi! Worldwide it has been received very well and with high ratings. It´s been overwhelming for us and we’re truly thankful.

Give me some details about it!

We have worked on the album for quite some time now; most of the material was tested at concerts. We wanted to show our musical ambitions, and took the time to pick the right songs. It seems like this paid off very well with the fans.

Let´s go deeper. Behind the album title conceals a topic that never loses its actuality, right?

We are quite aware of the importance of the topic even though the record should not be seen as a concept record at all. Unfortunately this topic never seems to fade out, and even though it is described in so many books and songs it is still important to focus on.

Is the hardness that the new one shows to us your way of denying compromises?

We´d like to think so. We wanted to make an album where we peeled off all the unnecessary ingredients that may have given us some challenges in the past. I think we managed to do this and we certainly are planning to continue this process on the next album.

Grooves and blasts are close together like Fussball and beer - or is this thought too easy?

True, like Ferocity and the love of uncompromising brutal death metal!

The grinding moments on it were the most surprising parts for me. Where did you get that?

The grinding is an important part of our music, and is a big part of the brutality we want people to experience when listening to us. We have wanted to do this for many years and took this one a step further with the addition of our drummer Nikolaj, so definitely props to him for doing a nice grinding job.

And about the lyrics, are you afraid it becomes secondary when the music rides that massive way? Do you think anyone reads the lines from the booklet?

The lyrics and the music are really one and the same, what matters is the full expression you get when you hear it.

When I hear some older Illdisposed hooks, is my perspective correct?

I’m a big fan of Illdisposed, so maybe there are some hints here and there.

Of course I´m sure the influences and the way you implement them are much more comprehensive, right?

For sure. We are all big death metal fans, but the influences and the bands we each listen to are very diverse, even though good old stuff like Suffocation is a mutual favorite.

You want to entertain your fans and not stretch their patience, make music ambitious and taking your listeners always with you, do I understand it right?

We are very aware of our audience and try to keep them entertained. This has always been a goal for us without trying to suck up to them. It has always been a fine balance between making music that we really love end like to play and on the other hand make music that we know that our fans will enjoy moshing to.

Is the album something like professional calculus? Or was there enough space for spontaneity during the writing and production?

We spend some time on getting it just like we wanted and only small bits were done differently in the final hours. And our good friends from Dawn of Demise, Bjørn and Scott Jensen, were in on making some guest vocals on the song Son of Sam. Much of the stuff was prerecorded and we have worked on it for quite some time, so there was not too much doubt about the songs in the recording process.

How do you want the listeners to understand the album?

We want the listeners to know what the essence of Ferocity is at the moment, and brutality is here to stay, just wait for the next album. 3 songs almost ready.

What new songs are part of the live set and why?
So far there are two new songs on the set list. In January a third. Why? Because we like to share the new stuff with the fans at once and test the new material. Also we think our new songs have so much potential that we proudly share them already now.

The band changed bass and drum positions often in the last years. Is this always a step back or is it immaterial?

It’s always a small set back while waiting for a new member to be included in the band. But it eventually brings new ideas and energy to the band and the music. We have worked with this line up for almost 3 years now and it always goes to show that when we have a stabile line up, we are productive and deliver quality. That is why we also have great expectations for the next album.

As measured by the time FEROCITY has been part of the scene, you are not really productive, why actually?

Basically the many lineup changes that we have had forced us out on unwanted breaks. But the team we are now is the most dedicated, therefore things are happening right now.

How much can you invest in FEROCITY personally?

Ferocity is my main project, so whatever it takes.

Are you able to afford to take a breath for a longer time in this overcrowded scene, without getting overrun by 100 new bands every week? That fucking scene is congested like a German Autobahn on a Friday afternoon!

We have a breakthrough now, and we are going to try to defend our position, that meaning no longer break, since this is poison to both we and, I think other bands in this genre.  Always let the fans know you are still alive. Updates... videos and so forth.  Keep'em coming.

What do you think, where leads the way in the future? Yours and the whole rest of all this insane maniacs?

Death metal is her to stay, and so are we. The death metal scene is stronger than it has been in many years and we will certainly work our asses off to keep pace and deliver an even more brutal and uncompromising album next time. We look forward to this.

Last spot is yours!

Thanks for the support. We plan on doing a spring tour and hopefully we will get to go to Germany and share the brutality with the German metal fans as well! Whatever may happen…stay  metal!

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Lars V. Andersen /
 Amanda C. Johansen /

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