Saturday, January 18, 2014


DISCREATION – this name means Death Metal with the best elements of European and American School. Remorseless blasts meet heavy grooves while epic melodies and great choruses complete their sounds. brutal, melodic, catchy.
Nothing more to say. That description from the band themselves fits perfectly. So we can save time, lets go straight to the interview with founding member Sebastian:

Hi Sebastian, How are you? Are you still punished by the gods with contempt by silence, or have they forgiven you in the meantime, because Discretion has released such a damn godless album?

Ha ha, well it seems our music hasn`t found its way to the heavens as we haven`t received any response from there. The earthly feedback has been really great though. 

The silence of the gods – is this a message with actual aspects or more mystical shit?  Interpretations are always allowed, but do you really care about your lyrics, maybe you just need some filler?

It is a message for sure. And yes, we actually do care about our lyrics. Growling is an aggressive style of singing, therefore you should sing about things that make you angry. “The Silence Of The Gods” means that all the religions claim to know the truth, referring to a god nobody has ever seen or talked to. It’s a pretty simple picture, but nonetheless it shows the ridiculousness in a fitting manner. It`s nothing new of course, but organized religion is one of humanities biggest scourges to this day.  The same is true for all the “serious” occult shit. 

Is your 3rd album your strongest? It sounds so unbelievable relaxed and easy. It feels like you´ve played it by the seat of one´s pants!

I would definitely agree, that “The Silence Of The Gods” is our strongest album. I guess it is a good thing to sound relaxed and easy. It means that we didn`t wanted too much. 

Seriously, how much work is in it?

Well, we worked almost one year on the songs. Some were easier to write, others had to be thought over again and again. “I Reign Supreme” almost wrote itself, whereas “Tombworld” was really hard to finish. Sometimes you feel immediately what a song needs, sometimes its trial an error. 

Balance seems to be important – hardness and melody, technique and harmony – or am I wrong?

I think variety is an important thing. I like to listen to an album from start to finish. And if it`s an one trick pony I get bored. I prefer to have different moods and perspectives on an album. And that’s why we try to make our music varied as well. 
To take a straighter path as the last album was the right decision, what do you think?

Definitely! We wanted to get more to the point and I think we achieved that. We worked on our songwriting approach and tried to sound darker and more aggressive. 

Do you understand a striking riff as base for a song and the rest fits easily around it? Or is that process complex?

Both can be true. A good riff is always the starting point. It kind of sets the mood for the song. Then sometimes the rest comes almost by itself, sometimes you have to fight to get the song properly done. Sometimes it’s a good idea to leave a song unfinished and to move on with a new idea. Later you come back it with fresh ears and maybe some new ideas come by. It`s also possible that you realize that only one part of a song is really good and the rest is crap. But overall there is no standard formula.

Is it necessary for a band being to be catchy in order to please the fans? How important is the public opinion for you?

I don`t think so. It`s necessary to be good at what you`re doing. Then it would be good to have a lot of money to get proper advertising and stuff. Gorguts aren`t catchy by any means but have great success with their new album. It`s Death Metal after all, and to everybody who isn`t already into this kind of music it all sounds like crap. So no, it`s not important to be catchy, but somehow this is how our music sounds. It`s not necessarily intended. The public opinion is important though. The more is written and said about us the more people give it a listen. And that’s great of course! 

Where do you think is your musical base, where do you see yourself?

That’s always hard to say. When we started we were big fans of bands like Vader, God Dethroned, Six Feet Under and so on. These bands inspired us to start our own band. That’s where we come from. And I think we`re still developing. But I think that we have established a certain sound. We sound like Discreation. And to describe this sound is your job, mate! 

Originally you wanted to release an album back in 2012– why is that noble purposes failed?

At the end of 2011 our drummer decided to leave the band because he had lost his passion for playing in a band. It took us some months to find a replacement. Additionally we also needed a new rehearsal room. Then, after Martin joined the band as our new drummer, we first had to practice our old songs to be able to play live. After that we began to write new songs from the scratch. We already had some material, but decided to dump it. 

In the past you have changed your lineup several times. Getting new guys on board – is this a welcome source of inspiration – or dominates the dictatorship of the founding fathers?

Everyone in the band contributes to the songwriting. Every idea will be tried if it’s not too far off the track. But of course after doing this for 13 years we know what we want in our music and maybe we know what we  don`t want even more.

You’re working brave for the band since 2001 – why is the great breakthrough still refused? Or am I too blind to see?

Oh well, that’s a difficult question. Let`s put it that way: To “break through” you need a really great album, al lot of money and a lot of time. And you need everything at once. Than you can have a chance to break through. But nowadays you also have to ask, what breaking through means anyway. 

What´s actually your definition of success in a (by instinct) growing scene?

First, it’s a success that we are still around after all these years. It’s a success that almost everyone seems to love our new album. Now it would be cool if more promoters would contact us and invite us to play. 

What has driven and inspired you in the past, as you started with the band and what´s your motivation today?

It was the love for metal has driven us to start a band. And we still have a lot of fun creating new music and playing shows. We have the best line-up ever and I feel that “The Silence Of The Gods” has just been the starting point for great things to come. 

You started the band with no previous knowledge of how a band is ran, new to the instruments, etc... – was it blue-eyed afterwards?

Of course it was. But you have to start somewhere. We learned everything from scratch. And I think that is a good thing. Maybe we could have progressed faster if we had been more experienced. But on the other hand I believe that this is why we developed our very own perspective on playing Death Metal. 

Anyway, you are still here. Do you trust the “hype” about the new album? It seems the press loves you.

There`s not much not to trust to be honest. I believe that the people who reviewed the album didn`t lie, so I think they really like it. Besides that, the sales are very okay for our means. There could be more gig offers though as I mentioned already. 

Do you think death metal has still a lot to offer? What will you offer to us in future?

Death Metal still has and will always have a lot to offer. Death Metal is pretty vital after all these years. Just look at the whole underground old school movement. Or bands like Gorguts, Portal or Ulcerate who created a whole new musical language. Or the old heroes like Deicide who just released their best album in 20 years. These are great times for Death Metal. And it doesn`t matter if it`s mainstream or not. Just keep the Core out of Death and everything will be great! 

Last spot is yours!

Thank you very much for this interview. Only Death is real!!!