Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age. (H.P. Lovecraft)

As I heard you first time back in 2009, I never expected to see that amazing band today. What happened between 2009 and 2014?

We have been constantly working on our two albums, developing our style and improving our craft. 5 years of devotion.

Your current line-up is a paragon how the European Union should work, ha ha. Where are you guys from and how fits that together?

Cultus and I are from Poland, Menthor is Portuguese and Dictator is from Cyprus. We all live in the UK except for Dictator, but somehow we manage to get together when it comes to gigs, so we are able to perform. The three of us who are in the UK rehearse regularly.

When you are the chaos (Kaos), how can you pull all strings together? Is LYCIFYRE governed democracy or dictatorship?

Democracy is for the weak, so you know where I stand. However, I do respect what everybody says in the band and I don’t take full credit for that, since our drummer Menthor has a real talent to drain sonic darkness out of me, so I would say Lvcifyre is the synthesis between me and him. Naturally, the rest of the boys have their own place in the band and do their job perfectly.

A sinister chaos with a strong structure, is this the secret behind the band? What keeps you driving?

LHP, Darkness, the Devil and his forms, blood sacrifice.

Tell me something about SVN EATER itself! For how long and where did you work on it? Are any conceptual ideas behind the lyrics, or are they just … lyrics?

The writing process took us 3 years and that was the most frequent and intense creation I have ever done. We have worked a lot on that, collectively and individually. We focused on feeling what we were trying to achieve before each rehearsal so it could manifest sonically in Lvcifyre.
There is no main concept lyrically; rather my attention is divided between separate subjects. I suppose Lvcifyre means the most to us, and for everybody else it is a band with songs and lyrics.
I don’t expect everybody to feel what we do – with that said, there is a decent amount of deviants who do follow us.

The new album starts with a relatively slow moving song and then it plummets into the blast – hell (mainly). Is that beginning something like a willful misleading, or just an intro…? What has driven you to this great morbid song?

We had been planning to do something unique in the studio from the moment we started our recording session, but we wanted to do it when we were totally warmed up and mentally exhausted. We were waiting to achieve this higher state of morbidity, so when the Night Sea Sorcery came forth to us we just helped it a bit and captured it. It sounds very honest and perfect to me.

To connect the vocals with the music on an emotional basis, make it some kind of homogeny and let it sound dark and scary seems to be one of the most important elements for SVN EATER, right?

I suppose it is important, like anything in music, but I'm very satisfied with my vocal work and also with Mark of the Devil’s.

As not to be a friend of modern religions you will get the bull of excommunication soon for sure, ha ha. What brings you to your ideology? Or does it just fit to Metal Music?

Metal is merely a platform for me to release what is dreamt inside of me; a spiritual path is a separate thing altogether, but it could be used together as in any art. I took my path a long time ago and there is no other way for me. Lvcifyre could be also seen as my struggle to return to my source.

You use some short samples – that fit perfectly to the music – but do they continual too? What were your criterions for choosing them?

We made those samples ourselves. All notes have been chosen and put together to create an atmosphere close to the main concept of each song. As you see we had some dark ambient work to do also, not only Black/Death Chaos. The exception here is Fyre Made Flesh, where a short intro speech was taken from a film.

Musically I see some parallels’ to NILE. Is this description of the album too easy?

I suppose people see different things, or things they want to see or hear. Classifying and comparing becomes the ultimate shortcut to explain all creation. There are no bands that inspire us, and we do not pay tribute to any musical acts, no matter how cult they are. Lvcifyre reaches deeper that human entertainment.

Do you think the line between Death and Black Metal blurs with your music?

Well spotted. Both Death and Black stand on the same Devil firmament, and I for one do not acknowledge shit like Decapitated as Death Metal. Death Metal is Metal of Death!

How modern or classical do you understand your music?

Very much classical - and will be even more classical in the new compositions. I don’t care about modern new waves on trendy scene, but I am not a diehard follower of the old school. I respect honest art and it does not abound.

In my review I wrote you are darker than Heinrich VIII, Jack The Ripper, Margaret Thatcher, the Sherriff of Nottingham and Elton John together and I’m right for sure? How important are the opinion of the people and the image for you?

That is one fucked up mix, I would never have come up with anything like this, your LSD must be much better. I'm almost certain that feedback is important to all creators, the ego won’t leave us alone and sadly most of us are weak.
The ego was important in the beginning, and then the urge became more controlled. The Might that can be brought forth in live shows is the only one that matters now.

There’s no mistake about it, this music expels the innocent from the innocents? Why are you such a nihilist, don´t you believe in innocence?

How would you expect me to believe in innocence? I'm aware of the existence of such a noble force, but hate, disgust and rejection play their role very well and they are much closer to me. Look around at what is happening to this promised shell, the disease of multiculturalism infects all Man-made progress, or maybe I'm merely trying to find an excuse for my nihilism. It requires deep thought, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to fully answer that question. I just don’t like people and lately all forms of existence.

It seems LVCIFYRE is regimented and pretty serious with all the things you do. Can the fun getting lost sometimes?

That depends on your definition of fun. There is hard work that comes with it, in the end fulfillment is more important than fun.

Can you remain faithful to your way in the maelstrom of modern times with shrinking number of sales, illegal downloads and all the new bands out there?

Well, we are still standing here in the underground or maybe even below. From a material point of view, we don’t get shit out of this – in fact, we constantly put our money into the band. Times are different now, I think you can define success by getting a deal that covers your recording and everything else associated with the album release. However, this system has also been destroyed by those who record in their bedrooms and give away their music for free. They have shown the labels that they can get a free recording, so I would like to send a big FUCK OFF to those maggots.

What means Metal to you? Is it maybe more than just hanging out with buddies, destroying hectoliters of beer and without the need to wash your neck? What influence has Death Metal to your real way of life?

I don’t hang out with losers who constantly getting pissed. I would rather see my friends and drain something constructive out of the meeting, like my band mates.
Metal of Death is a sonic representation of the Devil, so it means a lot, it is a platform where dark energies could manifest. Lvcifyre become as natural as brushing your teeth, there are maybe a handful of days in a given year when I am not doing something band-related, most likely when I go on holiday.

The day, when hell opens the doors, and the purgatory devours all hypocrites, you will sit relaxed on your coffee table with erected middle-finger, right? I mean I understand the music still as indictment against a dishonest establishment too? Or am I wrong?

No, you are not wrong, fuck this world!